Deluxe Spa Block 36 Beo Crescent

Welcome to Best Deluxe Spa relax your muscles

All our therapist are all certified with accredited wellness certification and trained professionally ease muscle tensions and soothing massage therapy
60mins Swedish Massage $58
Block 36 Beo Crescent #01-49
Singapore 160036
Opening Hours to 10.30pm

2 Replies to “Deluxe Spa Block 36 Beo Crescent”

  1. Elisa is really good at giving massages. She is professional and skilled. She knows how to communicate well and makes sure you feel comfortable and get the right amount of pressure during the massage. She is much better than other inexperienced massage therapists who may not make you feel good. Elisa will leave you feeling better after the massage.

  2. Wow! I am thrilled to have discovered my go-to massage therapist in Toto! Toto is an exceptional and stunningly professional massage therapist. I was seeking a highly sophisticated and professional massage experience and I have had many other experiences in the past, but this one was truly one of the most exceptional massage sessions I have ever had. I will definitely be a returning customer and highly recommend Toto’s services to anyone looking for a top-notch massage experience.

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