New Wellness Spa Jurong East Street 31

Established in 2012, New Wellness Spa is an authentic Singapore SPA.

Chinese Chinese Massage $55
Swedish Massage $85 with FREE Hot Oil or FREE Bubbles Massage
(free body scrub/ear candle/cupping)
90mins Swedish Massage $110
120mins Swedish Massage $130
Block 343, Jurong East Street 31, #01-53 Singapore 600343
Opening Hours 8.30am to 10.30pm

90 Replies to “New Wellness Spa Jurong East Street 31”

  1. massage by bing bing she is new here but is highly skilled and professional massage therapist will come back for her soon

  2. Had a 90mins massage with toto free hot oil and bubble massage feel so good will come back again

  3. I had try the bubbles massage yesterday, the technique is very good 👍🏻 I will come again

  4. 1 hour hot oil massage by Ella feel so relaxed after massage good service definitely come back for her

  5. Visited Kelly recently, she has great massage skills and is very friendly, will definitely return in the future.

  6. The massage technique is very good, the service is very good, and the massage is serious. I am very satisfied and I will come again next time, it is very good 👍👍

  7. First time trying masseuse Ella. The sense of experience is 100 points. Let me relax my leg muscles. Will be trying to date next week

  8. Apple is amazing! She did such a good job getting all my knots out and making it so relaxing! Perfect pressure! I will definitely be back.

  9. I received a 90-minute massage yesterday and Ella provided an exceptional experience! She skillfully concentrated on the specific areas where I required the most attention to alleviate the stubborn knots in my muscles. As a result, my neck and lower back felt notably relieved and I enjoyed a restful sleep last night.

  10. Had a session with Kelly massage helped me relax my tight muscles especially on the shoulders n back. Looking forward to the next one

  11. Patronised this place for several times as i usually need a massage weekly due to work n exercises.
    Great place great service great massag especially recommended the hot oil massage.

  12. I felt so relieved and relaxed after their hot oil massage. toto made sure the oil was of the right temperature and she applied the right pressure to my sore areas. Will come back again to experience the best hot oil massage

  13. Do find ella for massage. The best massage that I have for. The place is clean and with shower in room. Service the best. Definitely will return for Ella

  14. I am an American and I went to toto Massage 💆‍♂️ today. Her service was really good and the massage was superb. I will come back to her again

  15. New therapist APPLE can speak Chinese and English the massage is great definitely come back for her

  16. ella👍👍👍Cute and beautiful girl. very good experience. Let my body release the pain in my stressed leg. Thanks

  17. Visited again. Engage with masseuse Ella again. She continues to be cheerful and understanding.
    Some of the Massage Spas masseuses may used too much strength, leaving tiring body with more aching after massage… but this will not happened with Ella. She is experienced and knowledgeable in giving you the best massage.
    Will visit again.

  18. Yesterday I asked ToTo massage 💆‍♂️ she is beautiful and generous, her massage technique is good, scraping cupping. I will go to see her next week and recommend her to my good friend

  19. ella is great. she focused on the areas where I had the most pain.
    I did the 90mins massage. Very professional and knowledgeable

  20. Kelly is friendly, superb massage skill.
    Strongly recommend for those want a good, relax massage.

  21. High recommended for TOTO. Good attitude and friendly. Great experience and relax throughout the session. Will come back and find her again

  22. Yesterday I asked ToTo massage 💆‍♂️ she is beautiful and generous, her massage technique is good, scraping cupping. I will go to see her next week and recommend her to my good friend

  23. Molly is very patient and friendly…does a solid massage ironing out the kinks in my tight lower back

  24. Lucky, her massage technique is very good, it makes me feel very relaxed, she is gentle and beautiful 😍 I will come to find this beautiful Chinese girl next time

  25. My younger sister just came from China, 20 years old, beautiful and generous, good massage techniques, I went to her today to massage 💆, hope next time I can see her sweet smile 👍

  26. Last month, I went to see TOTo for a massage. She has good massage skills and is beautiful. She gave me cupping and scrub cream

  27. Ella can speak simple English. Can speak Chinese. Open a 90-minute happy massage experience. Focus on free 👍👍 body scrub. scrape sand. step on the ear. I can choose for myself. Thanks for her advice.

  28. Visited Kelly recently, she is very friendly and very skilful, professional. She have great strength

  29. Went to visit with Vicky, her service attitude Very good and professional therapist.The head and back are pressed very well, and I feel much more relaxed. I will come again when I have time.

  30. I book for Toto a very relaxing session. Her strength is strong. The massage price is reasonable. Worth coming. I will visit them again in few days time

  31. Vicky 是一个很好的按摩师,超级有力,让她按玩了,全身很舒服,如果有必要的朋友需要好的按摩就请找她吧。

  32. Tried kelly very happy with choice as her massage skills are good ,especially how she massaged my shoulder and neck. Will definitely find her again.

  33. Molly was allocated as my masseuse. Her massage skills are good, hits the spot and also soothing. She knows tui na, cupping and also gua sa. Will be back again.

  34. Ella is great.
    I did the 90mins massage. Very professional and knowledgeable. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

  35. Recommend toto whole body ache and she did a impressive massage for me it relief all my stiffness

  36. massage by the therapist TOTO is good There is attached bathroom provided. Will try other therapists next time.

  37. Kelly is great. she focused on the areas where I had the most pain.
    I did the 90mins massage. Very professional and knowledgeable. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

  38. Amazing massage I’l have over here. Kelly was brilliant in working out all my stress out muscles. Came out of the parlour feeling totally recharged and relaxed.

  39. Reliably good massage, calm and clean environment. Nothing to complain about here, just go! highly recommend Molly

  40. Amazing massage I’l have over here. Ella was brilliant in working out all my stressed out muscles. Came out of the parlour feeling totally recharged and relaxed.

  41. Helen has always managed to relieve my neck and shoulder problem. Honest and dedicated. Highly recommended.

  42. 环境不错冲凉房的水温也是很好,干净整齐,我找了一个按摩师 lulu手法很好啊按摩的穴位准 不错 我还会再来!

  43. Been massaged by Apple.A skilful girl. Chatty & Friendly. Highly recommend. A Vietnam girl able to speak Chinese and English. She know those acupuncture point which needed to be massage.

  44. 预约了 Helen,她非常友善、技术娴熟且专业的女按摩师,她有足够的经验来按摩我的背部并确保我可以缓解疼痛的身体并放松下来。

  45. 朋友推荐Ella漂亮女孩。她会做耳足。按摩头部。还送了我免费磨砂。我加了30分钟按摩。很好的体验。 1个小时88。

  46. Molly is new her massage is good if you are around the area, she is friendly and her hot stone massage really helps you get relaxed easily. Hard worker and doesn’t give you the piano fingers

  47. Ella 👍Can communicate in simple English and can speak Chinese. careful. Quiet. It is recommended to make an appointment in advance. I’ll be looking for Ella next time

  48. booked a 90mins massage with nico last friday and it was incredible! My shoulders and back are full of knots and nico worked her magic to undo them. I would and will 100% go back for another massage.

  49. Lily massage is damn good. She cleared my backache after a 1 hour session where every touch is on point.

  50. after 60mins massage feel so relief and relax
    my therapist Helen is very experienced and friendly

  51. I walked in and definitely loved the vibe and feel of the place. I was greeted and then taken to my Room and had thee best massage EVER!!!! My masseuse Star made me feel very relaxed and was attentive to me. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m coming back and I’m bringing people with me!

  52. I had the 90mins Swedish full body massage. Ella She was very good and massaged muscles I didn’t even know I had. Very Shiok!

  53. This is one of my favorite massage places in Jurong East – I’ve been to a few locations but consistently get great massages with the therapists here. I got the 90mins full body massage with Lily, she was amazing!! I pulled my back working out a few days ago and she was able to work out a lot of the tension, I feel so much better now.

    I called an hour before I came in and they were able to accommodate my appointment request, but I highly recommend making an appointment as availability fills up quickly especially on the weekends.

  54. Have a massage appointment with Apple yesterday.Her massage skill is super good, if you like strong hard massage ,come and try.

  55. Helen was Best! , Body massage were very good. The staff is nice and accommodating. The prices here are reasonable as well. I would come back again.

  56. It’s my favorite spa in Jurong East Street 31. People are very polite and friendly here. Nico my therapist are very professional and patient.

    1. Just finished relaxing with Ella’s Swiss oil massage 😀. gentle. Comfortable. Let me fall asleep easily. It is recommended to try to find Ella.

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