Relaxing Spa 15 Purvis Street

Relax and de-stress with high quality services at our Relaxing Spa located in 15 Purvis Street

60mins Full Body Massage $88
90mins Full Body Massage $128
15 Purvis Street Singapore 188594
Opening Hours 8.30am to 10.30pm
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39 Replies to “Relaxing Spa 15 Purvis Street”

  1. Saw this website on telegram which let me here, Hong kong therapist Belle was great and very detailed in during the session. Left as a happy customer so if need someone that entertain you if you speak cantonese she is the one but too relaxing until i forget lol

  2. Saw this website on telegram which let me here, Hong kong therapist Belle was great and very detailed in during the session. Left as a happy customer so if need someone that entertain you if you speak cantonese she is the one but too relaxing until i forget lol

  3. Winnie the masseur not only excelled in her massage technique, but her friendliness and enthusiasm made the whole experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

  4. It is the first time I choose Apple, the massage technique does not look like a newcomer at all, it makes me relax all over, it is worth recommending.

  5. I heard that Emma was introduced by the front desk as an Australian Chinese, so I went to try it, and I was not disappointed. The technique is very good, and the person is also very talkative. I will come again next time.

  6. The environment of Relaxing Spa is clean, the rooms are tidy and hygienic, the massage therapist Winnie is friendly, and the massage technique is first-class👍👍👍

    1. Although the masseuse Rina is from Vietnam, she can speak Chinese better than me. The massage skills are also great. The person is more beautiful than the photos. It is worth recommending.

  7. Clean and comfortable place, dedicated, especially the technician Cassie is very patient and has a good attitude!

  8. 店内的环境非常好,Winnie 长得就像她名字一样可爱,按摩技术很好,帮我减轻了身体的疲劳感。谢谢

  9. Fey massage technique is amazing! Her technique is excellent, eliciting maximum relaxation and comfort from the whole body. Her expertise and approach to implementation immerse herself in unparalleled enjoyment. I really recommend her service!

  10. Thanks to Sia for helping me with cupping, the massage rhythm and strength are very well mastered, I enjoyed this massage very much.🥰

  11. Sia massage techniques are amazing! Its technique is delicate and skilled, and it can accurately find the fatigue point of the body. Every massage can bring deep relaxation and relief, so that the body’s stress and discomfort can be effectively relieved, and I will visit again.

  12. A very nice environment. I felt so relieved and relaxed after massage. Sia applied the right pressure to my sore areas. Will come back again to experience the best massage !

    1. 之前都是习惯按60分钟,这次选择了90分钟热精油套餐,去了二楼。 果然新装修的房间环境不一样了。 它非常宽敞而且安静。 另外,Yoyo的按摩技术非常好! 她的手法纯熟,每次按压都能让我的身体感到舒适,缓解了工作带来的疲劳,值得推荐。

  13. I went to Relaxing SPA to enjoy a pleasant massage experience, especially the massage technique of YOYO masseuses is really first-class. This massage gave me a relaxing and soothing feeling all over my body

    The entire massage process lasted for an hour, and the time passed very quickly. When it was over, I felt refreshed physically and mentally. Muscle soreness and discomfort are visibly reduced and replaced with a feeling of lightness and comfort. The massage gave me a deeply relaxing experience and I felt re-energized all over my body.

    Overall, this massage was the best I’ve had in a while. I am very satisfied with the masseur’s professional skills, gentle touch and comfortable environment. I would recommend this massage service to others without hesitation and look forward to my next visit.

  14. Rina was amazing! I came in with a lot of pain all over my body and Rina was able to release all of the pain during the massage. I will definitely be returning for another massage with her in the future.

  15. It’s my favorite day spa in Bugis. People are very polite and friendly here. They clean the bathroom after each guest taking shower. The therapist Yuki is very professional and patient.

  16. The spa is clean, staff is friendly, and the prices are unbeatable. Do yourself a favor and ask for Miko, she’s the best!

  17. Kelly very Friendly, amazing service – all around a fantastic experience. Can’t wait to go back!!

  18. Chanel maybe new here, but she has a few years of experience elsewhere. Cheerful yet serious in giving me a good massage. She is beautiful and humble, attentive and no wasting of time. Will definitely visit her again.

    The place is clean and tidy. Easy parking too.

  19. In Sg for a few days and badly needed a massage so I googled ‘massages in Sg’ and this place came up. it’s the day after my massage and I feel so much looser and pain-free, haven’t felt this good in years, seriously. I HIGHLY recommend Judy in this place, Thank you so much Relaxing Spa, i will tell everyone to come see you.

  20. Had great experiences here I believe the lady’s name was Amy.
    I am glad I trusted G1298 reviews for their recommendation.
    Had 90mins hour massage, full body and was surprised.
    Definitely recommend!

  21. This place is really amazing, the staffs are so friendly, place is so clean, I had great experience there!! I recommend this spa to everyone who’s looking for a great massage spa in Bugis.
    Look for Kimi Highly recommended.

  22. I had a massage with Michelle and she was amazing!! she definitely found all my trouble areas and really worked on them, yet it was very relaxing at the same time. I will absolutely book with her again!

    1. sunny is the best for me,massage skill is top and very chatty and smiley ,that’s what guy is looking for right?😃👍🏽
      please take good care of this gentle kind lady

  23. Alice does not look like the photo
    Massage: 10/10
    Place: 12/10
    Cleanliness: 10/10
    Price: 11/10
    Basic package of 60 is only for shoulder massage, 88 is full body for 60 mins.
    Bonus review
    Reception: 5/10
    Tried to upsell me VIP room min for 90 mins

  24. Had a great session with Sunny today. She is an experience therapist with good skill. I would highly recommend Sunny if you visit the shop. I recommend to do the 90mins massage as they will do the whole body.. RTM Yes.

  25. Fendi was amazing! She took so much time to make sure I left completely relaxed and with no knots. I recommend to do 90mins massage because they do the whole body!

  26. I highly recommend this spa. All the therapists are good. I highly recommend Sunny, she gave me a great massage. She’s very knowledgeable and sensitive to not hurting you. Really you can’t go wrong here as everyone that I’ve ever used has been very good.
    Very nice renovation. RTM Yes

  27. I love this place Renovation very classy. Angel did an amazing job with massaging out the knots in my neck and shoulders. I had a 90 minute massage. I always feel relaxed when leaving this place.
    RTM: Yes

  28. Have a good session with Sunny last week and having a revisit today. She is an experience therapist with good skill. Is a pleasure session with her. Would highly recommend her when visit the shop

  29. Had an excellent time here. The therapist Sunny was super professional and well trained. She was very experienced and i could tell that from her technique and strength. Highly recommended.
    RTM Yes

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