So Spa Newest 1 West Coast Drive

So Spa Newest – Take time to unwind with spa treatments designed to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Our experienced therapists are here to pamper so you leave feeling lighter, brighter and thoroughly rejuvenated.
60mins Body Massage $60
1 West Coast Drive #01-23, Newest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm

One Reply to “So Spa Newest 1 West Coast Drive”

  1. Booked Anna but not sure if I was catfished or baited and switch, she look so different even with mask on and definitely not petite as the pics.

    Massage 0/10 (like a child pinching you all over your back and legs)

    Service 2/10 (using phone often and just following thru standard SOP)

    RTM? Definitely no. With that price I can look for way better massage and service therapist.

    Those trying, go at your own risk.

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