So Spa Newest 1 West Coast Drive

So Spa Newest

Massage Singapore- So Spa Newest
Revitalizing Spa Treatments for Mind, Body, and Soul

Our experienced therapists are here to pamper so you leave feeling lighter, brighter and thoroughly rejuvenated.
60mins Body Massage $60
1 West Coast Drive #01-23, Newest
Singapore 128020
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm

One Reply to “So Spa Newest 1 West Coast Drive”

  1. Booked Anna but not sure if I was catfished or baited and switch, she look so different even with mask on and definitely not petite as the pics.

    Massage 0/10 (like a child pinching you all over your back and legs)

    Service 2/10 (using phone often and just following thru standard SOP)

    RTM? Definitely no. With that price I can look for way better massage and service therapist.

    Those trying, go at your own risk.

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