Soul Massage 4 Opal Crescent

Soul Massage Relax with our Soul Time Promo at just $49/hour from 9am-1pm everyday!

Revitalise your mind, body and soul by our friendly and experienced Therapists!
60mins Massage $58
60mins Soul Signature Hot Oil $89
4 Opal Crescent Singapore 328399
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

13 Replies to “Soul Massage 4 Opal Crescent”

  1. I just visited about few hours ago and was served by Kizz. What I like about her is before she proceed with the massage, she will ask whether I feel comfortable with the pressure applied. And when I say ok, she will proceed.
    I will sure look for her again when I make another visit.
    I will rate her 10 out of 10

  2. Tried Yaya. Proper and hard massage. Even cracked my back.

    However, true as what others say. Spa is hard selling , trying you to spend on upgrades. Booked one hour initially, but keep insisting me to upgrade to 2 hours or 90 mins to which I rejected.

    1. Thank you Gina for the fantastic session. Gina knows exactly the right spot to exert the required strength. She is very friendly and skilful in her massage technique. Would definitely return for her service again!!

  3. Complete joke of a “spa”. After trying to upswell me, they told me that the “full body” massage is JUST the back.
    In the massage room, the therapist, Star, had a crap attitude from the beginning. I asked her not to use her elbows; she ONLY used her elbows. After working me over, sighing intermittently (“my job sucks. I hate giving massages”), I asked her to do my shoulders. She pinched me a few times and went back to the same technique in the same places.
    After her 58th “SIGH”, I told her to stop. I looked at my watch and it had barely been 40 minutes. I’ll take the loss and NEVER go back to this thinly-veiled XXXXXXX parlour again.

  4. Highly recommend GINA for her professional & precise reflexology massage. Her service is friendly & warm-heartedly, will definitely visit her again!

  5. UPDATE – 20210712

    If you are truly sorry, you should give a refund. Its the right thing to do on principal, regardless of corporate policy. My body was in pain. You don’t seem to care.

    “We are deeply apologetic that we are only able to update on the actions that we will be taking but am unable to provide compensation as the incident occurred days before.”
    My response: What difference does it make if it occurred days before? Whether I report within 15 mins, or 2 days, you already agree it happened. This makes no sense at all

    “Which in this case, is the hard-selling technique and the poor massage service after, by the mentioned therapist.”
    My Response: No. it was not only that. It was the fact that they hard sold and then gave a very poor massage that was only on half my body, causing pain.

    Your website says: Our Soul Signature Hot Oil combines the three most effective spa therapies along with the usage of Hot Oil: Swedish massage, Chinese massage and Aromatherapy.
    This is false marketing and the output is just a very poor massage done by the therapist. Do you understand this? This is WHY I asked for compensation.

    (Using Pseudonym for this review)

    I wrote the below feedback to Soul Massage via WhatsApp, and asked for help.

    When coming to the topic of compensation, they said that my feedback was too late (2 days later), and their refund policy is only for first 15 minutes after the massage.

    I did not know of this policy, and it took me a while to draft a proper letter to them, as the situation felt embarrassing, and I was unwell.

    They then claimed to subsequently conduct an internal review and investigation,
    but when I ask further on how they may choose to compensate, there is no response.

    They did not deny my feedback as false, and claimed to be apologetic for a poor experience,
    but it appears to be talk rather than visible meaningful action for the customer.

    I do not recommend going here, as it seems that the quality varies greatly among customers.
    When I asked around, I heard some say the masseuses hard-sell packages,
    while others sell “special services” (No idea if true).

    I will not return to this spa, as it seems that all I hear are words, but the actions are not visible. The reason given for not offering any compensation at all, is flimsy at best, even after I explained myself.

    Hi Soul Massage,

    I want to feedback about my experience. Looking back, it was not a good massage experience because I booked for 1.5 hours at $74 for normal massage. When I arrived, and when the masseuse began the massage, she kept insisting that I “upgrade” to a 1 hour hot oil massage at $89. She repeatedly asked me to upgrade.

    Towards the end of the massage, she asked again. I then agreed to give it a try, and paid the difference to top up to $89. In the end, she applied hot oil but only to my lower legs. The massage was over, and only less than half my body was given a massage (normal / hot oil).

    This was not satisfying, and I even felt unwell after the massage as the pressure applied to my body was uneven. I felt a nasty headache and could not work well for the rest of the day.

    It felt like she was trying to get rid of me and not make me stay for 1.5 hours massage. I am deeply unhappy about the experience I had, and feel somewhat ripped off.

    Please do not scold the masseuse directly, as I hope she can save face. Please instruct your staff not to hard sell “upgrades” in order to get rid of customer earlier. I paid for 1.5 hours, and I should not feel pressured by the masseuse to change my plan to 1 hour. It all felt very manipulative.

    Thank you.

    1. Something very similar just happened to me! The massage was AWFUL and the therapist had the worst attitude of anyone I’ve met in the service industry. To give you an idea of how bad it was, I told her to stop after 45 minutes (I had pie for 1 1/2 hours) and walked out. NEVER AGAIN.

  6. I saw Emily at the counter. As I mention previously, the 照骗 may look yummy….. however the real person is very much different.

    1. Saw Emily at the counter. As previously mentioned “照骗”! Don’t want to comment much on her look. Just don’t have too high expectations on their “look” and “figure”!

  7. Haiz….yesterday visited “Soul” previously known as “Palace”. Nothing much changed. Still the same group of girls less a few new addition. To those planning to go, don’t have too High expectations on the girls. This “照骗” photos is just pure illusion 😑🤨!

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