Spa Paradise Blk 151 Serangoon North Avenue 2

Spa Paradise located in Serangoon North Avenue 2 by – The Massage Directory

60mins Hot Stone + Massage $68
90mins Hot Stone + Massage $98
Blk 151 Serangoon North Avenue 2,
#01-03 Singapore 550151
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.30pm

Our team of experienced and qualified therapists will help you melt away the tension and stress of everyday life.

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  1. I am a customer of Vivi. She is am amazing masseur. She confirmed the strength and checked where I feel pain and where I need more focus. After the massage I feel very relaxed. She had a very pleasant face with a great smile throughout the session. I am a recurrent customer of her and will want everyone who reads this comment to give Vivi a try and so you can be her frequent customer too.

  2. ML name: Vivi
    Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Vivi is a polite, petite and demure girl.

    Deapite being new, she is attentive to a customer’s comfort and checks if her massage strength is adequate.

    Although there is little time left and as I only booked 1 hour, she took upon herself to provide ear cleaning.

    Overall very good experience and feeling satisfied.

  3. Coco has been my go-to therapist for a few months now. She has excellent massage skills and can always ease my back pain. As someone who works desk job for long hours, Coco’s massage can really relieve my back very effectively. She is very serious about giving good massage that she is always sweating profusely giving good hard massage. Highly recommended.

  4. I had visited the Spa and got services by Nana, extremely good, relaxing and strong massage, relieved my of my pain.
    Nana was extremely courteous and ensured that i was really comfortable during the session.
    Very clean, well maintained center
    Thanks very much Nana !!

  5. 找了NaNa N次了,熟练的手法 , 精准的辨穴认位超有效的消除我常久以来的背痛

  6. Kelly was amazing! The combination massage was very much needed. I didn’t realize how tight my boy was until the session was over. Oh boy was it tense but afterwards I felt so much relief. I would recommend anyone to try her!!!!

  7. Kelly massage felt total professional! I was comfortable at all times and focused exactly where I requested in a lovely setting My body felt better for it and will definitely be going back!…

  8. Kelly gave a solid massage that is unforgettable. She is attentive to my needs in terms of strength and comfort. Overall. A very professional service done with two thumbs up!

  9. Strongly recommend if you need a day of relaxation and good massage. Nana is professional and very good. Wonderful place and cleanliness top notch.

  10. Had a session with Nana today. Strong massage in the right places. If i need a good body massage, will come visit again.

    1. Vivi is a polite, petite and demure girl.
      Deapite being new, she is attentive to a customer’s comfort and checks if her massage strength is adequate.

      Overall very good experience and feeling satisfied.

  11. Try Kelly a few days ago. Very professional in her massage and she make you really comfortable and her massage is really good. Will RTM again!

  12. Kelly is really the best of the best in the shop. Very customer oriented and check to ensure that the strength of the massage is good.Very good attitude and this led to an enjoyable and soothing session

  13. Given so many years of chionging the massage scene. Kelly is considered one of the best that i have experienced.Really value for money!Her strength and experience she out in each sessiin is really good.You can feel the soothing effect of her massage throughout the whole massage.She pays attention to your comfort level and adjust the strength. Another wonderful experience with her

  14. Kelly is a young lady with good massage skills. She knows her stuff as there is a sequence that she follows and she does it seriously. No short cut, no piano style. You will enjoy her professional and soothing massage. At the end of the session, you will leave the place feeling refreshed and yielding for the next session to come

  15. Visited Kelly yesterday and her location is easily accessible with public transport and ample parking space . Room was cosy,
    Kelly is a average and young lady with a delectable figure . Her massage skill is top notch . She really know her job well and know what strength to apply and where & when to touch, not like some i tried just anyhow press . Great attitude and very service oriented .She is super friendly and caring from the minute you step in till you walk out. I feel very comfortable with her
    Confirm she is professionally trained masseuse . With all the good service she provide these make me feel more like coming back again.

    1. Coco are the best among all. She not only provide good massage but also she is a good listener and willing to chat and listen to you. You will not regret choosing her for massage as she always care for her customers. Highly recommended!

  16. Wish to recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to experience a soothing and blissful massage.She is really good !

  17. Emma 按摩手法技巧娴熟,能够根据顾客的需求和舒适度进行调整,让人感觉非常舒服。星期六还会再去找她,我也大力推荐!

  18. Emma is wonderful. I came in with neck muscle spasms and shoulder issues and her technique and deep tissue massage made all the difference. I highly recommend and will definitely be returning!

  19. Tried Kelly and I would say a five star service. She is very customer oriented lady. She gives a soothing and blissful massage. It was so soothing that I slept till I was told to turn over. All my Trouble spots were attended too and she even gave me a head massage before the whole massage ended. Really value for money!

  20. Today visit the shop,,strongly recommended Qian Qian, she very pretty ,professional and skilful, trouble spot my pain body n caring type , massage throughout the whole session !! Strongly recommended!! The best of the best !!

  21. Nana 用心待人、很亲切、说话很甜蜜、
    感觉很好、用心工作、手法一流、按了整个人都轻松多了 肯定会再约、

  22. Coco from Spa Paradise knows how to pamper the customer, she makes sure you will leave relaxed and she will address to your pain areas.

    1. Coco service is great. Her massage skill is great. Not a time watcher. Can give her more support

  23. I must say I am a spa massage newbie. However, I must say that i am very impressed and delighted by the work done by CoCo . She is an excellent therapist and she ensures that she applies just the right pressure on your areas of aches and pain. And like magic, the aches go away.

    She works hard to ensure that you are relaxed and that she does by announcing in your ear that the massage is about to commence. She engages you in conversation throughout the session and the way she utilizes the hot oil is most relaxing. She is observant and she has cut my nail on my feet, and also to do ear candling.

    For that session, she addresses the pain areas (and I must say she does a great job there) and she pampers you and you feel most refreshed after the whole session.

    Thank you CoCo. for your care.

  24. After reading all the good reviews, I decided visit Spa Paradise & Coco.

    Coco is a very professional therapist. She started this session by letting me inhale the aroma essence and whispered in my ears to announce the began of the therapy

    Her massage skill is among the best I have experienced. She is very attentive & is constantly checking with me if the strength and pressure are sufficient.

    She offered ear waxing at the end of the session and did a wonderful job.

    It was an unforgettable session & I would definitely to coming back for her good service.

  25. Visited Yoyo today, observed that she has a positive and professional towards her work. She managed to release all my sore spots on my body and shoulder. With her sweet smile, will help you to forget any work stress. In addition, she able to communicate well during the massage session. Looking foward for the next session.

  26. Visited the spa last week. Coco was assigned to me. She looked sweet and elegant with an alluring charm that put me at ease throughout the session. Friendly and chatty too.

    Her massage skills were excellent and she knew how to apply appropriate strength at different parts of the body. The shoulder and neck massage and back rub were especially satisfying.

    She really knew how to tease and took slow teasing to a different level. Very service oriented with great attitude, she even cut my toenail, trim eyebrow and ear cleaning.

    Note: Try to book her in advance cos she is very hardworking and her schedule is packed. Overall she earns an A+ from me. I will definitely return to Coco.

  27. Coco is an excellent therapist. When the session I had with her began, she let me inhale aroma therapy to help me relax.

    Her massage skill is top notch that focuses on sore areas and asked if strength is too strong.

    The attention to her customer’s comfort is exceptional and would put heated small pillow on back or calve.

    Before the session ends, she’d offer ear picking, I felt pampered.

    I left Spa Paradise relaxed and fully satisfied by the massage service rendered by Coco

  28. Nana is a good massage therapist after been massage by her feel really relax nice skill keep it up

  29. Visited yesterday. Recommended Niko. Very good deep tissue massage, knows where to rub to relief your tired body. Willing to please, hold good conversation throughout. Had an enjoyable afternoon well spent with Niko. Strongly recommended. Won’t regret. Definitely will go back for Niko again.

  30. Good day, would like to give comments on Nana, she provided good service and friendly girl. She pretty and hardworking to serve each customer.

    Please try her massage you won’t regret. Thank you.

  31. Visited here yesterday, recommend Nana, she is friendly and her massage is good. Really enjoy and Felt very relaxed after her massage. The room is clean and Value for money.
    I will definitely visit again.

  32. Booked NaNa for 2 hours massage. She is definitely a beauty. Had a great 2 hours spent with her., definitely no regret . She is very professional, as she takes it slow and easy to soothe out every part of my body sore and pain. I am pleased to have Nana, she’s able to hold such good conversation throughout the 2 hours session. I must compliment Nana is a very sweet girl that is passion in her job, friendly and willing to please. Strongly recommend.ed. Will continue to give her the support.

  33. Visited NaNa and had a wonderful experience. Very soothing and calming to both mind and body. Highly recommended.
    娜娜人美专业, 身心舒适放松。值得推荐!

  34. Nana that is a very beautiful girl and a very professional masseur. Every time I go to her, she can relax my body. It is really a good experience! Will keep looking for her again.

  35. Highly recommended. Awesome place for a good massage and rubdown to relax your body! Had an amazing session with Na Na. She is cheerful, easy to chat with and her massage service attitude is excellent 🙂 Really enjoy and Felt very relaxed after her massage. The room is clean and Value for money.
    Will visit her again.

  36. Nana of 世外 Spa is very friendly and skillful. She definitely knew her trade and I strongly recommend anyone looking for an authentic Spa treatment.

  37. Nana from Soa Paradise us like a doctor.She can relieve you of all pains. To maintain your health you need you to visit her weekly . Her skills are very good. Plus she is very beautiful. One you try her massage, you will become addicted. Strongly recommended. Going to visit her again.
    来自索阿天堂的娜娜就像一位医生,她可以解除你所有的痛苦。为了保持你的健康,你需要每周去看望她。她的技术非常好。而且她非常漂亮。一旦你尝试了她的按摩,你就会上瘾。强力推荐。又要去拜访她了。 。

  38. Ada is back!
    Finally get to experience good massage from her. Still the same old Ada who left our shore a month ago. Pretty and close to photos as advertised, skills are good, strength is decent for me. You can let her know your requests of the massage strength. Please take care of this gem.

  39. First time I come to this shop and the therapist call Niko serve me for the massage ,it was a great experience. She know how to handle the presure
    So if you all first time come to here must looking for Niko 👍 highly recommend

  40. Qian Qian is the only one that I visit. She has a pair of magical hands which never fail to find my trouble spot. Able to relief and address to my tired body every time. She is also very caring type of girl who will remember your trouble spot or body issue. I love her touch.

  41. 去过本店 来给本店的倩倩点个赞 人长的美 手法一绝 还不催时间 如果有时间可以去试试哦

  42. The service attitude is good, the price is reasonable, and they are all professionals. The pretty lady attend me is 倩倩
    I will come every week for her massage. After massage very relaxing.

    1. 我和娜(NaNa)预约了,她的技术太棒了。 感觉全身很放松很舒服,任何人累了都可以尝试一下。

  43. 约了 Nana 用心待人、很亲切、说话很甜蜜、

  44. Coco is a very professional masseuse, she will work on all parts of your body to ensure that you have a satisfactory authentic massage. 5 star rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  45. 今天去到店里 ,前台很热情,然后找了YOYO ,人很漂亮,服务也一级棒,推荐大家去体验一番

  46. Booked Ivy, she is pretty and cute. Her massage is really strong and professional that will soothe your tired body. Excellent service!

    1. Strongly recommend Coco , you will enjoy every minute of her massage. Strong n she knows the acupoints to soothe your body

      5 star massage

  47. Yesterday visited YoYo as my bodyache. SYT and friendly ML, always with sweet smile which can melt your heart.. Her strength of massage not bad which help to release my bodyache. Definitely will return. Thumb Up.

  48. Went to this shop today and tried one of the therapist call Ada. Enjoyed holding a good conversation throughout the hour session, overall it was a great experience. A very happy weekend.
    Location is good , ample parking space. Lots of food places around the area.
    Will RTM again

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