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  1. After looking through the various reviews and the yu spa website, decided to go for Amy who looks pretty and has a smile that melts my heart. Luckily, she turns out to be one with strong personality, other than the beauty & great figure which she already possesses. I believed she is one of the tallest gal there too. I went for the 60 mins massage but find it too short to enjoy her company and skilful massage. Did not try the bubble bath though recommend by the recept. Now thinking when to book my next appt with her since Valentine Day is coming 😄

  2. 昨天去了这里,柜台分配了Amy 给我。身材与颜值都不错。小姐姐是个乐天派,一面逗我笑一面用她有力的手法按摩我疲惫的身体。真希望天天都能被她服务。

  3. Anna 真的很棒!手艺好好!帮我松了许多块硬邦邦的肌肉. 我对她充满了赞美和微笑。有一个很棒的聊天会话,按摩让我恢复了活力。 我对她充满了赞美和微笑。

  4. Scam. Cannot choose the $68 option, the lady will insist that you take the $88 one. Massage was way below par, worst experience, supposed to be kidney care massage, I don’t even feel any special targeted massage.

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