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  1. Make an appointment for Angela the new masseur here in U Healing. This lady whom were highly recommended by my friend.
    She is very skillful and professional, manage to relief my back ache & loosen my tendons with her pair of magic hands.
    Place were clean (looks very new) and nice, really enjoyed myself relaxing with her and get my problems done.
    Will definitely return.

    预约 U Healing 的新按摩师 Angela。这位女士是我朋友强烈推荐的。

  2. 安安Angela 人美友善,是个手艺高超和熟练的按摩师。我的颈部僵硬和腰酸背痛问题被她的细心按摩减轻很多,最终消除了。谁有给她按摩过的会感觉身体疲劳消除了 ,走出门口会感觉身体非常放松,神采焕发。她是我最值得推荐的按摩师。况且房间里面的设施很干净和附有冲凉房,难怪我会每星期找她按摩。
    Angela is a very good and professional masseuse. My neckache and backpain was alleviated after going through her massage session. She is very highly recommended by me. Besides everything inside the room with a bathroom is very clean. No wonder I will go there once every week.

  3. My first experience at U Healing was very wonderful and relaxing. Therapist AnAn has displayed the highest professional in her job with excellent service extended to us. The massage was very unique and soothing.My stress are all gone. I will highly recommended this spa to my friends and family.

  4. Visited U Healing yesterday after a long day of worked. Has make appointment for Angel , she is very nice, friendly, skillful and professional masseuse which she have adequate strange to massage my back and make sure I can release my aches body and relax down. She know the spot to sensory touch’s. Very hard working and will accommodate to your request.
    Please look for her should you want to find a good massage and no regret, I definitely will return for her.

    经过一整天的工作,昨天参观了 U Healing。预约了 Angel,她非常友善、技术娴熟且专业的女按摩师,她有足够的经验来按摩我的背部并确保我可以缓解疼痛的身体并放松下来。她知道感官触觉的地方。非常努力工作,会满足您的要求。

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