Da Vinci Spa 1118 Serangoon Road

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Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Chinese Massage $60
90mins Chinese Massage $90
120mins Chinese Massage $120
1118 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328204
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm
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  1. Book Baby for 90 minutes, massage is strong and skilful. She is a pretty, friendly and chatty lady. Enjoy the session with her. Will return to look for her again

  2. Have a few time massage therapy with Yoyo, as she has a strong power, has release the stress on my back and shoulder, she are very nice and patience, will come again to book Yoyo, best massage therapist.

  3. Booked Wendy for another 90 minutes session after months. She still maintain the high standard as expected. I was comfortable for the whole session and I would recommend her.

  4. Yoyo – look for her a few times already. 1. She is as pretty as the photo show(not much 美图). She may look small in size but her massage strength is strong. Able to massage on the correct point(as I don’t like to use oil). She is able to relieve the tension area once you inform her. Good service. Always smiling face. Will return again

  5. Booked another appointment with Wendy for 90 mins after CNY. It was a good massage and I will definitely be going back again and recommend her.

  6. Call the front desk in advance to book Wendy, because she is the star of the shop, professional, she is more beautiful than the photo, recommended

  7. Call the front desk in advance to book Wendy, because she is the star of the shop, professional, she is more beautiful than the photo, recommended

    1. The spa has very good design and comfortable rooms. I was massaged by Linda and her massage skill is very strong and touched the crucial nerve points. I will come back to her again.

  8. Ting Ting was my therapist during my recent visit, thoroughly enjoyed her massage and she really put in effort to loosen my knots. She is very friendly and is good at holding conversation. Massage skills aside, she is also really pretty and was serving me with a smile. Definitely recommended and I will definitely return regularly.

  9. Booked another appointment with Wendy for 90 mins. Yesterday. It was a good massage and I will definitely be going back again and recommend her.

  10. Call the front desk in advance to make an appointment for Wendy 98 Japanese bubble massage. Her technique is very comfortable and she looks cute

  11. Amazing, appointment with Wendy for 90 mins. It was a good massage and focused exactly where I requested. I will definitely be going back and recommend her.

  12. Amazing, appointment with Wendy for 90 mins. It was a good massage and focused exactly where I requested. I will definitely be going back and recommend her.

    1. Call the counter in advance to make an appointment with Wendy, and a 90 minute massage will be given to clean the ears. The technique is skilled, and the process of cleaning the ears is very comfortable. We recommend experiencing it

  13. Hardly meet masseurs who look cute and strong at the same time. Linda provided one of the best messages that I ever had. She is knowledgeable and has multiple massage skills, especially her back-stepping and kneading messages, confirm master level!

  14. 試了YangYang,本人很漂亮 幽默,她的推油手法有力爾柔和,給我肌肉得到了徹底放鬆,下次还会找她

    1. Booked another appointment again after CNY with Wendy for 90 mins. It was a good massage and I will definitely be going back again and recommend her.

  15. 找了 Wendy 90分钟的热油按摩 很舒服 她很年轻 很开朗 和照片一样 我的身体得到很好的放松 下次还会预约 Wendy

  16. Booked Wendy for 90 minutes session. The massage felt totally professional. I was comfortable at all times, my body felt better for it and I would recommend her.

  17. Gina is one of the massuer that stood out for me, and looks better in person. Worked in TCM clinic before so knows her massage. Chatty and definitely engaging throughout the session. RTM a few times already.

  18. I’ll give a 8/10 massage by Angel , very positive and professional person towards her work, always into good massage with good strength and she hit all my sore spots well for my shoulder and back, after a long day of work and if your body aching, please do look for her and give her some support, and do respect her as well and she respect you back.

  19. Went for the $98 jap bubble bath.not worth it.recommend take the normal massage and explore the packages.
    YY service is good.photoshop.

  20. Was assigned to YY. One of the more popular gal. Must book her early otherwise slots are easily full. I was lucky as it was raining heavily and was her turn. Nice cute gal with beautiful smile. Her massage is strong type. Professional massage and will focus on your sore areas. Very good customer service. Will sure RTM

  21. Da Vinci provides a relaxing experience that warrants multiple revisits. The place is clean and staff very welcoming. Yoyo was very friendly and knowledgeable in massage and communicates well to make sure all tight areas are worked on. Highly recommended!

  22. Saw YY on the Facebook and added her WeChat. Made an appointment with her and she is very polite.
    Choose a 90 minute session as my neck was in pain. Told her and she helped me with it as well as my sore back and legs.
    Must say she is very experienced with good techniques. Will continue to support Y Y .

  23. Went to book Linda for Japanese Bubble Bath. She is professional and provide excellent service. Would certainly be back and recommend to everyone. Keep up the good job Ling Ling!

  24. Had a great relaxing session with Ling Ling. She certainly can provide a relaxing and soothing massage to cure all my tiredness. Would highly recommend Ling Ling! Best masseuse in the shop!

  25. Tried the japanese bubble massage. Good experience. Wen Wen is gentle, polite and skillful. Had a great chit chat session and the massage had revitalise me. I am full of praise and smile for her.

  26. I had a great first experience at Da Vinci Spa, thanks to my masseuse, Ling Ling. The atmosphere was clean and pleasant. My 90-minute body massage was worth the money and I would highly recommend Ling Ling and the spa to others.

  27. Linda 真的很棒!手艺好好!帮我松了许多块硬邦邦的肌肉,尤其是肩膀!友善!

  28. I was really impressed with the level of care and attention I received from Ella at Da Vinci Spa. She listened to my needs and made sure to focus on the areas that were causing me the most discomfort. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  29. YY is a pretty and has a beautiful good body. But her massage skills better her looks …. She is detailed and always checking whether is it comfortable or not. Good attitude with attention to details. Will come back for visit again and highly recommend to others too.

  30. YY is very good. Pretty with nice body but massage skill very good. Nice to chat with… always checking on whether you are comfortable or not. Strong recommendation to try out her masssge … my second time , every time is good. Will come again

  31. Whole body aching, friends recommend that Linda provide a very good massage.
    Surprisingly, she did a very impressive massage for me! Her massage provided is fantastic, it relieved all my stiffness at my shoulder, both, and waist!

  32. Ling 彼女はプロのマッサージセラピストで、私が初めてこの店に立ち寄ったとき、プチサイズのボディに大きなおっぱい、ルックスはきれいで、次回シンガポールに戻ったときにまた彼女のために戻ってきます。

  33. Went to Da Vinci Spa recently in need of a good massage to sooth my aching body. Was my first trip there and was pretty impressed by the deco. Place was cozy and the room I was assigned has an attached bathroom. Was assigned masseau Lucy. She knows what her stuff and after 90 mins of massage, my aches disappeared and I am feeling refreshed. Will certainly RTM when I need a good rub.

  34. Had a fantastic time with Ling Ling, she is a master in the art of massage, giving a lot of insights. Really enjoyed my 90 minutes and its was worth it. The place is clean and room is well maintained.

  35. Saw this place on G1298.com and decided to check it out.
    YY was so knowledgeable in her work. The experience was overall great and I walked out feeling amazing.
    YY Look exactly like the photo.

  36. Had a very sore back, so took a chance at Da Vinci as it was recommended by a friend. Chose the Chinese massage and was greeted by therapist Y Y, who was very skilled in helping me loosen my stiff back muscles.

  37. Ling ling one of the best massage therapist, her looks and her body is one of the best in the whole shop after viewing all the girls inside.. Guys who is going there, go down and check yourself and you will know what I mean, she is one of the gem so please take good care of her.

  38. Tried YY. Very very happy with choice as she is not only pretty but her massage skills are good too. Esp how she massaged my shoulder and neck. Will definitely find her again.

  39. YY fixed so many tight spots, knots, and sore areas all over my back. Amazing service – all around a fantastic experience. Can’t wait go back!!very good service

  40. Excellent massage! I walked in here the first time the other day and had a 60 minute massage that was exactly what I needed after being super sore from working out. Extremely reasonable prices and outstanding value! Will be back!

  41. Honestly, one of the best massages I ever had! YY was my massage therapist and she is phenomenal. Incredibly skilled and so very nice and thoughtful. It did hurt at certain points but that’s when I know it’s working for me. This place is very busy on the weekends so calling ahead would not be a bad idea! This will definitely become my regular place! Come Support YY! I feel so much better!!!

  42. I have a pain neck and shoulder, went over to Da vinci and was assigned Wen wen to be, she very nice beautiful and very gentle. The massage she did for me is very comfortable without any pain and surprisingly it relieve my neck pain. As for my bad shoulder I might have to return few more times to settle it as it’s too hard over time using keyboard on my notebook and bad posture. Thumbs up for Wen wen. Thanks

  43. I have had several appointments and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after my time is up. Ling Ling works hard to get the kinks out and is not forgiving, however, it always feels good and she knows her stuff! I would highly recommend.

  44. Just book ling ling, she still the best of all. After several session with her, her look and her body is a role model of all. Never disappoint, always keep up the good standard

  45. Reliably good massage, calm and clean environment. Nothing to complain about here, just go! highly recommend Ella

  46. Do find yoyo for massage. The best massage that I have for. The place is clean and with shower in room. Service the best. Definitely will return for yoyo.

  47. do find yo-yo. Good massage clear my knot. Very knowledgeable in massage. Will go back find her again

  48. The spa is clean, staff is friendly, and the prices are unbeatable. Do yourself a favor and ask for Yoyo, she’s the best!

  49. Most important a fantastic massage. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Would definitely come back! ask for Yuki.

  50. Over all a good experience. The place was clean. I walk in with no appointment, they took me in right away. I had Wen Wen massage for an entire hour, the first half of which was excellent at removing all the knots from my back.

  51. YY fixed so many tight spots, knots, and sore areas all over my back. Amazing service – all around a fantastic experience. Can’t wait go back!!

  52. Da Vinci Spa is not hard to find and the atmosphere is both pleasant and spotless. I enjoyed my 90mins Body Massage with my massage therapist Elaine, She was very good and I felt very relaxed after. I highly recommend this place. I will definitely be back.

    1. Went to Da vinci today for the first time. The ambience is nice, the reception was prompt and responsive, the amenities was good, and the masseuse was awesome. Angel’s massage tecnhique was great as she know where to locate and relief the knots on my neck and shoulder. Totally worth my time spend there. Will go back again for sure.

    2. After several attempts finally managed to book Yang Yang! She is pretty, gentle and chatty. Her 手法 is good, can sense that she is a skilled masseuse. Overall, Great and amazing 60min of massage. Will be back for her again! 🙂👍👍👍

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