Sakura Spa 23 Bendemeer Road

Friendly Therapists and Expert Services at Sakura Spa located in 23 Bendemeer Road

Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Chinese Massage $60
90mins Chinese Massage $90
23 Bendemeer Road, #01-517, Singapore 330023
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm
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114 Replies to “Sakura Spa 23 Bendemeer Road”

  1. Three months did not come to cherry blossom massage, today or firmly choose Yy, she is still as lovely and beautiful as before, the technique is more novel and flexible, or so seriously for my massage, 👍👍👍, it is recommended

  2. Apple 是一位非常友好且专业的按摩师👍按摩的整个过程中让我感到无比的放松!店里的环境也非常舒适👍是悠闲好去处👍

  3. Yy is a good choice, she will massage according to your needs, very patient, not like other massage therapists perfunctorily, spend money is worth, mainly beautiful young, and the photo is not very different, I feel more beautiful than the photo, it is worth recommending 👍

  4. Call the front desk in advance to make an appointment for CoCo 98 Japanese bubble massage. Her technique is very comfortable and she looks cute

  5. Lvy is a wonderful masseuse who is gentle and powerful and beautiful and friendly and always relaxes me when I am tired. I will come for massages often and highly recommend it

  6. Friends recommended Yy, come and try, the process is very comfortable, the result is very satisfied, I want to find her fixed massage in the future, is a good girl, worth recommending to everyone, find her will not step on thunder! 👍👍 like

  7. I want to express my happiness and joy. Everyone of us likes honest and honest people. Just like buying something, I feel the benefit, trust and integrity. Mia has done this, so I can’t help but post it. I felt that chatting about her massage skills made me spend an enjoyable hour without realizing it, so that you can’t find their shortcomings. I want to see her next time, praise, excellent!

  8. I trust Miya very much, she has incredible professional knowledge and rich experience. During the service, she was able to pinpoint my problem and provide an effective solution, which made me very pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

  9. Yy has been my go to masseuse for sometime now. And she never fails to help out my aching muscles and sore back. Her massage skill is very good.

  10. Miya not only has a good figure, but also has great massage skills ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. After the massage, I feel that my body is relaxed and relaxed. It relieves stress. I will definitely visit Miya next time I have the opportunity.

  11. Like everyone else who was lucky enough to have Yyas a masseur, I can only say wow! While she speaks little to no English, she works hard to understand what you need. I hope to return soon.

  12. Yy’s approach is picturesque, the weight is just right, so that I feel unparalleled comfort. With each gentle rubbing and massage, the fatigue seems to be taken away little by little, leaving only peace and relaxation.

  13. Apple technology is great. The technique is in place. The intensity is gentle and powerful. The massage is completely relaxing. highly recommended

  14. Miya has professional qualifications and many years of experience, and is able to master various massage techniques and methods. She has an in-depth understanding of the structure and acupuncture points of the human body and is able to effectively relieve her clients’ physical pain and fatigue. In addition, she can also perform targeted massages according to the different needs of customers to achieve better results.

    1. 按摩师Apple,对顾客热情、有耐心,真正的站在顾客的角度为解决各种身体问题, 值得信赖的一位美女,按摩技术好,值得再去按摩

  15. I have visited this spa 3 times already since Dec 2023 and I stick to Apple as my masseuse. She looks better in person and very pleasant. Able to handle a good conversation but also know when to leave you to rest when the massage is good as you drift off to sleep. Good strength in her technique coupled with sensual strokes that really makes me sleepy. Wonderful experience.

  16. Miya’s exquisite and skillful techniques, her unique technique, her gentle and sweet speech made me feel like my first love. I highly recommend Miya

  17. 最近腰酸背痛,于是预约了Sakura Spa的按摩师Apple,店内环境整洁,美妙的轻音乐伴随着专业的手法,让我身心灵得到很好的放松,下次一定还会再来!👍👍

  18. I accidentally passed by Sakura and went into the store for a consultation. Maybe it was fate, and she was listed in the queue. Unexpectedly, it gave me an unexpected surprise. The accuracy was 100%, which relieved my body’s stress, relieved my fatigue, and relaxed my mood. , let me realize the idea of coming to her for massage next time! Then Miya. She is an outstanding beauty. She is kind and considerate, gentle and beautiful!

  19. Friends recommend to find Yy, holding to try the mentality, their own personal experience, very excellent, professional, people are also very beautiful and lovely, eliminate my fatigue of the day, next time to find her, worth recommending!

  20. Miya’s professional skills are truly impeccable! Every time I come here, I can feel her profound technique and understanding of the human body. Last time, I experienced her deep massage, which made me feel elated and all the fatigue in my body disappeared. highly recommended

  21. Miya’s massage techniques are delicate and precise, and every touch makes people feel extremely comfortable. It is simply the ultimate enjoyment of body and mind. Highly recommend Miya

  22. After the service, Miya also proactively provided some suggestions and precautions for follow-up maintenance, which made me feel that he was very responsible and considerate. Based on the above points, I am very satisfied with Miya’s service and highly recommend it to everyone!

  23. I saw CoCo’s photos online. They are very charming and sexy. I was surprised. She looks better in person than in the photos. She has fair skin and well-shaped curves. She is very beautiful 👍👍

  24. Every time I go to Angel for a massage, it’s like immersing myself in a warm hot spring. Every cell is enjoying this comfortable moment. One word “great”

  25. Yy’s approach is picturesque, the weight is just right, so that I feel unparalleled comfort. With each gentle rubbing and massage, the fatigue seems to be taken away little by little, leaving only peace and relaxation.

  26. Apple’s massage technique is great. After the massage, my body feels relaxed and relaxed, and the stress is relieved. I will definitely come back next time I have time.

  27. Yy is a good choice, beautiful face, familiar with skillful massage, people are very relaxed and comfortable, the whole is very good, worth recommending

  28. Every time I go to miya for a massage, it’s like immersing myself in a warm hot spring. Every cell is enjoying this comfortable moment. One word “great”

  29. 环境很舒适且干净, 试了新人Apple的热油按摩, 成熟的技术和适中的力度,让我疲劳的身体瞬间回复。亲切的笑容和友善的交谈, 两个小时就在嘻嘻哈哈中度过了。有空会再去支持这女孩。 值得推荐。^⁠_⁠^

  30. Miya’s technique is picturesque, with just the right amount of weight, making me feel unparalleled comfort. With every gentle rub and massage, the fatigue seems to be taken away little by little, leaving only calm and relaxation.

  31. Went to cherry blossom many times, each time is not the same girl gave me a massage, this assignment Yy, is a good girl, young and beautiful, massage in place, later to about Yy, find her will not step on thunder!

  32. Mia’s technique is very good, the intensity is appropriate, and the photos are as beautiful as the people. I like it very much and will come to support Mia next time.

    1. I experienced Apple’s massage today. She is enthusiastic and patient with patients. She truly solves various physical problems from the patient’s perspective. She is a beauty worthy of admiration. She has good massage skills and strength. It is worth going back for massage to relieve physical fatigue.

  33. Angel is one of thebest therapists I’ve ever had.she has an incredible ability to intuitively understand and meet my need to create a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Her skilled
    touch and power during massage make each massage exception.

  34. I visited Sakura Spa today and was assigned Baby. She is a very pretty girl who knows acupressure points well. Her personality and smile put me at ease and she gave me the best massage I have had in a long time. She applied pressure at the sore muscles and I felt instant relief. Inwill visit her again and highly recommend Baby to anyone who is looking for a pretty skilled masseuse

  35. Today I visited and Baby was assigned to me. She is very pretty and kind. Her personality immediately put me at ease. Nice body and very good massage skills. She massaged my sore muscles. I felt very relaxed and my stressed shoulder and neck felt immediate relief. I will highly recommend her if you are looking for a pretty and skillful therapist. I will visit her again

  36. I tried Angel. a very gentle and cheerful girl with good massage techniques.which relieverd my should pain

  37. Visited Miya today, her appearance very attractive and able to melt your heart. Her massage strength can help you to release your knot. Overall, very impressive lady which i will continue to support.

  38. Visited Miya today, her appearance very attractive and able to melt your heart. Her massage strength can help you to release your knot. Overall, very impressive lady which i will continue to support.

  39. Met Mia whos a great masseuse and with a nice attitude. Good skills and warm. Clean and nice place.

  40. Apple provided an outstanding massage experience. She is highly skilled and tailored the session to address my specific areas of tension, resulting in a deeply rejuvenating experience. The facility’s cleanliness and attention to hygiene were commendable, contributing to my overall comfort. I left feeling completely refreshed and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a top-notch massage.

  41. Like everyone else who was lucky enough to have YY as a masseur, I can only say wow! While she speaks little to no English, she works hard to understand what you need. I hope to return soon.

  42. Return customer for CoCo. Feel very rejuvenated everytime I went to her. Good massage, always hit the right points. Highly recommended

  43. Come to Sakura with friends, see a beautiful girl in the hall, I choose her to give me a massage, massage is very good. I choose 90 minutes. The whole process was pleasant and the time passed very quickly. I would recommend it to friends who want to massage, her name is Yy, it is very good

  44. I hope to give Coco a massage several times every few days. I have fallen in love with her massage skills. It really makes my whole body feel comfortable, which is great👍🏻

  45. I feel tired passing the cherry blossoms. Go in to arrange Yy massage for me, there is a beautiful face, massage techniques are also very good, the whole process happy chat, time passed quickly. Highly recommended is a nice girl very young!

  46. Apple 是个很专业细心的按摩师,会询问力度是否合适,尽心尽力帮我治好腰背部酸痛问题,整个过程和她聊天心情也非常愉悦,店内环境舒适,值得推荐,继续加油💪

  47. I experienced Apple’s massage today. She’s cuter in person than in the photo. Massage intensity is spot on. The technique is unique. She is an experienced masseur. Can try.

  48. Chose Yy, gave me a very good experience, she is very beautiful, there is a kind of hybrid beauty! It is worth recommending!

  49. Has been a regular with Ella. She always display excellent service and has great massage skill. Highly recommended.

  50. Good massage from a very skill full lady-CoCo. Great strength and right on the spot to relive all sores. A good massage gem not to missed! Must give it a try

  51. CoCo has amazing massage technique, really hits the spot! I have gone back a few times and am always a happy customer

  52. See Yy so much praise, today to try, really beautiful, young. Got a nice ass. Gentle and strong at the same time, it is recommended!

  53. 遇见Angel 她是那么的漂亮 温柔 ,声音很甜美 按摩手法缓慢有力 本人和照片相似 是个很幽默的女生 期待与她的再次开心谈天👍

  54. Passing by this shop, went in to see the photos and chose Yy, I and photos as young and beautiful have an S-curve body, did not let me down, he massage is very good, will care about my soreness there, in the process to recommend four hands, today is not enough time, the next time back must be about her, looking forward to her four-hand massage! Yy is a good choice!

  55. I passed by a massage parlor and met the young and beautiful CoCo. She recommended the four-hand massage. It was a great experience for the first time. Their techniques were consistent and the service was very attentive 👍👍

  56. Great session by CoCo ! She have good massage skill,can make me feel very relax and comfortable

  57. I saw Yy’s advertisement on Facebook and came to try her. She is a young and beautiful girl with a cheerful personality and a great body. Massage is very good, want to massage can try her, will make you feel relaxed, it is best to call in advance about, because she is busy!

  58. Tried MIA today, her massage skills were excellent!! Will definitely come back to get another massage from her some time soon

  59. Excellent service and courteous therapist – Alice. She is a pretty woman with good massage skill to boot.

  60. Sexy goddess Alice looks better than the photos and has a great figure. The hot oil massage made me relax. I look forward to seeing her next time.

  61. So many fake reviews, compare picture , can’t even recognize who is who when see in real 😀

  62. Excellent SPA
    Mia’s hot oil massage was excellent. The service made me want to come back. Remember to book in advance. She is often booked. The easiest thing is to send them a WhatsApp in advance. They responded promptly. Will come back to book an appointment with Mia.

  63. YY is a pretty and good girl with the perfect body .. Her massage skill is superb . Those who come here can give her a try … sure no regret

  64. See CoCo on the Facebook and added her WeChat. Made an appointment with her and she is very polite.
    Choose a 90 minute session as my neck was in pain. Told her and she helped me with it as well as my sore back and legs.
    Must say she is very experienced with good techniques. Will continue to support CoCo.

  65. 在网上看到推介CoCo 试一下 她长的很年轻 漂亮 身材很好 泡泡按摩非常放松 会再来预约她 地点不难找,靠近文庆地铁站 停车方便环境很舒服

  66. Visited here yesterday, recommend CoCo, she is friendly and her massage is good. I will definitely visit again

  67. I can say here is one of the best, as the environment is good and clean with private bathroom.
    Of cause I will strongly recommend YY, which pretty with good massage skill. Her service definitely can make u feel warmly welcomed and no rushing feeling.
    Had look for her few time and k will be back again

  68. Cherry has a tall and plump body, which is my type. The gentle massage makes me very relaxed. I will come back to look for her again.

  69. YY is definitely the gal to book from this spa. Slim, sexy and pretty. Her English is not quite there but with translator quite fun gal. Enjoyable massage. Will find her again.

  70. 舒适的环境配上独立沐浴间 Ella手势柔和 有力, 超赞的90分钟热油按摩,腰间配上温热的中药粉 让我疲劳的腰部舒缓了很多

  71. Based on the comments and pics, went for YY as a safer bet. The ROI definitely worth it as she is not onky pretty, nice to talk cock while enjoying her relaxing massage.

  72. 读到了YY的评论和看了她的照就约了她。美女一个。讲话蛮有趣的,建谈👍。 按摩手法不错。力度到位。强力推荐 👌

  73. Visited CoCo recently, she has great massage skills and is very friendly, will definitely return in the future.

  74. Friendly and cosy environment. Prices are reasonable and the girls are beautiful, good with their massage skill. One of them is YY.
    **Looking for a massage, this is my go to place……a place with 5 stars services**
    Just loving it!

  75. Mia很好的按摩服务 完美的体验,还会再来的🤝

  76. Just book CoCo she still the best of all. After several session with her, her look and her body is a role model of all. Never disappoint, massage very good

  77. Yoyo is pretty and sweet. Good massage technique, right strength at the right place. Good attitude and service orientated. Definitely will return

  78. Good massage by YY. Next time try tarma with ella. Room has show which I like. Easier to wash up. Pretty gal. Worth it.

  79. WenWen很友好,享受了一次很好的两小时按摩,房间干净 带有淋浴设备,环境也非常棒,优雅,很放松,真是非常好的一次体验,以后一定会再来!

  80. 享受了美女💋YY👍手法. 服务态度好。保健疗程更爽。感觉好💪!

  81. Tried the japanese bubble massage. Good experience. CoCo is gentle, polite and skillful. Had a great chit chat session and the massage had revitalise me. I am full of praise and smile for her.

  82. Tried the japanese bubble massage. Good experience. CoCo is gentle, polite and skillful. Had a great chit chat session and the massage had revitalise me. I am full of praise and smile for her.

  83. WenWen’s massage lymphatic treatment is great, and the body feels very relaxed after doing it. The room is very clean and will definitely come again

  84. I have had shoulder pain for 2 months, so I am looking forward to this back massage. Mia’s arms are very strong; I am familiar with the strength that my body is suitable for, very professional techniques, and help to relax my tense muscles. Both body and wallet feel relaxed here

  85. I prefer massage, saw the shop online, and then called to make an appointment with coco, she is a beautiful young girl, the technique service is better, choose 90 minutes, after pressing the whole body relaxed, Recommend coco

  86. 找了Coco 90分钟的热油按摩 很舒服 她很年轻 很开朗 和照片一样 我的身体得到很好的放松 下次还会预约Coco

  87. Saw YY post in TG and add her on Wechat. See more pics of her, confirmed and visited. Happy with choice and left happier after her service. Polite and witty gal. For those who drive, have parking but limited lots, I strongly recommend parking at Blk 30, bigger carpark and just a short walking dist. At Blk 23, if no parking, you LL have to loop one round or park further.

  88. It is very worth recommending Mia, meticulous and considerate, first-class technique, comfortable environment, relaxing and pleasant😁😁😁

  89. Mia, every time it gives me a different feeling, Mia’s technique is really amazing, the pressing is so ecstatic, the experience is full, it’s amazing

  90. Spamming fake reviews does not entice people wanting to visit. Especially if they are all one after another..

  91. Featured massage, professional skills, in-depth experience, elegant environment, highly recommend Mia

  92. The hot oil massage is very comfortable and feels great for an hour, I recommend Cherry because she is very good and relaxes my shoulders very well

  93. Mia 手法技术一流,独家首选,很有韧劲,长相甜美,完美身材,强烈推荐

    1. Visit this shop and massage by new girl Apple, her skilled massage techniques with hot oil, make my body feel relax after massage. Whole day stress and tiredness gone. Her friendly and smile had make me feel regenerated, recommend .

  94. 比较喜欢泡泡按摩 ,温温的 挺舒服
    Ella 按摩很有力,很到位 推荐👍👍

  95. i like this place especially yy serve me,she was pretty and young,environment was peace and relax!yy really good in massage!highly recomaned

  96. Call the counter in advance to make an appointment with Coco, she has a very good personality, relatively lively, very professional, after pressing the whole body comfortable, recommend coco’s technique

  97. First time visit this place,, environment is nice, a lot of parking place, I was attended by this young and full of humor, enjoy the 1 hrs service,.
    Will definitely come again.

  98. Massage a pretty and witty gal YY. Enjoy chit chatting with her too. Easy to break ice. Massage is always enjoyable when pampered by a young girl. Nice facilities too.

  99. It is a very clean spa massage parlor with a shower room. I made an appointment with Ella for an hour of hot oil massage, which makes people feel satisfied and relaxed. I highly recommend it to friends who need to relax their body and mind.

  100. Tried YY. Very very happy with choice as she is not only pretty but her massage skills are good too. Esp how she massaged my shoulder and neck. Will definitely find her again.

    1. This spa is newly renovated , very comfortable and clean. I have booked Ella for 1.5hr massage yesterday . Her massage skill is very good and I felt so relax after the session. Ella is a friendly and sweet looking girl. Will definitely book another session with her next week.

      1. Compare reviews and matching to pictures, choose YY. Took late evening slot last night. Good location as has a carpark right in front. Took 1 hr then saw for sauna. Service is 2 thumbs up and her looks scored bonus points too. Do note the sauna you nned to book at least 90mins

        1. CoCo is very good. Pretty with nice body but massage skill very good. Nice to chat with… always checking on whether you are comfortable or not. Strong recommendation to try out her masssge , every time is good. Will come again 😊

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