SPA M Blk 8 Telok Blangah Crescent

Find Inner Peace and Relaxation with Our Massage and Spa Treatments at Telok Blangah Crescent Spa M

60mins Deep Tissue Massage $58
90mins Deep Tissue Massage $88
120mins Deep Tissue Massage $118
Blk 8 Telok BIangah Crescent #01-157
Singapore 090008
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

65 Replies to “SPA M Blk 8 Telok Blangah Crescent”

  1. Winter has amazing massage technique, really hits the spot! I have gone back a few times and am always a happy customer

    1. After reading reviews, I decided to book Winter for a 60-minute hot oil session. Her massage skills & strengths were excellent; she gave me a relaxing session, as I preferred. Overall, the experience was beyond my expectations & will return.

  2. I came yesterday. i am very satisfied winter, massage is very good very comfortable, i will look for winter next week

  3. Highly recommending IVY.
    I am amazed by her massaging skill. She applied massaging skill that i experienced on the high-end spa. My rejuvenating 60mins section with her, make my money worth.

  4. Thank you lvy for a lot of massage today.Come again next time. Make an appointment for a massage to find lvy

  5. Yuni very good.
    Techniques are professional which makes me really relax. Can support her more👍🏻

  6. Booked Cherry for a 90 mins session. It was a different experience I had in a positive way. The techniques she uses is amazing. Definitely will book her again next time.

  7. Thank you, lvy, for your massage today. My shoulder hurts for a long time. I feel much better when I try it today. I will come again next time. Everyone can support lvy. It’s really good.

  8. IVy’s massage is very good and powerful. It’s much more comfortable to press the right person.

  9. thanks winter. I had a great massage yesterday, the technique is very good 👍🏻 I will come and see her more

  10. Book a session with Coco. Easy to chat with and good massage technique. Definitely will return and look for her again.

  11. Booked coco for a 90mins session. Good attitude and amazing massage techniques. She is very professional and will accommodate to your requests. Felt so relieved after the massage. Highly recommended! 😌

  12. Thank you winter for a wonderful day. My back seems to be recovering from fatigue. Will come find her next 😘

  13. IVyThe massage was very good, and it was much easier after pressing the body. Thank you, lvy. Come again next time.

  14. Went there for a massage and looked for Winter. My whole body is aching due to the 3 days hard basketball game and experienced too much muscle fatigue. After the session, I feel so relaxed and all the pains are taken away. She’s very good and she will help with your request too. She’s charming and adorable. Will come back again and look for her. 👍🏼

  15. thanks Winter… special name girl thanks for the wonderful afternoon massage yesterday… it really helps with my muscle pain. i will find you next week ❤️❤️

  16. 朋友推荐的coco 按摩师 今天就过来体验一下 预约的90分钟 整个过程非常放松 按完之后感觉很舒服 谢谢coco

  17. 预约的coco按摩师 不仅按摩手法好 人也是很漂亮友好 非常不错的体验 期待下一次的见面♥️

  18. Environment is very clean. Coco is friendly and professional therapist. Have a nice and relaxing massage.

  19. Comfortable and cozy environment which makes the customer feel really relax. Therapist Coco was really kind and friendly, served customer professionally. Will visit again soon .

  20. thanks winter her hands are so soft and massages her hands very well I will come and order her next week

  21. Ivy’s massage technique is very powerful. It’s in place. Very satisfied. I will come again next time.

  22. thanks winter a very wonderful massage. That magic hand put me to sleep. I’ll be back next week to find her.

  23. Ivy provided an excellent massage that was both relaxing and comfortable. In fact, I even dozed off for a bit during the session, and woke up feeling completely rejuvenated. I am very pleased with the experience and plan to request Ivy’s services again in the future.

  24. winter a very special cute name. It’s amazing that she has a very good massage technique. I will find her next week

  25. I came to massage last night and went back to sleep very well. Thanks to my masseuse ivy. Thank you. I will come again next time.

    1. 第二次预约的coco按摩师 不仅按摩手法好 人也是很友好 非常不错的体验 还会一直预约她♥️

  26. Today to book winter session. Her skills and strength and friendly was excellent and perfect . I will come back to find her

  27. Ivy is a skilled masseuse who has a true passion for her work.
    She is able to provide a massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated.

    1. Coco is a really talented therapist. Attitude and service is good, we talked through the whole therapy session. My body ache dissappear when I reached home. Will try again next time.

  28. The receptionist is very patient and professional in explaining types of massage. I’ve chosed the Korean Bubble Foam massage which was recommended for 90 mins. Its so good that they even free me Ear candling session.

    Got an arrangement with therapist Ivy from China. Her skills was incredibly good, the bubble foam session was relaxing too. Thank you Spa M and Ivy. Would come for more sessions

  29. Just got a session with Ice this morning.
    Good experience, nice person to talk to, skill is good too. Will back for more appointments.

  30. Comfortable reception lobby, booked Yuni the malay therapist and she didn’t let me down. She really have good skills in solving customers back sore and etc. Very recommended.

    1. 一整天的疲惫 经过coco 的90分钟精心按摩后 感觉整个人都轻松了 按摩手法到位 工作认真 按的整个人非常舒服 还会再来

  31. First time visit to this spa st Orchard. Very good environment and cosy. Most of the gal are hard working and friendly. I meet this gal called Nini very friendly 1st time feeling . Wow must visit again soon
    Her strength is perfect and very gentle lady.
    👌 👍 😍

  32. Tried out Miko today, really nice and recommended. She might looks small but have an unbelievable strength which made her relieves my back sore.

  33. On my first time visited to Nana the superb therapist and I highly recommended to you guys , she is very good attitude and friendly , all time soft chit chat with her is fun and her massage is very healing and perfectly relieve all the pain , great experience and relax throughout the session. Sure I will revisiting her again for next time .

  34. Received an arrangement with DuoDuo, she is suprisingly good at the Korean Bubble Foam massage. Its my first time here and I really love it.

    Duoduo can find my pain spot and massage with a perfect strength. Will visit again soon.

  35. This place is amazing. The combination massage was very much needed. I didn’t realize how tight my body was until the session was over. Oh boy was it tense but afterwards I felt so much relief. I would recommend anyone to give it a try. thanks yuni! will visit again.

  36. Recommendation from my friend, got an appointment with Winter. Very good technique and friendly. Knew that she just reach Sg. Very beautiful and good skin. Good internal design,bathroom attached to each room.

    Notice another Malay Girl also very beautiful. Really recommend everyone to try it out.

  37. I booked a one hour massage with Ivy and it was incredible! My shoulders and back are full of knots and Ivy worked her magic to undo them. I would and will 100% go back for another massage.

    1. Great massage by Winter! Her mandarin is very good even though she came from Vietnam. A very good experience and excellent service. Will visit her again.

  38. Today finally managed to book Yuni for a session. Her skills and strength and friendly was excellent and perfect . Highly recommended. Nice ambience,nice environment and many parking nearby. Will return few days later

  39. My shoulder always hurts a lot. After Winter massage, my shoulders stopped hurting and feels super light and good. I always have a lot of immense stress from work and after her massage, my stress feels more manageable.
    Everyone should try Winter.

  40. Visited Yuni numerous time. She provides excellent service and is very friendly. Will go back for more.

  41. In Singapore is so difficult to find a GREAT masseur nowadays but I finally found one . Star is so good that she really hit the right acupoint where all the pains n stiffness are . Star I will surely come again and keep up the great job👍

  42. Strong massage for big sized customer like myself. Sun might look petite but have really good strength. Enjoyed the oil pressed and very precise acupuncture points. Thank you Sun & had a very relaxed massage.

  43. Visited Ivy recently, she is very friendly and very skilful, professional. She have great strength.

  44. Ice is very professional in her massage, she may be young but she knows how to massage. Environment is nice and comfortable.

  45. Another great massage by Ice! Very detailed and good strength. Pity that i have something on else will extend to a longer session. Thanks Ice for the wonderful massage. Shall come back again! Cheers.

  46. Another great massage by Yuni ! Very detailed and good strength. Helps me to relax and relieve my muscle. High rating for her skills and attitude. Thanks Yuni for the wonderful massage. Shall come back again!

  47. Just have a session with Winter, she is rare gems ,she has great charm, friendly and polite. Good skills and knowledge and professionalism. She knows which areas to focus and where to worked on your tired and sore muscles.
    Thanks Winter . I will be back for more session with you.
    Definitely Highly Recommended

  48. Comfortable and cozy environment which makes the customer feel really relax. Therapist was really kind and friendly, served customer professionally. Will visit again soon or after

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