Le Kang TCM 22A Cheong Chin Nam Road

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60mins TCM Full Body Tui Na $50
90mins TCM Full Body Tui Na $75
22A Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599746
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

Each of our therapists have years of experience in therapy.

35 Replies to “Le Kang TCM 22A Cheong Chin Nam Road”

  1. First time visited the lekang tcm Environment was good and place was clean and new.
    Front desk recommended a new masseur, beibei
    beibei massage techniques are quite delicate and precise although she is new masseur.
    After the massage, my body feels relaxed, and the stress is relieved.
    With given more time, I believed that beibei will be a very professional masseur.
    I will definitely come back next time and look for her again if happen to be nearby

  2. Has been visiting Happy on a weekly basis. It will always be on Saturday after the last day of the work week. Happy never fails to unwind all the aches on my neck, back and legs after a hard work week. Not only her massage skill is worth mentioning, she is also an outspoken person. Never a dull moment during my 90mins of massage. Apart from all mentioned, she is a lovely young pretty lady which I will not get tired of looking at.

  3. Had multiple sessions with Vanessa. She is a very hardworking girl, as I am quite a introvert guy with girls. she will try to start topic with me so that the massage session can go very smoothly and will not be awkward. If you are looking for good massage, can look for her. The experience will definately be unforgettable.

  4. I am a regular customer of Happy. I don’t usually write reviews, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share the good service of such a pretty, humble, and caring person like Happy. She has great massage skills and makes an effort to ensure my comfort. She massaged my sore back a few times and I felt relieved after the massage. If you are looking for a sweet, beautiful, and caring girl to take care of you, I recommend Happy.

  5. I was sore all over after exercise, so I made an appointment with Abby for a 90-minute massage to relax me. The strength was moderate and just the right amount of hardness to relieve the pain. It was perfect for me. It was really great.

  6. Had a satisfying session with Happy. A certified masseur with certificate. Although she is petite in size but wow she can do hard massage. Her back stepping massage is a must try. Really loosen all my sore muscles. Well done and I will definitely be back when I need a good rub.

  7. kiki is an amazing and skilled therapist. She understood my needs and I left happy and relaxed. She is quite new to the spa, but her skills equal any more experienced masseuse. Highly recommended.

  8. Had a good 1 hour with Beibei very good massage skills which manage to relief the pain on my neck and shoulders, ear candling was so comfy as well. Will return for beibei

  9. kiki is graceful in her poise and pays careful attention to the clients needs she is understanding and gentle in her approach def a must-try

  10. Abby is very friendly and always knows the right spots to hit. Massage is always great and yiyi knows what she is doing. Recommend

  11. Thank you Beibei for the wonderful service. Did the hot oil massage first time and very relaxing. Great ambience and clean plac

  12. Happy是一个很好技师 她声音很甜 每次都找她 酸痛的地方都能帮我解决掉 要求注重要按背部 她也会去完成 而且不会很用力 力度刚刚好 找她拔罐她也会很耐心跟我讲解 拔罐的用处和功效 人也很漂亮

  13. Recently I had a wonderful massage experience.TongTong skills and expertise in massage therapy were exceptional.
    She was very professional and knowledgeable about different massage techniques and was able to automize the session to my specific needs.
    I highly recommend TongTong and plan to schedule more appointments with her soon

  14. Great massage I had pain on my back but after one session with Abby I felt great! I would highly recommend this place.

  15. Great massage I had pain on my back but after one session with Abby I felt great! I would highly recommend this place.

  16. TongTong massage is relaxing and comfortable…until i can fall asleep. Can go try her smooth hands and nice small talk 😀

  17. Today, sasa was arranged by Bliss Paradise for me. She looks small but very strong. I’m very relaxed. Her massage is very good. She’s a real figure. I’ll be back for her soon.

  18. TongTong legendary yoga massage is more than meet the eyes. Pressured point and leg works unlocked all the tightened muscles.
    Professional and yet interesting characters too. That’s all we need on Friday to end the working week.

    1. Strongly recommended Beibei.
      She is so amazing and have good technique
      massage. Always put on a jouful and happy attitube throughout the whole session
      .feel relaxed and freshed after the massage.
      Will come back to look for her again

  19. Coco is friendly and hardworking. Her massage skills are excellent, ensuring my tiredness is gone. Looking forward to more sessions with her. What a Gem!

    1. This place was great! Happy was fantastic. She hit pressure points in my neck and back that I definitely needed worked through.
      I highly recommend this place.

  20. TongTongis friendly and caring attitude inspired my liking for her amongst the therapists that I have tried so far. She is skill full and massage with strength. I strongly recommend her services. Will be back soon.

  21. Amazing, appointment with Abby for 90 mins. It was a good massage and focused exactly where I requested. I will definitely be going back and recommend her.

  22. My second session with the Tina was even better than the first. She uses her knowledge and skills to focus on relaxing me completely. An added bonus is how well she can converse in English which makes the time speed by even faster.

  23. I just went to see Abby She is very beautiful and has good skills. recommend. I’m will come again.

  24. So good! TongTong is the best of the best masseuse. I feel like a new person after her skillful massages

  25. Had a 90mins session with yoyo she is great, good strength, bubbly, always keeping the smile on her face, not a time watcher, just took her time to go through the whole massage, didnt really had much conversations with her as i was enjoying the massage! Will go back again to soothe the aching muscles

  26. Good massage from a very skill full lady-Yoyo. Great strength and right on the spot to relive all sores. A good massage gem not to missed! Must give it a try!

  27. Lucie Well done. Very authentic and very specific. Very gentle and so far the best therapist . Will visit again .

  28. I just went to see TongTong She is very beautiful and has good skills. recommend. I’m will come again.

  29. Tina has a cheerful personality, is good at chatting, makes me laugh, and relieves me of the work pressure in daily life. The massage is strong, the acupuncture points are precise, and she is meticulous. It is a wonderful massage. I will come again.

  30. I just experienced the service from Abby.She skillfully applied force to my aching body and it improved. When I have time, I will continue to come to her for treatment 👍

  31. 需要按摩的朋友可以去找Yoyo,广东来的,培训专业的,按摩好,服务更好,漂亮的甜妹子

    1. Beibei is probably the best masseur I have ever encountered. Her techniques are top class and I cannot ask for more. I have engaged her services at least twice a month since then.

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