Wei Spa Jurong East St 24

WEI SPA located in Jurong East Street 24, a place to unwind & rejuvenate body, soul and mind.

Many Experienced Spa Therapists
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Free body scrub
60mins Body Massage $59
90mins Body Massage $88
252 Jurong East Street 24, #01-133
Singapore 600252
Opening Hours 08.30am to 10.30pm
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68 Replies to “Wei Spa Jurong East St 24”

  1. Wei Spa的服务已经进步了很多,可以来这里享受真正放松的按摩。特别推荐 SASA和KITTY.

  2. Just have a session with APPLE . Really want to commend her for her service attitude and professionalism.Her massage is really unrivalled, especially for me since

  3. I highly recommend Baby for her friendliness and sweety.Like her massage skills and can do attitude!

  4. Toto is Very professional and knowledgeable. Environmental sanitation is very clean.like wei spa

  5. Nice and clean place for a good relaxing massage, therapist Sasa is good at easing my back and shoulder ache, will definitely frequent this place.

  6. 在新加坡我去过很多按摩店 我比较喜欢来WEI SPA 找KITTY按摩 她很专业 手法很好 服务态度一级棒 每次按完都感觉轻松很多 环境也很好 提供独立冲凉房方便多了。

  7. Went for my nth visit to Wei spa, as usual booked my favourite therapist Sasa. Tried a few but find she has the best technique in terms of soothing my shoulder and neck strain, very relaxing yet enough strength. She is also very good in having a conversation though out the session but will also know when to be quiet for me to have a relax session. Sasa is highly recommended!

  8. The place is clean and provide the serenity to catch some rest. Was pampered by toto with her decent and professional skills.

  9. The masseurs here are very professional, and they are very friendly. will come back here soon

  10. Been to Wei Spa a few times, Clean with individual shower room no weird smell. Sasa is great and able to focus on my shoulder and neck issues, 90mins is a must. Very professional, definitely worth returning. Highly recommended.

  11. Highly recommended place for a good Massage clean environment , always visit SASA is my FAVOURITE . Friendly and professional service.

  12. If you want a good massage, Yaya is highly recommended. With great techniques, she never fails to relieve my body aches every single time. Plus, she has a lovely personality and really fun to chat with.

    1. That’s right bro ! Yaya is my go to as well everytime I visit Wei Spa.
      You can be assured to leave in a happy and relaxed state of mind,body & soul after at least 90 mins of massage.

      as 60 mins just enough for warming up as she goes into details, ensuring all are fully covered and knots relieved. (If really very ache better go for 120mins, subject to individual case by case).

  13. 最喜欢找yaya 按摩了 人漂亮又健谈 完全不会冷场尴尬 手法专业顶呱呱 每次按完后都感觉身体飘飘的 环境干净也很安静 大家多多支持她

  14. 我去找SaSa按了几次,手法好,人又健谈。每次都按了一个半钟,但都感觉时间过的好快,下次要考虑按两个钟了。 =)

  15. First time i visited Wei Spa over the weekend. Very clean and upmarket feel. Sa Sa was my masseur and was surprise that she is able to untangle my knots and aches despite her petite size. Quite pretty and a chatty girl that is easy to have a conversation with. An hour past by too quickly. I’ll be back to visit.

  16. 这几次来 Wei Spa 都是找Sasa. 人美,比照片漂亮,手法又好,要多多支持!

  17. 我去找Yaya按了几次,手法好,人又健谈。每次都按了一个半钟,但都感觉时间过的好快,下次要考虑按两个钟了。 =)

  18. i went to visit with baby last night. Her service attitude Very good and professional. I will come again when I have time.

  19. Coco按摩手法太棒了也很专业,她会专注缓解我的痛点 按摩后我感觉很舒服轻松多了 过几天休息在去找她推拿。强烈推荐@coco

  20. Kitty is great. she focused on the areas where I had the most pain.
    She Very professional and knowledgeable. Will arrange my next appointment.

  21. I went to wei spa for the first time. I felt that the service attitude of the technician was very good. At that time, a Vietnamese technician named Chanel. Her language communication was very good, and she was fluent in both Chinese and English.I will go to see her when I have time.Sincerely recommend

  22. Came for Kitty which attracted me and real person resemble same as in picture. Had a 90 minutes hot oil massage. I very much enjoyed the attention to detail when adjusting various parts of the body and stretching or massaging based on what’s needed, and in a way that can actually help your pain points feel better. In comparison to a massage from a place like massage envy, my experience here felt way more therapeutic and would provide lasting results for the next few days.

  23. Lina massage technique is good, serious and professional.like her massage and must come again soon.

  24. 今天第一次去这里按摩 觉得很不错 环境舒服 有独立浴室 技师也很专业 服务态度很好 我按了一个小时89全身按摩 我的背部松了好多直接轻松多了 值得推荐@kitty

  25. The environment is clean and the independent bathroom masseur is also very professional and worth recommending.

  26. I just visit with Kitty china girl.she is very professional And friendly .i like her massage and feel relax .i must come again .

  27. Great place for a massage. vietnam therapist Chanel are very friendly and proffesioanal .she can speak eng very well and mandarin also.her Services rendered are good

  28. Jojo is very professional n very good attitude .i like her massage and feel relax .i must come again .

  29. I like to come here for massage, environmental sanitation and independent bathroom. It feels very advanced. I’ve been to see kitty for three times, and his massage technique suits my requirements. She has a kind personality. It took an 90mins $129 session with hot oil massage including ear picking also. Feel relax after massage.Will come again soon.

  30. Just have a good massage session with NANA. She is a very good masseur who understands what you want and attentive to your needs. Will visit her more often.

  31. Chanel 手法一级棒 她不但年轻漂亮 按摩都非常专业 华语英文沟通都很好 有时间一定在去找她按摩

  32. Highly recommended Therapist Coco was working out all my stressed and muscles. totally recharged and relaxed.will come again soon

  33. Highly recommended Therapist Coco was brilliant in working out all my stressed out muscles. Came out of the parlour feeling totally recharged and relaxed.will come again soon

  34. Great place for massage. Therapist Coco is professional . One-hour hot oil massage is not lazy at all, and every part is pressed in place. Will come again soon.

  35. I really need to compliment Lily for this session. I came to Wei Spa and booked Lily for a tensed back as I’m recovering from a sprained back muscle on Sunday. I knew she will help me which she did. Not only she give me advices to treat my back while massaging me especially my lower back; she uses her personal ointment in the last 10mins and rub my lower back. The after-effect is miraculous and left the spa like nothing has happened to my back. Thank you.

  36. Went twice to look for Kitty, was a nice spoken lady. Managed to rub away my hard knots tissues on shoulder. Will sure visit her again

  37. 大力推荐wei spa @snow,手法专业又温柔又体贴 还能接触我的疲劳压力 尤其头部和脸部按摩 舒服到睡着了 我去了那么多间按摩 没有试过这么舒服的按摩手法 总于找到适合我的按摩好地方了@wei spa. 有时间肯定会在来找snow按摩

  38. i went to visit with Snow yesterday.her service attitude Very good and professional therapist.The head and back are pressed very well, and I feel much more relaxed. I will come again when I have time.

  39. Just have a session with Snow . Really want to commend her service attitude and professionalist.Her massage is really good Especially facial massage and Help me touch muscle aches.I really feel much more relaxed after pressing it. Must visit again soon.

  40. 今天早上去wei spa 找了jojo按摩 手法一级棒 我的后背酸痛按完了感觉轻松多了 服务态度好 真的是专业按摩 值得推荐 有时间肯定会去找jojo👍

  41. Lily 的力度和手法都很到位。我已经关顾她三次了,每次都能把我的颈部和背部的酸痛疏解。 Lily 也跟我分享很多保健知识。整个过程很愉快,环境也很棒。
    Lily’s technique and strength is very good , she never fail to ease my pain at neck and shoulder with the three session with her. She share with me many tcm knowledge and Wei Spa environment is also very good and clean.

  42. Ella has always managed to relieve my neck and shoulder problem. Honest and dedicated. Highly recommended.

  43. Just started visiting Ella just last month and been back 3 times so far after having hectic days at work. First impression of her was girl next door, never thought her strength would pack a punch~ 👊 usually after the end of each session, one would feel energised and recharged. She even taught me few pointers on how to prevent my frequent sores and muscle tension. She’s the one 🫵 to go if you need a good session to relax and recharge. 🤜🤛

  44. Visited Wei Spa after work, and Lily is assigned to me. Aside being friendly and chatty, her massage is definitely the best I had. The strength is right and techniques combines is one of the kind. During the process, she constantly checks on me and explains my body conditions. I left Wei Spa happy and refreshed. Will return to massage by Lily again definitely.

    1. Weispa is the best massage parlor I have ever been to. The front desk and the teacher are very nice. Kitty is very comfortable and talkative. I will always pay attention to her.

  45. The masseurs I often go to in this massage parlor are very kind and professional.The environment is very nice and there is a separate bathroom.After going to so many massage parlors, I still like to go to wei spa.

  46. Went to look for Suki last week. A pretty and friendly lady with good massage skills. Enjoy the 90mins with her. Look forward to have another session with her soon

  47. Amazing massage I’l have over here. Kiki was brilliant in working out all my stressed out muscles. Came out of the parlour feeling totally recharged and relaxed.

  48. Probably the best massage I’ve ever had! Anna is super strong and used techniques that really worked on my problem areas. She doesn’t waste time and always made sure I was comfortable.
    Place was also so clean and smelled amazing! Staff is super friendly. All around would highly recommend.

    1. Thank you for the review. We are glad that you enjoyed your session with us. Hope to serve you again.

  49. Friendly staff, very clean common areas and my massage therapist Chris was excellent.
    I have been back 3 times already and will continue to book appointments here!
    Thank you for your service and hospitality! I highly recommend this spa and give it 5 stars!!!!!

    1. Thank you for the review. We are glad that you enjoyed your session with us. Hope to see you again.

  50. Definitely worth the price and quality of massage! I’ve been to other places nearby but this place has always worked out my knots. Anna is really nice and friendly.

  51. Best massage by Yi Yi Worked on my body and it was truly one of the best things I’ve ever felt. 10/10, highly recommend! Environment is very peaceful. Absolutely loved it 🙂

  52. Had a 90mins massage with Baby. She was excellent. It was just the right pressure for me and she did a super job of finding my trouble spots. She did especially great job with my neck. RTM Yes!

  53. Had known Ella since her days in Clementi. She is TCM trained, sincere, honest and straightforward. She had relieved my strained neck and shoulders for countless of time and kept my nerve compression pain in check. Really thankful to meet her.

    1. Visited Snow in Wei Spa 1 wk ago, very professional therapist, relief of pain on my back, she is pretty a warm and caring person, no regret of choosing Snow and will visit her again soon. Of course, the clean and comfortable room is a plus point to make the experience even more pleasant.

  54. Just had the BEST massage today. You won’t regret coming here. It is very quiet and clean and professional. This will not be the only time so come here. Support Anna, she is amazing!!!

  55. Susan was my therapist today and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She is a terrific listener and was very attentive to my aches and pain. I left feeling like a new man and will definitely be making another appointment soon again with her. Support Susan!

  56. Elisa is great. she focused on the areas where I had the most pain.
    I did the 90mins massage. Very professional and knowledgeable. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

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