Bliss Spa 524 Geylang Road

Unwind and De-Stress Discover the Power of Professional Massage at Bliss Spa located in 524 Geylang Road – The Massage Directory

Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Chinese Massage $65
90mins Chinese Massage $105
524 Geylang Road, Singapore 389480
Opening Hours 10.00am to 10.30pm
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44 Replies to “Bliss Spa 524 Geylang Road”

  1. Book an appointment with YoYo for a good massage after a tiring day.
    Your professionalism and attentiveness during the massage were outstanding. I appreciate your commitment to ensuring a wonderful experience from start to finish. Regular, returning customer. Never fail me as always. My recommended and the only one is YoYo! Highly recommended if you want a good massage, not to be miss if you ask me.

  2. Yesterday I had 1 hour full body massage and it has been a wonderful experience! It’s a lovely place, I felt comfortable immediately and the massage relaxed me a lot.
    YoYo was amazing, I would highly recommend her. Her hands were warm and the massage left me feeling so relaxed I just wanted to sleep and I felt completely de-stressed.
    I’ll be back for sure, thanks YoYo!

  3. I came YoYo for a massage last week to relive the soreness. Your ability to pinpoint and relieve my muscle tension is truly impressive. I leave each session feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Her massage is absolutely the best. Not to be missed.
    Give it a try and you like it! Recommended Yoyo.

  4. Look for YoYo yesterday evening.
    Your massage technique is exceptional and relive my muscle tension, and I feel completely rejuvenated after each session. Highly recommended. Will be returning soon.

  5. This spa uniform is ever evolving and I’ve lost count. But Chen Chen number shall never forget as she’s my one and only choice whenever I visit Bliss Spa@GL. She never fail to soothe all my hard spots and rather surprising demure look and customer always first attitude. You have to get at least 90mins package to enjoy her repertoire from her years of experience. Bound to leave you fully satisfied. At least for me. Enjoy while she’s still available.

  6. I came to yumi for a massage just after my trip. Her massage is absolutely the best. I’m already a regular customer

  7. Walked in a few times after seeing the ads and was assigned to different massuers. So far, all massages were good and on point and did not disappoint. They sometimes have a male receptionist though so may feel a bit awkward at times.

  8. Good massage from a very skill full lady-CoCo. Great strength and right on the spot to relive all sores. A good massage gem not to missed! Must give it a try!

  9. Was assigned to Chen Chen on a rainy afternoon and she’s nice enough to get me a warm towel to dry up before I have a soothing bath and get the session started. Really enjoyable and ended up another 30mins extension to leave me fully satisfied.

  10. Visit YOYO again.Feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed and happy! All my soreness and pain gone in a wind. Thank you YoYo. Excellent. massage. Will be back again soon. Recommend YoYo if you want a good relaxing massage.

  11. Today, visited YoYo, was arranged by Bliss SPA for me. Pretty and hardworking gal with good strength to soothe out after a long day of stress. Excellent Massage and be happy.

  12. Visited YOYO in Bliss Spa today, never fail to give good massage to relive my ache and stiff shoulders. Very professional and hardworking gal. Superb Massage and Excellent service.
    Credit to YOYO from Bliss Spa. Will return soon.

  13. yumi按摩非常好 力度很大今天让我很放松,身材也很棒 山谷非常明显哈哈,很快会再次回来找她

  14. Today, yumi was arranged by Bliss SPA for me. She looks small but very strong. I’m very relaxed. Her massage is very good. She’s a real figure. I’ll be back for her soon.

  15. First time tried the Bubble Massage recommended by YoYo, feel so refreshing and shiok. Your massages are not just therapeutic and hit right tensions on my back especially shoulder and neck. Credit goes to YoYo. Highly recommened YoYo in Bliss Spa. Can tried Bubble Massage for a good tension free experience.

  16. Feeling that I having stiff shoulders for a long time and body ache , so visited YOYO. Always have been a returning customer. Her hands are like magic wands, expertly unraveling knots and tension. Her ability to apply the just right pressure and stroke provide optimal relief. Never regret, YOYO from Bliss Spa always has been my first choice for great massage experience!

  17. Visited YoYo today again. Has been a regular customer.
    Your mastery of massage styles with strength and your ability to seamlessly blend them during a session make for an extraordinary and well-rounded experience. Made my aches away in no time. Good Massage Experience.

  18. YoYo massages are a gift I give to myself regularly, and I always leave feeling pampered and refreshed. You’re an essential part of my self-care routine. Overall rating service is very satisfactory! Highly recommended YOYO from Bliss Spa!

  19. Linda has amazing massage technique, really hits the spot! I have gone back a few times and am always a happy customer~

  20. Linda from Vietnam is just so good with her hands. She’s highly recommended. She gets to the right spot for me and works on that. I’ll make this place a regular and will certainly book her for all my massage. She’s second to none. I’ve been to other places too and used other masseuse but no one is better. Keep up the great work Nana.

  21. Thank you Linda for the massage service. The massage technique is great. After the massage, my body feels relaxed and relaxed, and the stress is relieved. Will definitely visit again next time I have a chance!

  22. Chen Chen has been my go to therapist whenever my body send me signals. She doesn’t disappoint due to her hardworking nature and able to pinpoint most of my weaknesses. Always have a pleasant session with me as we have much to talk about.
    Having a pretty face with good strength to soothe out after a long day is what a man wants…

  23. Just walk in to Bliss Spa this afternoon and was assigned Yumi this afternoon. Good soothing massage with just enough strength. For those who wants good authentic massage, highly recommend Yumi.

  24. YOYO professionalism and dedication to provide a top-notch massage experience. She is consistently go above and beyond to ensure clients leave feeling their best. Recommended YOYO!

  25. Just visited Bliss Spa, YoYo. All I can say her massages are more than just physical; they’re a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Thank you for the incredible massage you provide. Thumbs up for YOYO!

  26. Return customer for Yoyo. Feel very rejuvenated everytime I went to her. Good massage, always hit the right points. Highly recommended!

  27. “I can’t recommend YoYo enough! Her massage techniques are truly goodl. Not only did I leave feeling completely relaxed and tension-free, but I also felt a sense of overall well-being. If you’re looking for a skilled and compassionate masseuse, Bliss Spa, YoYo is the way to go!”

  28. I feel so fortunate to have found a masseuse like YoYo as skilled and caring. Your hands have a healing touch, and I can’t thank YoYo enough for the relief and relaxation you’ve provided.
    Highly recommended!

  29. If you’re in need of some self-care and relaxation, look no further than YoYo. YoYo massages are a true escape from the stresses of daily life. Friendly therapist, one should not miss Bliss Spa, YoYo.
    Her service is good!

  30. Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a good massage from YoYo, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience! Her skilled and caring touch made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. . I highly recommend YoYo for those seeking a top-notch massage experience! Go for Bliss Spa, YoYo

  31. See Yumi Pic already cannot tahan. Must try. Cute pretty gal with lots of charming power. Good massage too.

  32. Shiok shiok massage by Yumi. While her valley is definitely very obvious, her massage skills is definitely not piano play. Enjoyable session with Yumi. With rtm again.

  33. Highly recommend YOYO. I have been returning to her for a few times now. Her massage has strength and is able to hit the right sore points for me. Ear digging is good as well!

  34. Fantastic experience with Linda, her massage skill will make whole body very relax , she is gracefully and make me enjoy on the great massage experience ~

  35. I made an appointment with Ms. Chenchen for a 90-minute hot oil massage. The service is good, the massage techniques are good, and the environment in the store is also good!

  36. Another great massage by Yumi just now. Massage was on point and manage to clear my muscle tensions due to my cycling session. Appreciate her attentiveness and skills. Highly recommended!!

  37. Wonderful massage by Yumi last night. Her massage is a good experience and she is a very friendly therapist. Like the private room with own shower room.

  38. After a long evening jog, I went to Geylang for a late dinner on Tue. After dinner, was walking past Bliss Spa and decided to give their massage a try, to relieve my leg aches. I was assigned Yumi, a petite and beautiful gal. Due to her petite size, I had my doubts that she had the strength to give a decent massage. I was so wrong. She first asked where are my pain points and then proceed to give me a strong and soothing massage to relieve all my tensions in my legs. Was so good that I decided to extend for another hour. I was very impressed!
    Btw, today is my 2nd visit. She’s now my fave masseur. Highly recommended for those who want a strong massage by a pretty gal.

  39. I randomly picked Bliss Spa hoping to unwind and relax. Indeed, it was a great choice. I was served by Fei Fei who was friendly and skilled in her massage. I really enjoyed the session because she would even do knee massage on my back and could hit the right pressure point. The overall service is very satisfactory and I never regretted since then. I still regularly go back to Fei Fei for her service.

  40. Merit to Linda (Vietnamese but can communicate in English and Chinese). Using combination of kneading, rolling and stretching techniques, she skillfully targeted the areas of my body that were experiencing tightness and pain. Most importantly her service had left a lasting impact on my “physical and emotional” well-being.

    1. Bliss Spa – Highly recommend Yo Yo . Her service is Good , Very Satisfactory and i never regretted. I am still regularly go back and support to YoYo for her service.

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