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Unlocking Vitality with KangYa TCM located in Jalan Mas Puteh Holistic Solutions for Wellness

Guiding Your Wellness Journey with Decades of Expertise
Meet Our Highly Experienced Therapist
60min TCM Tui Na Full Body $68
90min TCM Tui Na Full Body $98
33 Jalan Mas Puteh Singapore 128634
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm

KangYa TCM

79 Replies to “KangYa TCM 33 Jalan Mas Puteh”

  1. Booked Lisa again for a two-hour hot oil massage. Her massage technique is unique and great. It’s so stimulating and reaches the extreme. She looks good, still so gentle, friendly, enthusiastic, and slim. It’s very relaxing and pleasant to talk to him. I was very happy when I left and will come back soon❤️

  2. I was sore all over after exercise, so I made an appointment with Lisa for a 90-minute massage to relax me. The strength was moderate and just the right amount of hardness to relieve the pain. It was perfect for me. It was really great.

  3. Chloe! our latest lady to join KY! Had a first 1.5h session with her and i felt the most rested ever!
    I really feel she looks pretty (颜值高), and she is extremely pleasant to chat with! If you are a fan of hard massage you can request back-stepping; she does it well. what exceeded my expectations most was how well-rested i felt and how i had really comfortable sleeps the nights after. Looking forward to rtf!

  4. I love baby Lisa massage,my regular cute professional massage therapist I ever meet.She’s so amazing & have good technique massage.Always put on sweet smile I on her face ,nice voice & good attitude thoughtout the whole session I really relaxed & enjoyed.Thank you Lisa for your excellent Service. she is worth visiting.

  5. I love baby Lisa massage,my regular cute professional massage therapist I ever meet.She’s so amazing & have good technique massage.Always put on sweet smile I on her face ,nice voice & good attitude thoughtout the whole session I really relaxed & enjoyed.Thank you Lisa for your excellent Service. she is worth visiting.

  6. I have been to many spas before and Lisa at this spa is the best masseuse I have ever met. She is very attentive and professional, pressing the right points to relieve pain, and paying attention to details, such as asking me what specific pains I have and frequently checking if the pressure is enough. I feel very relaxed and refreshed after the massage. Lisa is cheerful and talkative and easy to chat with. It was a great experience meeting her for 2 hours today! Highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs any massage

  7. Lisa provides professional and relaxing massage. After the session, I feel good! Remember to inform her where you need her to focus on and let her do wonders on you.

  8. My friend recommend this shop and masseur Jennie. Though it my first visit but Jennie has very good massage skill, it kinda of brought me an unexpected surprise, I have been to many massage but Jennie is really a very good masseuse.
    Today I had a meeting from morning to evening, sitting for a whole day. This beautiful little sister helped me massage for about an hour and it has greatly relieved my pain. Thank my friend for recommending such a good masseuse to me. I will come back again.

  9. 听朋友推荐这家店有个叫Jennie 的小姐姐按摩技术非常好,第一次来,居然给我带来了意外的惊喜,长期出差的我也算是见识过很多按摩技师手法了,Jennie的确是一个非常不错的按摩师,我今天从早上开会到晚上,坐了一整天腰疼的不行,这位美女的小姐姐帮我按了一小时左右已经大大的缓解了我的疼痛,谢谢我的朋友给我推荐这么好的按摩师,还会再回来的。

  10. Lisa is great. She is a cheerful and lovely therapist with a sunny smile and is very talkative. Her technique is very professional and can help to relieve the knots and soreness in the back. After the massage, I feel refreshed and very relaxed. The service is very good. I had a pleasant session and will come back next time 🥰

  11. I’m a regular with therapist lisa,
    She’s warm and welcoming, she’s in great shape,
    The massage technique is unique and very professional,
    That’s exactly what i’m looking for,
    Relieved my fatigue countless times,
    Recommend Lisa

  12. ViVi 是我必点的按摩师!她的服务和按摩手法都说一级棒的. 她是温柔年轻漂亮的小女孩,女友感很强!每次必回来找她

  13. I drank too much and felt uncomfortable all over, very tired and sore. I made an appointment with therapist Lisa for a massage after being introduced by a friend. Her hands were gentle and powerful, pressing on various parts of the body. She was very professional, careful and patient. It was a profound Chinese medicine massage that made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Next time I come back, I will book at least a 90-minute session.

  14. Vivi 是最棒的!按摩一流!人又长得这么好看!一定会回去找她!她已经是我的专属按摩师了!

  15. Tried Vivi, great massage, feel relax after the whole session.

    Worth coming. Will come to support again.

  16. Kang Ya Spa is a nice place to come for massage, ViVi is the best in experience massage and beautiful young girl, I’m not said much if got time you guys can come and try it 100% compliment.

  17. Go massage must look for Lisa, her massage really professional giving me a very good service. I went there for 5 times. So far she never disappointed me. I’ll give her 👍👍👍👍👍

  18. Hardly I would leave comment for masseur, but I think this masseur is really worth the effort of putting a good review

    First time visit to kangya and Jennie was my masseur. I had a very bad sore back and needed massage badly.

    After the massage session all the knots on the back was very well relieved, have to say the masseur is really skilled and the attentiveness to detail is meticulous

    Definitely will look out for Jennie again if I need a good massage for my back

  19. 2nd time visit and book appointment with jennie again. Feels incredibly good and comfortable after the session.
    Always checking in to see if the strength is good and any area to focus on.
    Think she will be my go to masseur for West Side.

  20. Back to have a session with LISA.
    Always with a warmth and smiling face.
    A perfect massage therapist with good massage techique. Not rush, her strength is just right and massage on point especially my stiff neck. Feel fresh and relaxed after the session. Will be back.

  21. Yesterday I made an appointment with Lisa for a two-hour hot oil massage session. She was very skilled and professional, not piano style. She was friendly, gentle and attentive. Her voice was very nice. I enjoyed the whole session and felt refreshed after the session. This is not the first time I have made an appointment with her. I recommend Lisa to people who are looking for a good massage.

  22. Wonderful session with this pretty masseur

    ML name: Jennie
    Location: Kangya TCM

    Look: A+
    GFE: A
    Massage: B
    Attitude: A+
    Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    What else to complain when you have a sporty masseur to help you massage

  23. The intense work caused me severe back pain. The excellent therapist Lisa helped me eliminate the pain in my whole body. Her professional massage skills are superb and her technique is superb. I have contacted her several times before, but she was on vacation this time, so I had to wait a little longer. Today, I got what I wanted. I highly recommend Lisa.

  24. Review on Vivi:

    I chanced upon this establishment after browsing this webpage. Booked a session with ViVi through the counter.

    I was led into the room by a receptionist and the place was very clean. It’s a plus point to have good hygiene standards. The bed was well made with nice smelling towels.

    A few moments later, I was greeted warmly by Vivi. She had such a warm smile as she entered. She asked if the temperature of the room was alright and if I wanted to drink some water before starting. She began with nice gentle presses over the upper back slowly working her way down the back.

    After a while, we began to chat as though we have known each other for a long time. Warm hospitality really made the whole session very enjoyable. I never liked talking during massages, but with Vivi she really hit the right spots.

    I knew that it was my lucky day.

    Her technique wasn’t out of the world. But I could feel that she is putting her heart into the session. I personally liked how she really ease the tension in the neck area by gliding her thumb down the sophisticated neck muscles, easing any muscular tensions.

    Her lower back massage technique is also very special, she will first work the way through the main muscle groups on the back with her fingers. After which, she will release the pressure by pressing on various stimulant points using her elbow and knuckles.
    I personally like that she is very attentive to making sure I was pleasurable and comfortable throughout.

    I would sum up the massage experience with Vivi as a good mixture of feelings of sensual, stimulating as well as comfort.

    To sum it up, it was a holistic experience with Vivi. Her jovial and bubbly personality certainly made the session special.

    MUST TRY !

  25. After my massage session with Jennie today, I am compelled to share my wonderful experience. From the moment I stepped into her space, I felt an overwheling sense of calm and serenity, setting a perfect tone for what was to come.

    Jennie has a genuinely warm and welcoming demeanor, immediately making you feel at ease. She took the time to understand my needs, asking about any areas of discomfort and the level of pressure I preferred. This bespoke approach not only demonstrates her professionalism but also a deep commitment to her craft.

    The massage itself was nothing short of miraculous. Jennie’s hands are both skilled and intuitive, finding and easing tension in muscles I didn’t even realize were tight. Her perfect blend of techniques, from smooth, flowing strokes to more targeted pressure, made for an utterly transformative experience. It’s clear that Jennie not only has extensive knowledge and skill in massage therapy but also possesses a natural talent for healing.

  26. Had a session with Lisa as well, she’s a very jovial and playful person. Her massage is amazing and she uses the right amount of pressure towards my pain points. Lisa had the looks of an Angel as well and definitely I’ll be back for more for a session with her 🥰😇

  27. Booked appointment with Ella, she’s very good in her technique. She uses the right pressure thoroughly enjoyed my session with her. Feeling refreshed after the session definitely will come back for more 😘

  28. Strongly recommended LISA.
    She is so amazing and have good technique
    massage. Always put on a jouful and happy attitube throughout the whole session
    .feel relaxed and freshed after the massage.
    Will come back to look for her again.

  29. I enjoyed it. The hard and soft intensity is suitable for me, pushing and pressing my sore and stiff back. Thank you Lisa. Your massage is great.

    1. I have booked Ella a few times.
      Her massage is firm with strength.
      Very good and experienced skills for her age.
      Very pretty girl who looked like the photos.

  30. Thank you Lisa for the great massage , She is a very jovial and playful person.
    I’m also looking forward to return soon.
    Will update you for future reservations.

  31. Ella is my favorite go to, affordable, good balance of everything, young and pretty. Can’t help but everytime I will go back and find her

  32. Lisa.. Thank you so much for the good massage. I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the truly amazing massage experience that you provided. Your healing hands worked wonders on my tired muscles and helped me relax in ways that I never imagined possible. Thank you once again.
    Wish you a prosperous happy new year

  33. I am a person who likes massage. Lisa Baby, the therapist at Kangya, is my first choice. Every time I go to her, I need a 90-minute or two-hour session. The massage technique is very good👍🏻, gentle and powerful, with just the right pressure on the acupoints. It’s accurate, her innocent smile is bright and cute

  34. Lisa is great. She is very skilled and professional. Every time she presses on the sore area, I feel a sense of relief and all the muscle pain disappears. She is gentle and pays attention to details. I will be her repeat customer.

  35. I have a good massage with Vivi a week ago. Very friendly and attentive girl. This spa has very good masseurs.

  36. Lisa is dignified and hard-working. I like to ride bicycles, but my muscles are sore from long-term exercise. After Lisa’s very professional massage service, I feel very relaxed and refreshed.

  37. Sunny, friendly, easy-going and sexy Lisa is an excellent therapist with real massage skills, the massage technique is unique and the pressure is comfortable, spending 90 minutes with her every time was perfect for me, the whole process was a pleasure, again Thanks Lisa

  38. Ella gives very good massage. Good skills. Very service orientated and friendly. Very pretty.

  39. Lisa was very friendly, gave a good massage 👍👍,attentive, attentive to the stiffness in my back, deep pressure techniques to relieve body pain, easy to talk to, pleasant and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, would go back to her again!😊

  40. Lisa has a cheerful personality, is good at chatting, makes me laugh, and relieves me of the work pressure in daily life. The massage is strong, the acupuncture points are precise, and she is meticulous. It is a wonderful massage. I will come again.

  41. The massage technique is very professional and the intensity is great👍🏻 Lisa gave me the best massage so far. I was very relaxed and refreshed after the massage. She is very patient and not rushed.

  42. I booked a session with Happy. Young and sweet girl. Attentive to needs, will check if her massage pressure is okay. I liked her courteous and polite nature.

  43. Thank you very much Lisa That was fabulous
    Every massage point is just right, meticulous, good technique, very professional and high-quality service, gentle and considerate, warm and friendly, with a cute baby face and sexy and beautiful body. I will see her again next time

  44. A friend introduced Lisa. Lisa’s friendliness and enthusiasm make me feel very warm. Her smile is very healing. Her amazing massage skills help me relieve stress. Highly recommended.

  45. Lisa is so nice! ! it’s beautiful! So sexy! Perfect face. Perfect body. Perfect heart. Perfect massage. Lisa is perfect! Lol

  46. Tried Ella, shes the best i have met. Very accomodation despite our language barrier. Before begin she would find the area to focus on and will let me know. With very good service with good technic.
    Aside she have great figure and pretty.

  47. Visited Happy a few days back, managed to book a slot with her. Her apperance look sweet, cute and pretty. Satisfied with her massage skill. Overall good experience with her. Will RTM again.

  48. more often for her massage.Do support her, give it a try in her
    massage service, and hope anybody will love her massage. Keep up the good work Lisa

  49. The massage was amazing, the best ever. Thank you to the sexy and lovely therapist Lisa for your 90 minutes of hard work. I will come again 😊

  50. Lisa’s massage was very good, soft and powerful, and it was so good and comfortable that I fell asleep and was in no hurry! Thank you, Lisa, for your kind service.

  51. I hope to give Lisa a massage several times every few days. I have fallen in love with her massage skills. It really makes my whole body feel comfortable, which is great👍🏻

  52. Thank you Lisa for the massage. It was great, professional and meticulous. I really relaxed and enjoyed it. Lisa was warm and friendly. I will definitely come again!

  53. I like Ella, my regular cute expert massage therapist. She is proficient in professional techniques and acupuncture points, and the whole body was relaxed after pressing. The new store has a nice, clean environment, good service, good massage.

  54. I had been seeing Lisa more frequently since I first met her from other spa. She’s very skillful, kind, pretty and sexy. Beside that, what I’ve fully impressed was the way she used her foot to step my on my whole back, she was so skillful to use her foot to find my trigger point muscle group. The most fulfilling part of her massage experience was the was she treats me the way she wants me to felt satisfied etc with some lovely head massage. That has also rejuvenate me as a different person after the massage. Wish that she will lead an good example to her workplace. Do look for her and you will felt a different person like how I’ve experience with her very often

    1. 1st time to the shop and I got to say the shop is quite new, clean and the atmosphere is good and quiet. The massage therapist assigned to me was Happy. She had good looks and putting that aside, her massage skill was good. Good strength and constant checking with me on whether the amount of strength used was okay.
      And you’ll not feel bored throughout the session as she’s able to hold up a conversation very well.
      It was a very good experience and highly recommended to look for her for a massage if you’re in the area! I’ll definitely return to find her.

  55. Had tried lisa she’s polite and friendly believe in service good strength exprience highly recommended .

    1. Today tried Ella. Her massage really into the vein. Very strong and correct. Recommend for good feel Masaage

  56. Good and quiet environment, lots of privacy. The place is cooling and clean, massager is very professional and effective, especially Kelly and Lisa , I have been twice and I will go again for my backache and head massage

  57. Highly recommend Kelly, she has legit massage skill that can cure your joint aches!!! The rest is history 😛😛

  58. I’m a loyal customer of pretty lady Lisa,she is the best massage therapist I had ever meet,the good massage technique is very professional,she always put a sweet smile on the face.I highly recommend her for though who want a good massage.

  59. LISA very good in massage, really can give me girlfriend feeling. Service is perfect. I’ll go and find her another round.

  60. Great massage. Lisa is really good. Her pressure was perfect for me. Room It’s very clean and
    convenient. highly recommend! Worth the money.

    1. Tried new girl Coco,Her massage is gooood, not those piano type. The best is her strength is just right and massage was on point, especially if you understand Meridian points she pressed the correct areas.

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