TL Beauty Wellness 220 Orchard Road – Your Premier Choice for Expert Massage Services TL Beauty Wellness located in Midpoint Orchard

60min Full Body Massage $58
60min Hot Oil Full Body Massage $68
60min Korean Bubble Foam Massage $86
220 Orchard Rd, #02-06 Midpoint Orchard,
Singapore 238852
Operating Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm

13 Replies to “TL Beauty Wellness 220 Orchard Road”

  1. Just had another wonderful session with moon. She is as cheerful and chatty as before, extremely caring and thoughtful, she will ask which part need is aching most and she will pay more attention on that particular point.

    She is the only reason for me to travel all the way by train for almost an hour to get my aching body fixed. Will definitely return for more sessions.

  2. Had a wonderful session with moon yesterday and it was my second visit with her. She is pretty,polite,cheerful,professional and her massage hits the spot. Just tell her where is aching most and leave the rest to her magical touch.

    She is unlike other masseuses in the outlet where they will be putting on a black face (justice bao)during the treatment session, a total turn off especially when she do not listen to your aching needs.

    Highly recommended and the only reason why I travel all the way to orchard for a good massage.

  3. I was at Mid Point Orchard gaming and saw TL Wellness and was lucky to get LU for a massage appointment. She was very sweet and had good attitude. After 1hr I was totally relaxed and will come again for Lu.

  4. IU massage is most relaxing. Especially to remove knots on lower back. Her beautiful smile and cheerful attitude makes massage a dream.

  5. coco is Attractive girl n nice ,good at chatting,Good massage technique。Good skill n service

    1. Excellent service and highly recommended for someone who is really looking for a proper body massage.

      If you want an excellent massage, never hesitate to try it out here. Really Worth the money and time.

      Therapist Moon is highly recommended.

      Thank you for your wonderful service.

      1. i have ask abby help for massage, she really give best effort to help you to release body tireness. when during massage, she also is a good listener. you will never regret find her.

  6. “LU” little sister is very smile and beautiful, good service, massage is very good, beautiful environment, highly recommended

  7. Visited this place,and tried CoCo. Her massage skill is excellent and make you very relax. She is also very professional in ear picking [采耳]. If you want a good massage and ear picking, highly recommend CoCo.

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