Ann Healthcare 221 Balestier Road

Ann Healthcare Centre located in Balestier Road Spa

60mins Bodycare $60
90mins Bodycare $90
120mins Bodycare $120
60mins Prostate Massage $180 [All Girls]
Prostate Care 5mins $150 [Miyuki Only]
Painless hair removal Price Range $50 – $350
221 Balestier Road Singapore 329928
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm
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Our therapists are both friendly and highly skilled, with years of experience providing expert services. Prostate Massage acupressure points around the groin can promote better blood flow to your body, benefiting your overall health.

85 Replies to “Ann Healthcare 221 Balestier Road”

  1. Recently tried Selina from Vietnam. Her massage was amazing and accommodate to your needs. You will definitely enjoy the session with her. Nice to chat.

  2. Recently I had a wonderful massage experience.
    LuLu’s skills and expertise in massage therapy were exceptional.
    She was very professional and knowledgeable about different massage techniques and was able to automize the session to my specific needs.
    I highly recommend LULU and plan to schedule more appointments with her soon!

  3. I recently experienced a hair removal session with Miyuki. The experience exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the state-of-the-art device used for the treatment, which not only ensured effectiveness but also minimized discomfort. Miyuki was incredibly skillful and meticulous, making the entire process painless and efficient. The place was clean and cosy, with a quiet and relaxing ambiance that added to the overall experience. Moreover, Miyuki was not only beautiful but also patient, taking the time to address all my concerns and ensuring I felt comfortable throughout. Miyuki has a nice and gentle voice which makes the experience perfect. It was a truly value-for-money experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a top-notch hair removal service.

  4. I am so glad to have met Miyuki. After just one treatment, my erection felt much harder than before. After a few sessions, my erections are not only hard but also long. Miyuki is a man’s savior, a wonderful rejuvenator, allowing me to regain my mojo.

    Miyuki is well-sought after and appointments have to be made well in advance. I usually made my appointment about a week in advance. She collects payments in advance as there are many who booked her precious time but did not turn up. However, she is reasonable and open to making changes to appointment times/dates if you inform her in advance, preferably one day before appointment. Miyuki is well worth the effort and money she charges.

  5. GeGe 人美歌甜,预约了两次才有我适当时间,她真的以众不同,按摩到位,两小时的按摩让我整个筋络都舒缓,还听她唱歌让你心灵有如沉醉在九霄云外。甚至把我一天工作压力烦脑都忘了,听她唱歌完全与按摩结合有如异曲同工之妙。真的太棒了。值得大力推荐。

  6. Amazing massage with GeGe.Her massage was amazing, she had given the best massage I ever have. She engaged in meaningful conversation, making it a soothing & enjoyable experience, she also pretty and friendly.highly recommended and will return back again!!

  7. GeGe massage is very comfortable , she is pretty and easy to chat with, she is patient, cheerful and fully utilised the time of the full session to provide a great experience. I feel so relaxed after the session with her and will definitely return to her again! Strongly recommended her!!

  8. Had a few hair removal sessions with Miyuki. Highly recommend her hair removal services. The process is painless and quite relaxing. Admiring her good looks and listening to her nice voice, time flies by each time for me while I enjoy the session and her company thoroughly. She does the hair removal meticulously before using her state-of-the-art laser treatment. I cannot imagine anyone else putting in the same level of care and effort. The level of service is simply unparalleled!

    The treatment slows down hair growth and even improve skin texture. Although prices are not cheap, I find that they are reasonable. They can be set according to the extent of hair removal required. Results can be seen after first session. Regular sessions recommended for maintenance and best results! Will continue to support her for sure.

  9. 1st of all this my friend introduced to me Moon the therapist , I was highly recommended by my friend and good feed back , so I try to book as soon as I can . As a result, I am very satisfied with the service here. It was MOON who helped me with the massage that day. She gave me the feeling that she was very warm, friendly, and very talkative. Ah, I just happen to be a person who doesn’t like chatting. Then we talked a lot. But the most important thing is that the massage technique is really great, I really feel very comfortable. She make me relaxed after the 1 hour of massage . So guys if have the opportunity, you must try it, it’s really great. Highly recommending Moon to you guys.

  10. Book an appointment last minute and there is only MOON available. When I got there she looked abit different from the picture, but upon closer look she is actually really nice and cute, she really friendly and talkative , whole session was very excited and relaxed .
    My back was really sore from the gym and thankfully MOON massage makes it better and I feel rejuvenated when I left.
    Definitely going to come back. Great place for massage.

  11. MOON is pretty and sweet. Good massage technique, right strength at the right place. Good attitude and service orientated. Definitely will return to her again

  12. Moon is an excellent massage therapist.
    Her warm and friendly nature makes me feel welcomed each time I book her for a session.
    On top of that, regardless how many times I booked a session, her service quality in massage is held high. She will always check if I am comfortable or if the strength she exerted is too strong.
    Moon will be yours professional therapist . Your warmness is addictive.

  13. Lucky is a charming girl and with good skill of massage , with 1 hour sessions of massage , I’m totally relaxed and re energised , she had many kind of skill as well , I tried almost all , the best is Thai kasai massage , this is really impressive and very good for u guys !!! Highly recommended to you guys this young lady lucky

  14. Miyuki is my go-to therapist. Amazing skills, great attitude and very friendly. She has widened her repertoire beyond massage and prostate care to include hair removal and care of the whole body. Everything she do, she put in great care and effort to make you feel like a VIP. Will continue to support her. Highly recommended. Remember to make your appointment early.

  15. Highlight recommend Romy. Great massage skills and friendly attitude, good to make booking before hand. Convenient parking.

  16. During my recent visit to Ann Healthcare located at Balestier road , I had the pleasure of experiencing their specialized full body authentic massage services offered exclusively by Moon. The service provided by the skilled and knowledgeable ladies Moon was truly exceptional and worth every penny.
    After the massage, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed, which made my trip even more enjoyable. The clean and positive environment at Ann Healthcare added to the overall experience, making it a great place to unwind and de-stress.
    I highly recommend Ann healthcare and Moon specialized massage services to anyone looking for a top-notch massage experience. I will definitely be returning here on my next visit to town. Overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely worth the investment.

  17. Today finally managed to book Lana for a 1 hour session. Because she always fulled. Marvellous services provided. The whole session was relaxing. Will definitely return n strongly recommended.

  18. Lucky is an amazing masseur! Her skilled hands and warm personality create a truly relaxing experience. Her dedication to creating a calming environment and her genuine care for her clients shine through in every session. She is an exceptional lady masseur, and her clients are lucky to have her!

    1. Therapist Ge Ge China from Ann Healthcare Centre is very friendly and professional. She is able to put you at ease after a hard’ day work with her affable demeanor. Her technique is very effective. She is able to exert the appropriate pressure on all the right places. My knots were all loosened after one soothing session. I came out fresh and rejuvenated. Highly recommend GeGe!

  19. Had a highly satisfying session with Jiao Jiao today. She has good looks and a nice figure. She has a great smile with dimples. Massage was good and on point. First time meeting her today but interaction was good and comfortable. Highly recommended. Do support and take care of her.

  20. Not the first massage session and definitely not the last. All the muscle ache from yesterday gone after massage from Miyuki. Always relaxed after and looking forward to next appointment.

  21. Just did a massage with Jiao Jiao today.

    Jiao Jiao is a soft spoken and gentle therapist. I was amazed by her figure and looks the moment i set my eyes on her. She nicely introduced herself and asked for your sore spots. She is definitely someone who i trust my body with and her skills are top notch.

    She is not a time watcher and does her massage meticulously. She identified the correct knots and i enjoyed myself immensely.

    Time flies when i am with her. I feel relaxed and was on cloud 9 when i am with her. Definitely a gem to keep. Will rtm soon. Highly recommended.

  22. Miyuki is by far the best therapist I have met. Her skills give me a level of comfort I cannot experience elsewhere. She’s Yeh complete package – looks, nice voice and communicate well and excellent skills and service. Will continue to support her.

  23. 在这间店,我只找Cici不找别人,其它的我都不约,她是我约过的最好的按摩调理师,每次都很用心,耐心的帮我按和护肤还有保养。 Cici 是个人美声音也温柔体贴专业按摩调理师,每次约她的时候,时间过得真快,身体健康也给她调理比以以前好很多了,我也从她学会了很多保养的知识。
    我只会找她不找别人。 CIci是个很值得推荐给兄弟们需要调理和保养的好按摩师。

  24. I always make advance booking to make an appointment for Cici,. If you can’t make an appointment, it’s best to ask the front desk to use WhatsApp to write the time to make an appointment for Cici Don’t call her as when she is busy she does not bring her Hp with her and has no time to answer the phone. You can also ask the front desk to send your number to her. Cici is the cheapest and very good as no one else knows it. and I only look for Cici .l make an appointment with the front desk for 4 times before they get me my appointment for Cici as always try to arrange other girls for me. I am very happy and comfortable with her services, attitude and professionalism in her massage and body care skills.
    Will return for her . A highly recommended charming gems not to be missed

  25. Had been busy and tiring a day , finally founded a good spa and meeting up a pretty girl “Romy”, she was friendly nice and awesome with her professional skill massages and massage. The whole process was pretty enjoying and very happy with it. Will fully supporting Romy for her pro skill . 👍👍

  26. Make an appointment with this pretty amazing charming therapist Taiwan lady Cici for 3 hours massage , facial care and body care yesterday, place have convenient parking, very good environment alone, the best I have ever been to, very satisfied and very happy every time I go
    Will return again soon for my next appointment

  27. Romy Taiwan, she is my regular she is beauty and friendly. Her massage is great. The place is nice too. You won’t be regret her service. Please support her and takecare of her. thank

  28. Have my first hair removal with Cici last time, she is sweet charming girl who is gentle and makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed when doing the hair removal
    and the areas are clean shaven.
    Will return for my next session and body care with her soon

  29. Just finished my session with this charming pretty massage therapist Cici. A very friendly and caring girl with a soft and sweet voice. She knows where your sores areas and whether your prostrate got any problems and she also advised me how to take care my body and what to eat.
    Will return again for my next appointment with her soon

  30. Booked a appointment with Cici today ,location is easily accessible with convenience public transport and parking space nearby . Room was clean and well decorated .Cici attitude is great and very service oriented . She is also pretty and with sweet voice and is very friendly and caring from the minute you step in till you walk out.
    Massage service is exceptionally good and she know where to massage and what strength to apply exactly . Confirm she is professionally trained masseuse and make me feel like coming back again.
    Confirm with her next appointment already

  31. Cici is indeed bring luck to her customers, today after my afternoon session with her,I strike starter prize tonight although it not much, l was happy as this is my first time to strike lottery. Cici is a pretty charming therapist who make sure l am comfortable and relaxed during the session, and she indeed shared her health tips and concerns for her customers health .I enjoy my session with her and also gained many health knowledge from her.
    Will return for further body care and facial care with her soon.

  32. Had my second hair removal session with Miyuki today that went very well. Still amazed at the minimal discomfort if any during the session and felt totally relaxed during the whole process. Looking forward to the next session.

  33. Today I made an appointment with Cici for 2 hours today and as the time passed happily and fast during the massage and body care plus facial care I add another hour. It would be better to make an appointment for 3 hours as you will be surprises at health care items used for you., the place have convenient parking, eating amenities close by and the price is cheaper than the city center. Cici is beautiful,professional skillful and kind-hearted with a soft sweet voice and she says often do charity work to help people in need. She told me many of her customers won lottery prizes during the time they make an appointment with her. The first time I won the big prize was the day when I made an appointment with Cici last month.You will be lucky if you make an appointment with Cici Many people make an appointment for her, it is best to write the time in advance, I always write the time one day in advance to make an appointment for Cici
    Highly recommended, a gem not to be missed ,

  34. Had been doing hair removal treatment elsewhere. Today had a first hair removal session with Miyuki and was thoroughly impressed. She was very attentive to detail and made sure not to miss out on any spot. The pain during the treatment was minimal and she always checks in to make sure everything is well. Looking forward to the next session with her.

  35. Today finally managed to book pretty and charming therapist Cici for a session. Her skills and strength and prostrate care was excellent and perfect . Highly recommended. Nice ambience,nice environment and many parking nearby. Will return soon

  36. Cici is a sweet petite beautiful lady ,her massage and body care technique is good and on the spot, the place is clean as well
    Definitely support her service and will return soon

  37. This spa has a comfortable and cozy environment which makes you feel really totally relax. Therapist Cici who is charming was really good and friendly, She is professionally trained in body therapy ,body care, prostrate care and hair removal .
    Will visit again her soon .

  38. Great massage and prostrate care by Therapist Cici and I can feel the difference before and after the session
    Will return soon

  39. Have a wonderful massage with this beautiful Cici at this spa, the place is clean and quiet with relaxing music,she is skilled, and also friendly and shared her knowledge and she knows where are the sores areas and focus on healing throughout the entire session. After my session with her, I felt incredibly fresh and rejuvenated.
    I highly recommend Cici this place to anyone in need of a good massage and body care, will return and schedule more sessions with her soon.

  40. This spa is amazing, the therapist is charming and is well trained and skillful in top notch massage, prostrate care and hair removal service and especially Miyuki or Cici when either of them is free and available.
    Highly recommend this place with clean quiet and relaxing feeling.

  41. Cici has been my got to go massage therapist for a while and today I decided to provide a well-deserved review. Her massage and prostrate careis good, her magical touch instantly removed my stress and tension. Cici is not just a
    skilled massage therapist but also has a welcoming personality and sweet voice that made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in.
    I would gladly recommend her for a rejuvenating and enjoyable massage and body care experience.

  42. I have big tummy due to daily beer drinking with my friends, after a few sessions by therapist Cici who used good essence rub with a hand held tools my beer tummy has reduced a lot. Thanks to Cici I now feels fitter and more energetic, she advised me to reduce my beer drinking and drink tea instead and also go do more exercise .
    Will return for more body care

  43. Thank you Cici for your great body care session last night, don’t feel like going back after that, but too bad needs to go back after the session.Nice environment and clean and good relaxing music.

  44. I always have muscles aches due to regular runs and swimming. Cici is the therapist that I usually look for relieving the muscles tension. Thank you Cici for always providing a good and effective relaxing massage.

  45. Miyuki’s hair removal services are excellent. Before my first hair removal session with Miyuki, I thought that hair removal was painful, boring and time-consuming. Miyuki totally changed my perception. She does the hair removal with her trademarked care, patience and tenderness, making me feel like a VIP. 👍👍👍The session was painless, extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I can see results after the first session – armpit hair was gone for good! 🤭The hair removal services are customizable – customers can choose which area or areas to focus on, and will be charged accordingly. I have gone for 4-5 sessions since and thoroughly enjoyed every session.

  46. I have been a regular customer of Miyuki for more than 5 years. She is the most diligent therapist I have seen. She continuously upgrades herself, both internally (acquiring new knowledge and techniques) and externally (taking care of her physical appearance). No other therapist can be as skillful and pleasant looking at the same time. Truly a gem to be supported. Well worth the time and spending. Highly recommended.

  47. In my view, if there were a ranking list for Juagen Masters in Singapore, Miyuki will be right at the top. Simply the best. Well worth your time and support. 确信Miyuki是本地最好的抓根师傅,没有之一。非常值得支持。

  48. Flew to many countries and tried a lot of Juagen masters. Miyuki san is the best one in my opinion. Her Thai and Chinese treatment can reach depths of the body, not only the waist and kidneys, sometimes the heart, chest, head and feet have an indescribable feeling of Qi and blood rushing up. Every time after I have finished treatment, I went home and slept well. I introduced to many friends, each of whom said it was good, calling her skill “a miracle of rejuvenation” and regard her as “a man’s savior”. I hope she stays in Singapore or goes to Japan, she is the chosen one for me.

  49. This place is really amazing, the staffs are so friendly, place is also clean and with relaxing music. I had great experience over there .I recommend this spa to everyone who’s looking for a great massage spa and body care
    Look for Cici she is good ,she helps me to unclogged my sores chest ,and when I was surprised that it was so good that it was a long time that I have a good sleep the chest therapy last night , I was almost late for work this morning . Haha .Rtm definitely
    Highly recommended

  50. 看了好多人的评论我中午也約了Cici. 真人比照片更好看,声音好听很温柔很有礼貌。按摩手法很到位,我也给她帮我做前烈腺保养,她是个很专业的理疗师。我看评论说她也是一个专业的美容师,我就加钟给她帮我做美容,因为最进天气热哦,脸上的皮肤很干燥,做了护肤效果很好。

  51. Great massage and prostrate care by Therapst Cici and I can feel the difference before and after the session
    Will return soon

  52. Good environment, very clean, good massage. I would strongly recommend my friends to visit this spa. The masseuses are very friendly and skilful and really helps me relieve my stress and pain and especially Cici who is also a beautician trained gives me a good facial treatment according to my skin conditions if you want to have facial care.
    Will return soon and definitely recommended

  53. After seeing many reviews on Therapist Cici ,I decided to book her for 1 hour massage session this morning. Her massage was nice and good, and I extend another 1 hr to do body care and prostrate.Totally feel relax and rejuvenated after the session. Do come and you will not regret.
    Definitely return when my wallet is full

  54. Cici is a Charming Therapist who is not only good in massage and body care and is also a well trained beautician .She gives good skin care at affordable price without asking you to take packages unlike those skin & facial shop .
    Highly recommended and will be back more facial treatments & body care

  55. I’ve been to countless massage spa but Cici has got to be my all time favourite and I would always book a 4 hr sessions with her every week to release my tired body and facial as I worked in the construction job under the hot sun. She is friendly and professional, and patient and I let her worked on my back before doing my facial as my always in the hot sun , my skin is dry. She also gives me a free eye patch to relax my eyes and after that she work on my chest and abdomen massage which was very comfortable. The 4 hrs sessions with her past very fast as she work tirelessly without rest on my tired body and facial ,her sweet voice is also relaxing as we chat during the sessions.
    Highly recommend her to anyone who require a good massage and body care

  56. Just have a session with Cici last night as my regular therapist
    Miyuki was not free and available and she told me to try her colleagues Cici which she says is good . Cici is also rare a gems ,she is pretty , friendly and polite and professional. Her massage skills and body care therapy is good and relaxing and share her knowledge on how to take care your body and health . She knows which areas to focus and where to worked on your tired and sore muscles.
    Thanks to Miyuki recommendation, I will be back for more session with her or Miyuki whenever either is available
    Definitely recommended

  57. Cici is a charming skilled and courteous massage therapist who has a true passion for her work.
    She is able to provide a good massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic, and I always left feeling rejuvenated
    Will return and definitely highly recommended

  58. Location easy to find and many parking nearby. Have try Cici today and she provide good massage and is top notch ,able to relieve my sores areas, Cici is a very hard working charming lady, she also provides prostrate care and hair removal services , a rare gem.
    Will always return

  59. Have finish a 3 hrs session with this beautiful young and skilful therapist Cici this afternoon including prostrate massage which was due to my urination weak to clear the blockage near the groin areas & hair removal done which was cleanly shaven
    & painless as I always have rashes due to my sweaty & hairy growth and as was told that the skin complexion will be better and hair growth lesser after few sessions done. She was patient and caring to make sure I was okay during the session and also her massage was good using good essence oils and tools to massage the backs, chest and stomach areas which i feel good & refresh after it was done. When I went back home I can feel my urination was stronger due to better blood flows after the prostrate massage.
    Highly recommend this gems , thank you Cici the3 hrs sessions was worth it. I will be back for more body care session with you soon

  60. Have try both excellent and charming friendly Therapist Cici & Miyuki yesterday & today after recommendation from a buddy. They are both excellent well trained and verses with knowledge on various massage technique and body care services,
    Highly recommended this two gems Cici & Miyuki , Will be back for another session with either of them alternately as they are equally good.

  61. Have a good 2 hrs session with this beautiful and friendly therapists Cici today. She is service orientated and professional with excellent skills with good techniques and knows where to worked on your sores areas and the environment is clean with smoothing music to relax and calm your body.
    Highly recommended and will be back for more sessions in a few days.

  62. Last night I had a backache and went to this Spa.The charming therapist Cici was very attentive to my requests, and place focus on areas I needed attention, from muscle achess over my back after exerting myself. Her massege skills were suberb ..With her gentle but firm hands and a soft voice,l could relax my body and enjoy the whole experience, coming out fresh and rejuvenated..
    Thank you Cici, will be back for session to maintain my body .Highly recommend to bros

  63. 看了好多的评论我中午也约了Cici俩个小时的疗程。Cici 是一位相当不错的治疗师,人美身材好,拥有出色的身体护理技巧。她很友善,很有女朋友的感觉,专注于治疗您的酸痛和疲累,很温柔技术非常好,会用好的精华,并愿意分享有关如何保持身体和健康的知识。她声音甜美,总是带着灿烂的笑容。谢谢 你CiCi,有空我会再回来约调理的。

  64. This SPA have excellent and delicate skills and body care services, especially both Cici and Miyuki. Both are friendly charming young and beautiful with excellent skills and knowledge on health care.Will have to alternate weekly sessions with this two gorgeous girls due to both are my favourite therapists.
    Highly recommended to bros , will return for my session with either of them soon

  65. Just finished my 2 hrs session with this pretty and charming therapist Cici today, she gave me a good back and chest massage due to my working related issue , I feels more relaxed and my chest pains gone and fresh afte the session ,
    Thank you Cici for your advice on taking care of my body and health. Will return for my next session

  66. On my first time visited to MOON the superb therapist and I highly recommended to you guys , she is very good attitude and friendly , all time soft chit chat with her is fun and her massage is very healing and perfectly relieve all the pain , great experience and relax throughout the session. Sure I will revisiting her again for next time .

  67. Cici is a pretty good therapist, beautiful and in shape with excellent body care skills. She is friendly, girlfriend-like, focused on treating your soreness and tiredness, using good essence oils which is very gentle and relaxing and technically good, knows how to , and will share tips on how to maintain your body and health. She has a sweet voice and always has a big smile. Thank you CiCi, I will be back again.

  68. CiCi is beautiful, kind, good-looking, gentle and considerate, and has a strong sense of girlfriend feeing.. She gave good items to customers for those 2 hrs session like Eye Patches and good quality oil to relax your body Since I met CiCi, I haven’t found anyone else. I made an appointment for 2 hours the day before yesterday. I like it and feel comfortable and rejuvenated..Yes, I going made an appointment with CiCi for another 3 hours today. I like CiCi more and more. Times flies very fast and happy with her ,will come again when I have time in a few days. Highly recommended to those who want good massage and body care.

  69. Went for a session with CiCi after good recommendation from a friend. She is indeed a young and pretty Therapist with a sweet voice and good massage skills and trained with various body care treatments.
    Cici is indeed a gem not to be missed, will arrange my next appointment with her when I am free.

  70. Cici is a pretty good therapist with excellent body care skills. She is friendly with good gfe and attentive to work on your sores areas and willing shared knowledge on how to maintain your body and health . She good sweet voices and is always friendly with a big smile .
    Thank you CiCi, will return soon for my next session

    1. It is so hard to get an appointment from miyuki…. Tried to book a few times but she was not free.. And today finally I got the appointment with her!
      She is so awesome and taught me on how to take care of bros. Will book earlier next time

  71. Booked a 90 mins session with Ying Ying today, She was excellent and friendly and hardworking and knows where are your sores areas and where to pressed to ease my pain
    She shared her TCM knowledge on how to prevent my aches and the places is clean and quiet.
    Highly recommended and will be back soon

  72. Just finish my massage session with Taiwanese mei mei Romy. She is good and cute ,attentive with a big smile and will keeps asking how I am feeling and strength is it okay,I feels totally rejuvenated after i finished my massage with Romy
    Will be back for next session with her when i am free

    1. Fake review. Talked to other masseuse she not even in SG that peroid. Wanted to try all the girls

  73. Just managed to book a session with this gorgeous superb charming Miyuki. All the therapists there are friendly and courteous and the most outstanding one is Miyuki. She got excellent skills and knowledge of all type of massage and treatments and will shared with you tips on how to maintain your health.
    Book her early to avoid disappointment as her schedule are tight’
    Will return for more session

  74. First of all, as I known this massage spa is full of gorgeous & beautiful ladies that providing excellent massage service .especially moon the china therapist , she mastered on Chinese style massage , easily relieving your whole body pain and following on using essential oil that lubricate & moisturising your skin . also well trained with others kind of skill as well , for example like “ Chinese Gua Sha “ , she can perform Gua Sha in 2 different way that is using massage stick to roll ur back or regular Gua Sha board the scrap ur back , personally I preferred massage stick that not so pain but very effective on Gua Sha . At lastly why I fully recommend her because of her is very friendly and good manner person , treating every customer with the best service . Always come with beautiful smiles and sincere working hearts .

  75. Visited Ying Ying twice. She provides excellent service and is very friendly. Will go back for more.

  76. Just have a session with Miyuki, she is rare gems ,she has great charm, friendly and polite. Good skills and knowledge and sharing her knowledge on how to take care your body and healthy foods to take. She knows which areas to focus and where to worked on your tired and sore muscles.
    Thanks Miyuki . I will be back for more session with you.
    Definitely Highly Recommended

    1. Today finally managed to book Cici for a 3 hr session. Her massage skills and strength and attitude was excellent and perfect .
      Cici is not only provided good massage and body care, she also a trained beautician with local certs, she gives me good facial treatment according to my skin conditions which was good and cheaper unlike those facial spa which keep asking to take packages and add new items everytime I went for my facial session.
      Highly recommended. This multi talent trained charming Therapist Cici
      Nice ambience,nice environment and many parking nearby.
      Will return soon in a few days for body care session

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