U Spa 131 Jurong Gateway Road

U Spa located in Jurong Gateway Road – Friendly Therapists and Expert Services at By G1298.com – The Massage Directory

Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Full Body Oil Massage $68
90mins Full Body Oil Massage $100
Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road #01-253
Singapore 600131
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

129 Replies to “U Spa 131 Jurong Gateway Road”

  1. Visited Kelly after reading reviews of her and she is a real hidden gem indeed. Young syt viet who is cheerful and attentive. She gave her all during the session to ease my pain. My body felt relived and relax after the session.

    Will definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a good massage.

  2. Enjoyed a satisfying authentic body massage from Nana last evening. Nana is a vietnamese and quiet therapist. But don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you. She is quite humourous and her massage packs a punch!

    Good job Nana, for a great massage! Will visit again soon and thanks lots!

  3. Visited Kelly after a long day of work. She is friendly and attentive. She gives great massage and constantly cares and ask if it is okay. Will definitely be back again to look for her.

  4. Had a good massage session again with my regular therapist Nana. She is vietnamese and a very hardworking masseuse. Quiet and very attentive. Spa location is convenient with MRT nearby. Thanks again Nana.

  5. Since Sep 2023 I first first stepped into U Spa & Wellness, I have todate accumulated a total of 31 sessions of visits in U Sap & Wellness. 30 sessions is always with COCO and only 1 session with Apple. COCO was on MC that day and she recorded that I tried Apple, But I was so accustomed to COCO that I sticked to her all along. Her service standards was unmatched. COCO is available only by advanced booking at 8132 7989.

  6. Tried a new girl Alice. Chinese speaking and friendly therapist. She is cheerful and very dedicated to her craft. The bed linen is clean and the room is cool and spacious. U Spa’s location is a stone’s throw away from JE MRT, so very convenient.

    Enjoyed the superb 1 hr massage and thanks so much Alice!

  7. Was recommended Yoyo by a friend and glad I went for her. She is bubbly and speak good Chinese. Her massage is strong and concentrates on places you are aching. Left with a relaxed body and mind. Will surely come back to look for her again.

  8. I like Nana’s massage best at U Spa. Quiet girl but very hardworking and focused. She is experienced and knows all the correct areas to concentrate on. My favorite go to masseuse but sometimes she can be fully booked for the day. Best to book ahead for Nana.

    My second favorite massage girl is Coco. Very therapeutic massage.
    She is also popular with many satisfied and returning customers.

  9. Kelly is a cute syt which puts in a lot of effort to ensure that you are comfortable and relax. She is bubbly and gives great massage.

    Will definitely look for her again when I’m in the area.

  10. Nana okay, quiet but hardworking. 1 hour, no time wasting. Quite strong massage, friendly keep asking if too cold or hot and which area is painful.

  11. Life is always better with a good massage. For that I must thank Nana, a gentle viet therapist at U Spa. Her massage is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

    Will rtm again soon.

  12. Today afternoon at 12.15 pm I have my regular massage always by COCO. In my view COCO is thus far my favourite massage therapist in the West of Singapore to relieve my tired muscles. COCO is available only by advanced booking at 8312 7989.

  13. I was assigned a young and friendly therapist Kelly @ U Spa last night. Kelly is friendly and attentive, and can really give a good hard massage.

    I will look for her again. She is vietnamese and very hardworking. Thanks Kelly.

  14. My favorite masseuse is Nana @ U Spa. I know I am well taken care of under her experienced hands. I thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed the 1 hr massage session, which passed by quickly way too soon 😀

    Will be back for more soon. Thank you Nana.

  15. Asked the receptionist for recommendations and she recommended a newly arrived girl Yoyo.

    Yoyo’s massage is good and can tell she has prior experience in massage. My aching back symptoms were gone by end of the session. Excellent service attitude and massage. Helps that she is friendly and pretty too. Thanks Yoyo!

  16. Enjoyed a good massage by my regular therapist Apple. She has many years of experience and can really give a solid massage. Enjoyed the nice and quiet ambience and massaged by a therapist who knows what she is doing. What else can I ask for? Good job & well done! Will rtm soon.

  17. Went to look for Coco after many good reviews of her. Thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hour massage session.

    Coco is friendly and very experienced in massage. My tired body felt so refreshed after her massage. Coco can speak English too. I also like the clean massage bed linen and cool spacious room. Thumbs up to Coco and U Spa! I will be back again soon.

  18. Enjoyed a great refreshing massage by Coco. She is an experienced and dedicated therapist who is very attentive to her client throughout the massage session. Room was comfortable and temperature just right. Massage hit all the right spots!

    Job well done Coco! Thanks to her and U Spa. Will be back for more soon!

    1. This morning booked for COCO for my regular massage session to massage my right hand to relieve of the numbness. COCO is attentive to the needs of her regular clients requirements. She will always be my favourite among all the massage therapists. COCO is available only by advanced booking at 8312 7989.

  19. I went to look for Apple again at U Spa and received a satisfying refreshing massage. Very attentive therapist who will take care of you throughout the 1 hour session.

    I find that Apple is very experienced and has been been in this line for more than 7 years already. My body felt very relaxed and vibrant after her solid massage. Thumbs up!

  20. I went to look for my favorite vietnamese therapist Nana at U Spa yesterday and her massage is sheer bliss and relaxing.

    Nana knows all the right spots to press and relieve my taut muscles. She is gentle and friendly too! Thanks Nana and U Spa.

  21. COCO I itched for your soft tender fingertips massage. Can I booked a slot for tomorrow’s morning. I called you at 8312 7989 just now but the line was not answer. i believed you must be busy at work. No urgent, do give me a confirmation by tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. Thank you COCO for your reply. 10.00 am tomorrow (7/5/24) is fine for me. See you tomorrow at U Spa & Wellness.

  22. On 4/5/24 morning I have the privilege of COCO to gave me a Soft tender fingertips massage. COCO fingertips massage has improved very much over the months. For those who want to try the feeling of COCO fingertips massage is available only by strictly advanced booking at 8312 7989.

  23. Enjoyed a good hard massage by Lisa at U Spa recently. Lisa is a quiet and friendly therapist who is very attentive and diligent. Her massage is also top notch. Thanks for the excellent session!

  24. This morning at about 10.00am I called to book for COCO but she is fully booked since morning till 3.00pm slot. She said I can come in earlier to take a nap while waiting for my turn.
    COCO, thank you again for giving me a smooth, soft, comfortable and relaxing massage this afternoon.
    Industry experts said, a satisfied customer is the best means of advertisement for a spa.
    If you are looking for a relaxing massage, I strongly recommend COCO, a trained and experienced massage therapist who never failed to deliver a smooth, soft, comfortable and relaxing massage with her mesmerising tender hands. COCO is available strictly by advanced booking at 8312 7989.

  25. Nana is my favorite masseuse at U-SPA. She is gentle, polite and very good with her massage. She gives her level best throughout the 1 hr massage. I am more than satisfied. Thank you.

    Will be back again soon.

  26. Yesterday I booked COCO for 12.30pm this afternoon. I set out at about 10.00 am for Jurong East MRT and leisurely strolls around the area.
    She has been fully booked since early morning. At about 11.00am I was nearby her place and I called COCO to enquired is it ok for me to come in earlier to wait for my slot. She replied OK and get her front desk receptionist to made the necessary arrangements for me to rest comfortably in the room.
    I have the pleasure of having a relaxing massage by COCO from U Spa & Wellness in the spa this afternoon. As a delighted client of COCO, I can truly say that visiting the spa of where it all happens was an inspiring experience. COCO dedication to provide a soft, smooth and relaxing massage is evident in every aspect of her work.
    If you are looking to enhance your body with a soft, smooth, comfortable and relaxing massage. I highly recommend reaching out to COCO available strictly by advanced booking at 8312 7989.

  27. My favorite therapist is Michelle. She is friendly and very skillful.

    I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs a good massage and experienced therapist who know all the right spots to press.

  28. Yesterday afternoon I had a relaxing massage by my favourite massage therapist COCO.
    Whenever I urged for a massage, I will always think of COCO mesmerising tender hands. Her soft tender hands can smooth me to sleep.
    If you want to try and experience how her mesmerising tender hands smooth you to sleep. Available strictly only by advanced booking at 8312 7978.

      1. Thanks bro for your sharp eyes, you must be COCO regular client too. Otherwise you may not be able to spot my error.
        I don’t know how to edit my post, so I have posted a correction note.
        Thank you again bro.

  29. Had an excellent massage by my favorite masseuse Coco last night. She is 100% all good massage and service oriented lady. Pretty and friendly too.

    Thumbs up and thank you Coco.

  30. Enjoyed a soothing relaxing massage by a chinese masseuse called Michelle. She is friendly and patient, very good with her hands.

    Michellle expertly massage my taut body muscles until I feel so relaxed. She is very hardworking, and not a clock watcher. I enjoyed my session very much with Michelle. Will rtm soon.

  31. For the last 6 months all my massage sessions are in U Spa & Wellness and COCO with the mesmerising hands.
    Massage doesn’t guarantee you will enjoy a comfortable, smooth, relaxing experience. It takes a experienced and mesmerising hands like COCO from U Spa & Wellness to feel the difference.
    Book for COCO today, to feel the different. The difference is pooling me to COCO from U Spa & Wellness always.
    I will be back before May 2024 for COCO again.

  32. This afternoon I went to U Spa & Wellness and booked for COCO with a heavy heart because my caregiver of 2 years has left for home in Manila to look after her mother who recently suffered a broken hip bone from a fall while taking a bath.
    As usual she was very cheerful and cheered my mood with a very comfortable, smooth and relaxing massage.
    I left the spa with a lighter heartache . I will be back for more. Thank you COCO for your encouragement.

  33. My favorite at U Spa is Michelle. Young and very skilful masseuse. My whole body feels so relaxed after her 1 hr body massage. She is friendly and pretty too.

    I will definitely be back for more of Michelle’s skilful massages.

  34. I said that I will be back for COCO after Good Friday. My etched for COCO mesmerising hands cannot wait. So this afternoon I dashed in at 4.00pm for COCO. She is booked until 4.30 pm. I have to rest in the room for her until she is done. The first thing when she came in was to check whether my knees are still hurting and my shoulder and palm on my right is still troubling me. I said my knees are not in pain and my shoulder and palm is still numbed and improving.
    This afternoon I need her mesmerising hands to give me a smooth relaxing massage. Just have a fabulous head, neck and shoulders massage from COCO. The massage from COCO was comfortable, my body felt better.
    I would recommend COCO to you. Good stuff must try and share.

  35. I want to give a shout out to Apple at U Spa. She is a gentle and patient lady who really goes to great lengths to ensure that I am comfortable througout the massage session. She is very skilllful at what she does and imho, is one of the best masseuses over at U Spa. Will rtm again to look for her when I am around JE.

    1. COCO from U Spa & Wellness, I appreciate your relaxing touch that effectively lessened the numbness in my right shoulder and palm of my right hand and relieved the pain in both my knees in under 6 months of regular visits.
      Tell her your personal preference, specific areas that need attention. She will remembered it in your return visit.
      Good stuff MUST Try and SHARE.
      Thumbs Up to COCO and thank you. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  36. Those who want to indulge in the pleasure of a relaxing massage or to release your stress or to relieve your aching muscles, my recommendation is to make an appointment for COCO. You will understand why she is my favourite massage therapist and why I have made about 2 dozens appointments for COCO in a short period of 6 months. Her mesmerising hands have relieved the pain in both my knees, lessened the numbness in my right shoulder and right palm. Tell her your preference, hard, medium or soft massage. Any problem areas you want her to concentrate on. She will remember on your return visit. You will not regret my recommendation and will return for COCO. Good things must share. I will be going for my regular massage after Good Friday. Thumbs up for COCO and U Spa &Wellness.

  37. COCO of U Spa & Wellness hard massage has improved from 7/10 to 8 out of 10 and finger tips massage have improved from 3/10 to 5 out of 10 since September 2023 I first visited U Spa & Wellness. U Spa & Wellness is clean, spacious, cosy, comfortable and with attached bathroom. Their menus are competitively priced. They have many young, beautiful, experienced massage therapists from neighbouring countries to spoils your selection. COCO is My favourite massage therapist amongst all. I have booked COCO for more than 2 dozens times and especially likes her mesmerising hands. COCO had relieved my knees pain and lessened the numbness in my right shoulder and my right palm. For those who want to indulge in the pleasure of a relaxing massage or to relieve your stress or to relax your aching body muscles, my recommendation is to make an appointment for COCO among others to understand why she is my favourite with a record of more than 2 dozen appointments in a short period of time. I maybe biased but you will appreciate my recommendation. If you book for COCO for the first time, tell her your requirements, Strong, medium or light massage. Hard or finger tips massage. any problem areas you want her to concentrate on. COCO will remember your needs and requirements on your next visit.

  38. Went last evening and had an experienced massuer called Apple for my 1 hour massage. Apple gave me a good solid massage. She is also an attractive and hardworking lady. My body felt very good after the massage. No horse run.

    A big Thank You to Apple.

  39. Today my wife was discharged from NTFH, so I will have to wait until after Good Friday then I may have the chance to go to U Spa & Wellness for COCO for tuneup. Yesterday I booked for an appointment for 8.30am slot for COCO as she had a 10.00 am appointment this morning to have a hairdo in a salon. A customer called this morning for COCO for an appointment at 9.15 am. She have to reject the appointment. COCO is a very responsible and well sort after massage therapist in U Spa & Wellness. Her new hairdo is stunning and attractive with colourful highlight. Thumb up for COCO.

  40. Today I reached U Spa & Wellness at about 11.00 am and thought of booking COCO for the 11.00 am slot. COCO said a regular customer has booked for 11.30 am slot already. She suggested I rest in the room and wait for the 12.30 pm slot. The room was cool, cozy and with soft background music was very comfortable. Coco mesmerising hands never fails to bring comfort to relaxed and relieved my numbed right hand and shoulder. I strongly recommend COCO to people who want to relieve and relax their anxiety, stress, tight muscles or numbness. Thumbs up to COCO of U Spa & Wellness.

  41. Wow COCO is rushing to the spa to serve her 9.00am slot first customer of the day. I just come back from my usual morning walk in the garden and going to take my shower before setting out with my caregiver to NTFH to visit my wife who was not discharge yesterday. As usual I will have a massage from COCO of U Spa & Wellness first before going to see my wife. Thumbs up to COCO. Take care to have your daily lunch on time or else if your stomach is empty for too long you may suffer gastric. Serving customers on time is important and eating on time is just as important.

  42. Today have 11.00am appointment with COCO. She have to skipped her lunch after my appointment to attend to her regular customer for the 12.00 pm slot. COCO is indeed a popular favourite amongst U Spa & Wellness massage therapist. Thumbs up to COCO.

  43. Today my wife is still in NTFH, so I will go to your spa for a tuneup at 11.00 am . You said you are able to massage to make my legs stronger. I would like to try. I may not need my caregiver if my legs are strong. I may go to your spa morel often. What you said may give me confidence to walk without the aid of a walking stick. See you at 11.00 am

  44. Today 11/3/2024 is my 13 th. visit to U Spa & Wellness in 2024 and likely to be the last for the month of March as my wife is going to be discharged from NTFH and I need not have be around Jurong East. I will be missing the mesmerising hands of COCO, my favourite massage therapist of U Spa & Wellness. My next visit to U Spa & Wellness will probably be in the coming month of April after Good Friday.

  45. My wife’s friend recommended to try Passion Spa on Promotion now at $49.00 for 60 minutes massage. She recommended me to try Rainie a young and beautiful massage therapist. My favourite massage therapist COCO from U Spa & Wellness had somehow reduced the numbness in my right shoulder and right pump of my right hand and relieved the stinging pain of my knees after a few sessions. I am reluctant to try new massage parlour just to save a few dollars. Furthermore the place is not convenient for me as bus 334 is not available in my place and quite a distance from Japanese Garden MRT station.

  46. This morning 10/3/24 my caregiver was with me in Jurong East to visit my wife in NTFH. I etched for a tune up in U Spa & Wellness. My first thought of booking Michelle, a young , beautiful massage therapist but on second thought I don’t enjoy the pleasure of new massage therapist. Finally I decided to sticked to COCO my favourite massage therapist and booked her for her available 1.30 pm slot. I thought of extending my booking but her regular client has already booked her for 3.00 pm slot. COCO is an ang pai amongst all ang pai in U Spa & Wellness. Thumbs Up for COCO.

  47. COCO the ang pai amongst all the ang pai in U Spa & Wellness was booked all morning until 1.00 pm today 9/3/2025. I booked for the 2.30 pm slot. I was told that COCO will be available only at 3.00pm. So I booked for the 3.00 pm slot. Immediately after finishing my session at 4.00pm she have to rushed to attend to serve her regular client waiting to be tuned at 4.00 pm slot. She requested Michelle who actually looks prettier than her photo to assist seeing me off. Michelle is very courteous, gentle and helpful. I may book for her in my next session.

  48. This morning I called to book my favourite COCO for 10.00am slot and was told she is busy until 1.00 pm. So I booked COCO for 3.00 pm slot. There are many other experienced young and beautiful massage therapists available in U Spa & Wellness. It is COCO caring hands that mesmerised me to stick to booking her always.

  49. COCO, can I book for an appointment today for 11.00 – 12.00 pm . I etched for you mesmerising hands. If booked then I will be available at 3.00 – 4.00 pm. Thank you.

  50. Yesterday 7/2/24 have my massage appointment from 11.00 – 12.00 pm with COCO as she was booked for 12.00 – 1.00 pm. COCO is a ang pai amongst all the ang pai. Her mesmerising hands never fail to deliver the magical touch.
    My rich caregiver who have a liking for me to leave with her to stay in one of her roll of vacant townhouses in Manila so that she can continue to be my caregiver.
    If I leave, I will miss all my family members and friends, especially COCO of U Spa & Wellness. COCO is my favourite massage therapist, her mesmerising hands never fail to deliver it’s magical sensational touches.
    Indulge and be pampered by COCO, a trained massage therapist from U Spa & Wellness to relieve your build up stress.

  51. Was in the west area yesterday so looked for my favorite therapist Michelle. She is a friendly and hardworking lady. Excellent body massage and it was very relaxing. Room and massage bed is spacious and comfy. Felt very good after the session. Thanks once again Michelle and U Spa 😀

  52. Had my stimulating sensual massage by COCO mesmerising hands this morning. She is not a time watcher. Really enjoyed the massage. Thumbs up for COCO. Hope will have an appointment tomorrow nearby Jurong East again, so that I can drop by U Spa & Wellness for another appointment with COCO for a relaxing sensual massage by her mesmerising hands.

  53. Had my stimulating sensual massage by COCO mesmerising hands this morning. She is not a time watcher. Really enjoyed the massage. Thumbs up for COCO. Hope will have an appointment tomorrow nearby Jurong East again, so that I can drop by U Spa & Wellness for another appointment with COCO for a relaxing sensual massage by her mesmerising hands.

  54. COCO, this afternoon I have an appointment within walking distance from your Spa. Can I book an appointment for 11.00 -12.00 pm this morning. I missed your mesmerising hands and etch for a sensual massage.

  55. My confirmed appointment with COCO for today 5/3/24 was for 11.00-12.00pm. I arrived early so a requested for my appointment be advanced to 10.00 – 11.00 am. Since 2024 till today I have booked COCO an experienced, professional and dedicated massage therapist of U Spa & Wellness 8 times in under 3 months. There are many other experienced, young, beautiful massage therapists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China to spoil your selection. It is COCO caring hands that mesmerised me to stick to booking her always. I may be biased, do book for an appointment for a massage, you will not regret your decision and will keep coming back for her caring hands. U Spa & Wellness rooms are not only clean and cozy, each room has a private bathroom attached for your convenience.

  56. As usual COCO mesmerising hands have not failed to inspire me. Most of U Spa & Wellness massage therapists are not watch watcher. Your time will not be short changed. Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment within walking to U Spa & Wellness so I will book COCO, the massage therapist with mesmerising hands again at 11.00 – 12.00 pm before going for my appointment.

  57. COCO experienced massage therapist ang pia of U Spa &Wellness was heavily booked until the late morning this Sunday 3/3/24. The earliest slot for me was 1.00 pm. A few minutes later someone wanting to book her for 12.30-1.30pm. She quickly called me for permission whether I can reschedule my appointment with her to 1.30 pm. I gave her my blessing and rested in the room until her 12.30 pm message is over. While resting in the room , Lavender, a beautiful young massage therapist knocked on the door to offers me a cup of warm water and checked I am comfortable and need any assistance. U Spa & Wellness massage therapists are really very courteous and helpful. Here in U Spa & Wellness, you can be assured of a tranquil experience through caring hands. You are assured of a fully relaxed and rejuvenated massage. I have booked COCO again my 8th times for 2024 from 11.00 to 12.00 pm massage for tomorrow. Thank you U Spa & Wellness for maintaining a cozy, clean and comfortable Spa and young, beautiful, and experienced massage therapists at a competitive and affordable price .

  58. This evening while my wife was bathing she accidentally slipped and suffered a fall and fractured her hip bones. An ambulance was called to send her to NTFH for observations. Xrays was done tonight and CT scans and MRI scans will be performed tomorrow. I will visit her tomorrow, I was thinking of going to U Spa & Wellness for a massage first before visiting my wife as I missed the mesmerising hands of COCO and the outlet is conveniently located within walking distance away from NTFH.

  59. This morning have more time in my hands and etched of thinking to booked an appointment with COCO for a massage. Called COCO to fixed an appointment for 11.00am, but was told that COCO already had an appointment for 11.30 – 12.30pm and 2.30 to 3.30pm today and suggested to me to book an appointment at 12.30 to 1.30pm for COCO. Her mesmerising hands never fail to tune up my body. As usual she remember to fixed my sore knees and numbness in my right shoulder. Today is my 5th session in 2024 with COCO in U Spa & Wellness thus far. Thought of trying out other masseuse but on second thought why risks for a not tested masseuse and decided to sticked onto COCO. No regret after yet another session with COCO. Thumb Up to COCO.

  60. I was assigned Michelle. She is slim and attractive masseuse. Her massage is even better than many I have tried before. Expert hands at work.

    Also enjoyed the quiet and spacious room, and the full 1 hour skillful massage by this hardworking and attentive girl. Thumbs up! Thanks Michelle and U spa. Really 5 star here.

  61. Yesterday 25/2/24went to U Spa &Wellness after the 11.00 am session in Passion Spa to booked for COCO. I missed her mesmerising hands. Her massage skills is excellent that lighten up my right hand numbness and sored knees. She used hot oilfpr her massage and applied heated pillows to relieved the stress in my neck and right shoulder. I have an enjoyable session with COCO of U Spa & Wellness. Will look for her again. U Spa & Wellness is clean, quiet, spacious with an attached bathroom. I highly recommend COCO of U Spa & Wellness to those who enjoy a smooth hard massage. U Spa & Wellness have many young, friendly and experienced therapists from Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia to spoil your choice of selection.

  62. Today is my 4th appointment with COCO in this year for a massage. I asked her to concentrate on my sore right hand a knees. Actually I missed and long for her mesmerising hands. I tried Passion Spa today for their $49.00 9-1.00 pm promotional offer. I maybe biased to comment that the massage in Passion Spa is not up to my standard. I have booked for twice with Passion Spa and it will be my last booking as I find that the the massage service is short of the stated 60 minutes by about 15 minutes on both bookings. U Spa & Wellness is still my favourite Spa outlet thus far.

  63. I like Lisa’s massage at U Spa. She is gentle and polite. Also attentive and very hardworking. Her deft hands work magically during my massage sessions. I always come out feeling relaxed and refreshed. Michelle and Coco are also very good too. Am actualy spoilt for choices here haha.

    Thanks for the sessions and will rtm soon 😀

  64. Look for Nana if you want a strong and full duration massage. I always come here to treat my back pain, the place is clean with showers attached in each room, comfortable and cozy environment with relaxing music.

  65. Today is my 2nd appointment for massage with COCO of U Spa & Wellness for this year. Today I asked her to concentrate on my stiffed right shoulder and numbed right hand. She expertly relieved the tightness to my right shoulder and relaxed my muscles on my right arm. Should you suffered from any soreness in any part of your body I recommend go make an appointment for COCO . She told me that most of the massage therapists in U Spa & Wellness are experienced. They are all young, beautiful and friendly too. I am a loyal COCO customer in U Spa & Wellness and do not enjoy the habit of changing a good tested therapist. I maybe biased you can make an appointment for her to test it out for yourself.

  66. COCO, can I forward my appointment to 12.00 pm today as I have a medical appointment to attend at 3.00pm in the afternoon.

  67. COCO, coming Monday 19/2/24 are you available? I want to book for an appointment at 2.00 pm for massage and tune up. I missed your mesmerising hands.

  68. My favorite therapist is Nana. She is hardworking, experienced and friendly. When I am tired or feeling sianz, I go look for her massage and the blues totally disappear. Thumbs up for Nana.

  69. Just after been tuned by COCO of U Spa & Wellness, I felt very fresh, relaxed and ready to face the coming CNY head on. If you feel tired and stressful, head down to U Spa & Wellness and book an appointment for COCO for a proper tune up. There are many young and beautiful massage therapists to spoils your choice at U Spa & Wellness. It is located just a few minutes away from JE MRT walking towards the CPF building opposite the 78 and 79 bus stop.

  70. CNY is just round the corner, today I make an appointment at 2.30pm for a tune up by COCO of U Spa & Wellness to distress in preparation for the CNY.

  71. My favorite masseuse at U Spa is without a doubt Michelle. She has several years of experience at another spa in the west before moving to U Spa. I have experienced several good sessions with Michelle in the past at her old spa, and her massage is just as good here. A close second will be Coco and Nana. Thank you!

  72. I will make an appointment with COCO of U Spa & Wellness for a tune up before CNY. COCO mesmerising hands are her assets. U Spa & Wellness have many young and pretty good massage therapists but COCO is still my favourite massage therapist thus far. I maybe biased but do make an appointment for her, you will not regret your decision and sure will be back for more.

  73. Michelle at U Spa is simply one of the best therapists I came across at west side for a long time. She is gentle and polite, and her massage techniques are very good. My taut shoulder muscles and lower back felt so relaxed after her hour long massage!

    Also, Michelle is friendly and pretty too. I would highly recommend Michelle due to her massage expertise and can do attitude. Will be back for more soon!

  74. After reading several online reviews, I decided to go for Coco at U Spa. And I made the right choice! Coco is friendly and cheerful, and her positive vibes rubbed off on me ever though I was so tired.

    So relaxing was Coco’s massage that I fell asleep half way. I highly recommend Coco for her friendliness, massage skills and can do attitude! Job well done, Coco!

  75. This afternoon at about 2.30 pm I made an appointment with my favourite massage therapist COCO of U Spa & Wellness for a massage. As usual her mesmerising hands never fail me. It was so comfortable and relaxing that I felt asleep. Today is my first session in 2024 I have massage in Singapore in U Spa & Wellness. Thank you COCO and U Spa & Wellness for maintaining the highest standards of services in a massage parlour.

  76. After coming back home from my 4 days and 3 nights fully prepaid holidays retreat in Club Med Bintang, Indonesia from 26 to 29 December 2023 and a week’s holidays from 14 to 22 January 2024 in Hatyai, Thailand, I find that I have missed the mesmerising hands of COCO from U Spa & Wellness. All the masseurs that have massaged me during my retreat and holidays cannot be compared to COCO of U Spa & Wellness. Maybe I am biased but you should make an appointment for COCO of U Spa & Wellness for a massage to value her yourself. You will never regret your decision and will keep coming to her to tune up your body and relieve and relax your build up stress. I will be making an appointment for COCO of U Spa & Wellness for a massage in a few days time before January 2024 is over.

  77. I would like to recommend a good and skillful masseuse by the name of Coco at U Spa. She always applies the right amount of strength (not too hard or light) to massage my aching muscles and tired joints. It helps that she is also friendly and pretty too. And she dishes good health tips and advice too!

    Thanks Coco!

  78. After a hard day at work, I happen to passed by U Spa which is near my place. My therapist is a Chinese girl called Lisa. Lisa is friendly and gentle. And the massage room was cosy, clean, and aircon temperature just nice.

    Lisa massage my stiff back and muscles expertly and I felt very relaxed after my one hour massage with her. I will find her again in future. Thank you Lisa.

  79. 2024-01-12 我下飛機後就直接來找coco按摩他按摩的手法很好服務態度也好按摩過後回到家很好睡強力推薦找coco按摩

  80. Coco is friendly and hardworking. Her massage skills are excellent, ensuring my tiredness is gone. Looking forward to more sessions with her. What a Gem!

  81. After reading the comments on the Internet, I chose u spa coco, which really didn’t disappoint me. coco is very kind . She asked me where my body ached. She helped me with great treatment.
    She also told me to drink more warm water and do more exercise. I recommend everyone to choose her.

  82. My favorite therapist is this malay therapist Lavender from U Spa. She is focused, friendly and gives a good hard massage. Kudos to Lavender and will be back again soon!

  83. I was walking around the former JCube vicinity when I chanced across this U Spa nearby. Decided to go in and try since can use the CDC voucher there.

    My masseuse was a viet therapist called Yoyo. A very friendly and experienced girl who knew all the right spots to massage. In all, a wonderful and relaxing session indeed. Highly recommend.

  84. I highly recommend Michelle, a hardworking and pretty therapist at U Spa. She is very friendly and service oriented. Her skillful hands did wonders for my tired body.

    The room ambience made me relaxed and I even feel asleep at one point. Great job Michelle and thank you U Spa! Will rtm again soon.

  85. Enjoyed a good rub down by Coco tonight. She is very skillful and experienced. My aching shoulders enjoyed superb relief after Coco’s skillful massage. Great that she can also converse in English too.

    Thumbs up for Coco. Thank you

  86. My favorite masseuse at U Spa is definitely Apple. She is a very experienced masseuse and her skillsets are very good. I have been visiting her to massage for the past 3 years, following her whereever she works at. Loyal customer. Because she is very good and is highly recommended.

  87. Wow, U spa has many girls to choose from. My first time here. Anyway I decided on masseuse called Michelle as she was at the entrance after sending off her earlier customer. Michelle is experienced and very good with her hands. I enjoyed my 1 hr massage session as she is hardworking and very service oriented. I will definitely be back for more!

  88. I chanced across a Malay therapist at U Spa called Lavender. She had finished another customer massage when the receptionist asked me if I wanted her since I told the recept I wanted a strong and hard massage as I am big-sized.

    Lavender’s massage is indeed strong and good. She is friendly and experienced, and to me really value for money for the one hour body massage. A big shout out to Lavender. Thank you!

  89. I am a massage fanatic and enjoyed a relaxing massage. I used to travel to Batam, JB and Hatyai for relaxation and enjoyed a rubbed down. Now that I have discovered a cool clean and comfortable massage outlet, U Spa & Wellness in Jurong near to my home, I will travel less after 2024. U Spa & Wellness is located in Jurong Gateway Road, a few minutes walk from JE MRT towards the CPF building, just directly opposite the 97 and 98 bus stop shelter. A handful’s of experienced and caring young and beautiful Malaysian, Vietnamese and Chinese masseuses are available for you to pick. All the rooms are spacious and clean and equipped with a bathroom. The price are competitive and with the on going promotion of $10.00 discount off all its 60 minutes massages make it more competitive. 2024 go try the massage at U Spa & Wellness for a relaxing rub down by your choice of masseuse. I am sure you will be mesmerised.

  90. I am a massage fanatic. Since 3/10/23 my first try massage at U Spa & Wellness I have return 7 times for COCO already. She will be my favourite massage therapist in U Spa & Wellness. I used to frequent Jing Jing at a Balestier Plaza massage outlet but now have switch to U Spa & Wellness. Even my wife said that she wants to try her out. COCO caring attitude and mesmerising hands are her assets. I will return again in February 2024 after my Club Med Bintang and Hatyai holidays. Thank you COCO for your relaxing massage and mesmerising hands and U Spa & Wellness for providing a affordable and clean environment for a good massage.

  91. Thumbs up to this new Vietnamese therapist Rose who gave me an oh so refreshing massage. She is friendly girl and her massage is fantastic. Rose knew all the right places to press!

    I was actually looking for Coco yesterday but she was already fully booked. Anyway I like U Spa location because they have many girls available, and got many makan places nearby the Jurong East MRT. Will be back again soon. Thanks again Rose.

  92. If you are looking for a cheap massage go to Boon Lay Shopping Centre, you can find many massage parlours on the 2nd floor. S$55.00 for an hour but the cubicle is very cramped, smelly and no bathroom . To really enjoy a good relaxing massage pay a bit more for the luxury of a clean and sweet scented room equipped with a bathroom at U Spa & Wellness. Most of their masseurs are young and can provide good hard massage and can communicate in Mandarin with you. Todate, U Spa &Wellness is my favourite massaging outlet in my list. My second favourite is a massage outlet in Balestier Plaza.

  93. Enjoyed a sensational massage by a Vietnamese therapist called Nana. She is quiet and gentle , but very hardworking and attentive to my massage needs.

    So I am now adding her to my list of other angpais at this spa, Coco and Michelle 🙂

  94. I am first time visit this U Spa, and I very impressed. My masseur is Michelle. She is pretty and friendly with good pair of hands. Enjoyed the 1 hour massage thoroughly. She told me if I happy with her massage, I can give her good feedback report.

    Her massage is strong and good. Very experienced girl. I will come back and look for Michelle again. Really A1 massage service and attitude!

  95. A friend introduced me to a masseuse called Michelle at U Spa. I tried her and I must say thank you very much, as I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hour body massage session.

    Michelle is friendly and gentle. And her massage strength is just about right. She is attentive, meticulous, and not a clock watcher. I am very satisfied with her body massage and great level of service, and will definitely rtm and look for her again.

    Thanks again Michelle.

  96. I tried a young and slim girl Michelle for massage in U Spa. Realised she massage me before previously at a Bukit Batok spa. She was an ang pai there. Enjoyed the same good hard massage and friendliness. She has good strength and very good attitude. Will rtm again soon. Many Thanks, Michelle.

  97. Decided to try out U Spa yesterday afternoon after reading favourable reviews online. I was assigned to a nice & friendly therapist Michelle. She told me she has a few years of massage experience, and her firm and strong massage bears testament to that.

    The massage room is clean and spacious enough, and Michelle looks even better than her online photos. Thumbs up to this hardworking girl!

  98. Tried Coco at U Spa after reading many favorable reviews of her and I too, received an enjoyable massage session.

    Coco is indeed friendly and hardworking, and her massage is really good and hard. Thumbs up.

  99. My friend joke that if he will to operate a massage parlour, he will head hunt COCO to be his outlet masseur to be first in the list. She is able to win over a customer in early October 2023 to massage five times within 2 months in U Spa & Wellness.

  100. Today I tried the promotional offer of $58 for an hour massage at U Spa & Wellness. This is my fifth massage by COCO since 3/10/23 I tried the massage services offered by U Spa & Wellness. She not only can give a good hard rubbed down, but her courteous service and caring altitude impressed me that keep me coming back for the massage.

  101. Visited my regular therapist Coco @ U Spa who always gives me a good massage.

    Friendly and hardworking, she knows all the right spots to focus on. Bagus!

  102. I was nearby the JE MRT area when I chance across U Spa. Upon entering the shop, I liked the clean and quiet spa ambience. A young and friendly therapist Lisa welcomed me and led me to the massage room after I registered in. She was my masseuse for the session.

    I appreciate Lisa’s can-do attitude and massage service professionalism. In all, a great place to relax for a good massage. Job well done, Lisa.

  103. Had a great experience at U Spa yesterday evening. The shop is quiet and peaceful, and the individual massage rooms spacious and comfortable.

    Yoyo was my assigned masseuse. She is friendly and a great listener. Her back massage rub was very good, and my entire back feels so refreshed after the session, no longer sore. Yoyo really knows how to provide great service, and I will be sure to visit and look for her again. Thanks so much Yoyo.

  104. There is a malay masseuse Lavender who gives excellent body massages. I enjoyed the session very much and look forward to booking her again in future. She is a friendly masseuse who is caring and patient.

  105. I was given a good hard massage by Coco at U spa. She is hardworking and friendly therapist. Added her Wechat for easier booking next time. Will definitely rtm if I am nearby again soon.

  106. Enjoyed a sensational massage by Michelle at U spa. She is a friendly and hardworking young therapist. Great job and see you soon again.

  107. Booked Yoyo for a massage after reading several good reviews of her, and she did not disappoint. She uses deft, long strokes to massage and boy were those strokes powerful. She is polite and friendly too. Good job and thank you, Yoyo.

  108. Am glad to be back with my regular masseuse Michelle (who recently joined U Spa). Michelle is friendly and focused. My body feels so relaxed under her experienced hands. A thoroughly enjoyable massage session. Will rtm soon since I now know her new working place.

  109. I have booked 4 times for Coco since I first tried U Spa Wellness on 03/10/2023. U Spa Wellness is clean and equipped with a shower in each room.
    I rated Coco 8 out of 10 for her customer’s care , concern and welfare. I rated her 3 out of 10 for finger tips massaging and 7 out of 10 for good hard massages. I will book Coco more often for her massage in future.
    U Spa Wellness thus far is amongst the list of my favourite massage outlets.

  110. Thanks to Lavender who untied all my knotted hamstrings. Good n understanding lady malay masseuse who is patient and friendly. Kudos to this girl.

  111. A new Viet girl Yoyo attended to me. Good skills, strong massage strength, and friendly. The 1 hr session passed by quickly and very pleasantly. Will definitely look for this Yoyo again next time.

  112. Tried Coco at U Spa for an hour and enjoyed her massage with her soft tender hands. I like the clean room. Coco is friendly and caring attitude inspired my liking for her amongst the therapists that I have tried so far. She is skill full and massage with strength. I strongly recommend her services. Will be back soon.

  113. My masseur called Summer. She is from China. She is friendly and give very good massage. Good attitude. She tell me she is new and if I satisfied with her massage can help recommend.

  114. Tried Nana’s massage at U Spa yesterday and enjoyed the 1 hr body massage session thoroughly. Tranquil surroundings and good strength masssage. Will be back soon. Thanks

  115. Had a good massage session again from Coco. Enjoyed a good, hard massage with one of U Spa’s “angpai”. I like Coco’s friendly attitude and service. She is really skillful. One of the better therapists that I have come across in the Western part of Singapore.

  116. Enjoyed a relaxing session with Elaine yesterday. She is a gentle and hardworking girl with just the right massage pressure. Highly recommend!

  117. Went to U Spa yesterday and a viet therapist Nana attended to me. Nana was gentle, quiet but has good strength massage. Excellent attitude and not a clock water. Thank you, Nana, and I will visit again soon!

  118. Coco is a great therapist. She is skillful and friendly. Besides good massage, she also provide sound advice on healthy tips.

  119. Ivy have good massage skill, very professional, the strength is there if you need it. Bubbly personality, easy going.

  120. My experience with Nana has been great.
    Nana looks more beautiful in person and she’s a friendly and hardworking masseur. Will definitely return to find her for massage

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