Yu Spa Bukit Timah 19 Lor Kilat

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Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Full Body Oil Massage $68
90mins Full Body Oil Massage $100
19 Lor Kilat, #01-03, Singapore 598120
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

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  1. 这个Yu Spa还蛮好找的,
    子日:人不知而不愠。她 天生的好脾气 👍
    会不时的问按摩力度如何 调整我要的力度。
    撩的我,一直暗爽及心花怒放 🤩
    喔 对了,为我服务的按摩技师是Amy。

  2. My regular therapist is Coco at Yu Spa. I followed her from her former spa also in the west. Her friendly attitude and good massage is a definite must go for me.

    Thanks yet again Coco!

  3. Booked Amy after going through the list of reviews here and elsewhere. Was lucky to get a 90mins time slot which suits my schedule.

    Look : 80-90% same as photo on this website
    Figure : 9/10 (devilish to me and more than a handfuls)
    Massage : 8/10 (strong hands, need to ask her to be gentle as my pain threshold lower..lol)
    GFE : Strong, cheeky and playful at times
    RTM : Definitely (left the spa energised and full of smiles)

  4. I was so happy I managed to book Coco for a massage at Yu Spa! Have read several favorable online reviews about her and she is almost always fully booked.

    Anyway I managed to get a slot yesterday and her massage really wowed me. She may look deceptively dainty and gentle, but her body massage really packs alot of strength!

    Coco knows all the right pressure points to press and is a great listener and conversationalist throughout the massage. I wanted to extend 1 more hr but she was unable to as she had another customer waiting outside.

    I will be back again and thank you very much, Coco!

  5. Enjoyed a good massage by a masseuse called Coco over the weekend. Her massage soothed my tired body.

    I felt like a new man after the massage. A friendly and pretty lady too.

  6. 1 hr massage with Amy was good, she knows the specific spots and also easy to communicate with her too. Will go for 90 minutes next round if I am near that area.

  7. Wow, I really like the newly renovated rooms with new aircons and shower cubicles recenty completed. The massage experience is even more pleasurable and blissful.

    And of course not forgetting the massage therapist. Coco is really good with her hands.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hr massage session. Thumbs up Coco and Yu Spa. Will rtm soon 🙂

  8. Went to the renovated Yu Spa and quite like the new shower cubicle which they had installed with 3 different modes from the shower heads. Was assigned Amy by the recept who came in and makes small talk with ease. Her massage was quite spot-on and hard which soothe my aching body. Occasionally she will asked if the pressure she applied is just right. Her joyful nature and speech glows on me as the session prolong. Will definitely rtf her if am nearby Beauty world.

  9. 朋友介绍过来的,Yu Spa Amy 服务很好,人很健谈, 手法专业、按完神清气爽,下次在来

  10. I was assigned to a china girl name Amy. Her massage was very good. She can let you know what problem you have and how to really solve it. She is a cheerful girl and like to chit chat.

  11. 朋友介绍过来的,Amy 服务很好,人很健谈, 手法专业、按完神清气爽,下次在来

  12. Coco’s massage is simply the best! She is friendly and pretty, and her hands are just magical. My whole body felt so relaxed after her massage.

    Yu Spa has just been newly renovated a few days ago, with new aircons, new individual shower cubicles and new facades etc. Looks very new and clean. Will definitely be back for more! And once again thank you Coco.

  13. Had a pretty and friendly therapist massage me last night. I think called Joey or Joy sounds the same. She is good with her hands and keep checking if her massage strength was enough (it was) and if the room is too cold (just nice). Very attentive and friendly lady.

    I will definitely come back soon for her impeccable good service and massage 😀

  14. Was assigned a friendly therapist Coco. She gave me an excellent massage!

    Coco’s massage is strong and refreshing. She is excellent with professional service attitude. The massage rates is very reasonable and affordable too. Will definitely be back for more.

  15. Was in bukit timah area. I got slight back ache so I go visit nearby massage shop. My girl called Coco. Strong massage. She very experienced masseur and friendly girl. Also very beauty.

  16. After reading several online reviews, I decided to make a booking for Coco. Hard to select Coco if I just walk in as she is usually fully booked.

    Turns out Coco is a former angpai at a previous spa that I used to go before too. So we chatted like old friends throughout the session. And she hasn’t lost her Midas touch! She is experienced and knows all the correct spots to focus on.

    Thank you Coco for the refreshing massage session and I will be back very soon!

  17. My massuer Coco is very good with her massage. All my backpain ache symptoms went away after her strong massage. Yu Spa has nice clean rooms and linen on the massage bed.

    Coco has strong hands and very nice eyes.

    Will rtm soon.

  18. Chanced across a new chinese masseuse Joey at Yu Spa. She is friendly, hardworking and attentive. My backaches were easily soothed by her expert hands, and she is very good at small talk too.

    With her good looks and massage techniques, I will surely rtm soon! 😀

  19. After reading several online reviews, I decided to chose Coco as my therapist at Yu Spa. And it was an excellent choice indeed! Coco worked magic on my body with her experienced hands and friendly attitude. I feel so refreshed after her massage.

    And she is exactly what the bros have mentioned, nice big eyes and sultry long hair, with her polite and winning smile. Will rtm soon again. Thanks Coco!

  20. Enjoyed a 1 hour solid body massage by a Viet girl Kelly. Kelly is pleasant, friendly and very skillful. Her hands worked magic on my aching body and shoulders.

    Before I knew it, the 1 hr massage session was over. Will definitely be back to enjoy more magical sessions with Kelly.

  21. Had a refreshing rubdown by a new chinese therapist Coco. I had a sore back due to long hours in office. Coco expertly massaged the aches away and I felt no pain after the session. The 1 hour massage went so quickly. I enjoyed every minute.

    Will rtm and look for Coco again.

  22. Enjoyed a superb body massage by a young and friendly girl called Kelly. She really gave me an excellent massage and has very good attitude.

    Kelly’s hands worked magic on me. There is no aching joint that Kelly did not manage to relieve. Will definitely rtm again.

  23. Tried Nicole after reading online reviews about her. She looks better in real life than her online pictures. Anyway the real deal is in her massage. Straightaway into the session she deftly massages without wasting any time. Very hardworking. Nicole really gives a good body massage and is pleasant to chat with!

    I left Yu Spa feeling relaxed and fanastic. Will definitely RTM again soon.

  24. Decided on Yu Spa after browsing thru all the reviews. Made an appointment with Coco. Definitely did not disappoint, she knows exactly where to relieve the aches in my body. Pretty and can hold a good conversation. She is now my go to masseuse whenever I need a good massage.

  25. As I am always on the lookout for good massages, I decided to try Kelly after a friend recommended me.

    I made a good choice. This hardworking and pretty Vietnamese masseuse is hardworking and very focused in her work. Her deft hands worked fast and hard on my lower back, and it is really magic!

    Kelly is friendly and a quiet girl. Overall a great session and I will be back.

  26. Went for a massage at Yu Spa. After looking thru the reviews, decided on Coco. Good strength and thorough massage, she really knows her stuff,lol. Cam out recharge and totally satisfied.

    Nice and pretty lady too, much prettier than her photos. Already planning to RTM in the next few days

  27. Went for supper with my friends at Chun tin. Decided to walk around to find a spa to cure my aching body. Went into yu spa. A few ladies available, was assigned Coco, will choose her anyway since she is the most pleasant looking and wow, her massage really exceeded my expectations, sufficient strength, although she looks the slimmest in the shop. Was told that she just join this shop 1 week ago. Definately ease some of my aching muscles.

  28. I came here for a massage after being introduced by a friend. The massage here is very good. It relieved me from the fatigue of the whole day. It is a very relaxing environment. The masseur recommended by the front desk lady is also very good. I am very satisfied and very kind. I highly praise the service attitude here.

  29. I wanted to look for Kelly but she was then busy with another customer. A new girl Coco was free so she came to massage me. Very pretty and polite lady. She is also very experienced in massage and her deft hands worked magic on my body. It was really good and strong massage, despite her petite frame.

    Overall, an excellent 9/10 session. My shoulders and back felt so relaxed after my session with Coco. Will definitely rtm and look for Coco soon 😀

  30. Went to find Kelly at Yu Spa Bukit Timah, she was very professional and massage was really good. I hope she gets more support from others. Definitely will be back to look for her again 👍🏼🙇🏻‍♂️

  31. Kelly’s massage is really good and can tell she is very experienced too. My tense body felt so much better after her massage. I ike the cosy atmosphere and friendly therapists at Yu spa. Indeed, a very pleasant spa tucked away in a suburban corner in west sg.

    Also helps that Kelly is friendly and pretty. Will be back for more.

  32. Was looking for Coco but she was massaging another customer. The counter girl recommended me a new girl called Kelly. And it was a very good recommendation! Kelly is friendly and knows her stuff. Excellent massage session and I will definitely RTM to look for Kelly again.

  33. A friendly Malay girl Baby was my therapist. A very focused and friendly person. I like Baby’s attention to detail and can do attitude. A great 1 hour massage session indeed. Thumbs up!

  34. Had a great massage by a Malay girl called Baby at Yu Spa. She is very friendly and obliging, and with good attitude. Her patient and gentle demeanour makes very relaxed. Baby’s massage is also top notch.

    Will definitely rtm again soon. Great job Baby! 😀

  35. Visited Yu Spa and took 1 hour body massage. Anna was my therapist and her skills are really very good. With her expert hands, she managed to loosen my tight muscles and calves thoroughly.

    Am so relaxed after the session. I totally got my money’s worth and will be Anna’s returning customer from now on 😀

  36. I was tired and in need of a good massage. My regular therapist Coco was with another customer, so the recept recommend me another girl Yoyo. Yoyo is another friendly masseuse who is very skillful too. Friendly and experienced, Yoyo expertly massaged all my aching joints away. Helps that she is friendly and obliging too.

    And now I have 2 go to masseuses at Yu Spa.

  37. Amy’s massage really works wonders for my aching tired body. I always book her when I visit Yu Spa. She is the best panacea whenever I have a stressful work day.

  38. Hats off to Nicole, a young friendly Vietnamese masseuse at Yu Spa.

    Nicole is attentive and hardworking. She is also adept at massaging a tired body and engage in light hearted banter at the same time. An undiscovered gem in this part of Singapore. Will be back for Nicole’s massage soon.

  39. I had an excellent and refreshing 1 hour massage session at Yu Spa yesterday by Coco. She is a very experienced and friendly Chinese therapist I have come across by far.

    Coco told me she gained her years of experience in China and she is also adept at ear picking skills. Simply Bagus! 😀

  40. I went to Yu Spa and Nicole attended to me. She is a young and friendly girl, who is patient and attentive during my entire massage.

    The atmosphere there is very conducive for massage. Clean and quiet rooms. I like the place as it’s not very crowded, so the girls there are not in a rush to receive the next customer.

  41. Was recommended to try Amy in Yu Spa by an old army friend. After a tiring day at work, I decided to find Amy yesterday. And she did a very good job, massaging my tired joints and muscles. I can’t think of a handful of other masseuses who are so focused and obliging as Amy. Well done Amy. WIll rtm soon.

  42. I was at Yu Spa yesterday. Nicole was my therapist. She is friendly and gentle, and her hands are very skillful. The 1 hour session passed very quickly and I felt so refreshed after Nicole worked diligently on my body and tensed joints. Great service attitude and I will definitely be back soon! 😀

  43. Enjoyed a solid 1 hr massage session by Coco. She is very experienced and good with her hands. Friendly and obliging therapist who have me a full hour’s worth of massage. Will be back soon for more.

  44. I go to Yu Spa often for my weekly or every 2 weeks or so for health maintenance. And Yoyo is the chinese therapist I go to for her good and skillful massage service. She is gentle and friendly and I feel so comfortable with her massage. Big thumbs up!

  45. Everytime I come to Yu Spa I always look for Coco. She is from China and very well versed in full body massages and has even expertise in ear picking skills! A must try for all serious massage lovers indeed.

  46. Paid my 4th visit to the spa and asked Coco to be assigned to me. My second time of massage session with her and the experience was even better than the previous visit last month. She is really attentive and make you relaxed throughout the session. She works hard to cover all joints with the right pressure and strokes. Her personality grows on you with every visit. I will surely return for another session soon.

  47. For a good and authentic therapeutic massage, I always look for Coco at Yu Spa. She has several years of massage working experience in China too. Coco can also pick and clean ears, which I enjoy after having the same treatments in massage spas in China.

    A pleasure always to have a session with Coco. Oh yeah she can be quite a joker too. Haha

  48. I just went to yuspa. It was very good. The masseur was very experienced and the massage was very good. My years of soreness was relieved. I recommend this masseur.

  49. This is quite near Cheong Chin Nam Road where I regularly eat and thus convenient to visit on my way home. Although I usually stick to Amy, when not available, I can also recommend Yoyo and Anna.
    It’s a friendly atmosphere, clean and no upselling, so more than happy to stick to the same place.

  50. Am a regular customer at Yu spa, Nicole is my favourite therapists after my busy days at work I can have full relax with a good massage at a comfortable spa.

  51. Wow, I have good massage from Kelly she is really good and friendly, the place is clean and comfortable too , will go to look for Kelly again .

  52. My go to girl at Yu Spa is Yoyo. She gives a very strong massage and is friendly and very obliging. I can really relax and lepak to my heart’s content. Great job and I will highly recommend Yoyo for a splendid massage!

  53. Am a regular customer at Yu Spa. I like the quiet location and the girls are all well trained and experienced in various massage techniques and skillsets.

    I always look for Coco, I think she is one of the best in this area. She can joke and give good massage at the same time.

    Coco is service oriented and will often check to ensure her massage strength is strong and the room temperature is just nice.

    Overall a very enjoyable massage session with Coco. Kum sia lots and will rtm soon 😀 😀

  54. I like hard solid massages and my go to girl is Anna @ Yu Spa. I like Yu spa due to its quiet and peaceful location. The rooms are clean and cosy too.

    Anyway, Anna is a very experienced and friendly therapist. All my tense muscles and tendons were expertly massaged by Anna and I feel so relaxed after the session.

    Good job Anna, and I will be back for more!

  55. Visited Yu Spa for the second time this month. Previous girl was Coco but she was busy with another customer. Anyway, enjoyed a top notch massage by Yoyo too.

    Yoyo is gentle, always smiling and easy to chat with. And her massage is really no horse run type. Feel even more energetic after her massage. Thank you, Yoyo and Yu Spa!

  56. This is my first time here at Yu Spa. This shop is tucked away in a quiet and secluded location. Great place for a massage on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I walked in and was greeted enthusiastically by the receptionist. She in turn assigned me to Kelly, a young smiling Viet therapist who led me to my room. I like it when the room has en-suite shower facilities.

    Enjoyed Kelly’s massage and attentive service. She is always smiling and ever so polite. The room is clean, and the ambience so peaceful. All too soon the 1 hour is up. And all my work related stress seems to have just disappeared away, and I left a happy man. Will be back for more, and thanks lots Kelly.

  57. Visited Yu Spa and my masseuse was Coco. She is good in massage and very experienced. I like her body massage and fantastic ear cleaning skills. She told me she picked up her skills in China where their training regime was very tough and thorough. Hence their good skills honed over the years.

    So If you want a good massage and ear picking, I will definitely recommend Coco. And I will be back soon for more!

  58. Was nearby Lorong Kilat after visiting some clients and decided to go for a massage since there was a spa nearby. I was greeted by Kelly and she led me to the massage treatment room.

    Kelly is a young and friendly Viet masseuse. She is friendly and has good massage skills. One hour of her relaxing massage is enough to make my day. Thanks to Kelly and Yu Spa, and I will surely come back next round to find her.

  59. Was assigned Kelly for my massage. This young viet therapist greeted me with a smile and was very attentive throughout my massage. She is gentle and soft spoken with a can do attitude.

    Nice spa ambience and excellent customer service. Will drop by again soon if I am in the area.

  60. Tried Coco last evening. It was an enjoyable session as Coco, my assigned masseuse, was very experienced and friendly. Her hands worked magic on my body, especially my back portion. Great massage and thanks.

  61. Had a refreshing and enjoyable massage by Yoyo in Yu Spa. She has very good massage skills and is very attentive. Of course, it helps that she is gentle and friendly too. Anyway, Yoyo managed to loosen my taut muscle areas and relieve my back area soreness too.

    Yoyo told me that she has worked for a few years before in China as a masseuse too. No wonder her massage techniques are good.

    A very hardworking and pretty lady too, I must add. I will be back for more massages and will look for her again.

  62. My go to masseuse at Yu Spa is Amy. She is very experienced and a down to earth lady. Amy is from China and is more comfortable in conversing in Mandarin. She can chat about anything and at the same time expertly massaging your body with her deft hands. If you are looking for a good massage, can look for her. The experience is good and definitely well worth the time and money spent.

  63. Visited Yu spa yesterday and a young Vietnamese Nicole attend to me. Gentle and friendly young girl. Good relaxing massage and she is not a clock watcher. I enjoyed the promotional rates of $58 for 1 hour that is currently being offered. A value for money massage session.

  64. Visited Yu Spa and was pleasantly surprised at how clean and quiet the massage rooms are. My masseuse was Coco. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage session as this lady is very cheerful and experienced. The 1hr massage session went by very fast. Came out very refreshed and relaxed. Will look for Coco again for my next session.

  65. Enjoyed a wonderful massage by Coco. The location and room is quiet and very clean. The female therapist is experienced and hardworking. I like the experience very much and will come again soon. Thank you, Yu Spa Centre and Coco.

  66. Was assigned a Vietnamese masseuse by the name of Kelly @ Yu Spa. She is young and friendly. Enjoyed a solid 1 hr massage by her even though she looks slim and young. Good relaxing massage and good attitude. She is always smiling throughout. Thanks again Kelly for the great session.

  67. Having massage by Yoyo. The massage techniques are good,the face is sweet, it was a good experience and I will come back again

  68. Visited the Spa earlier today and was attended by Coco. She is a wonderful personality and magic hands. Her massage was most relaxing and I felt completely refreshed by end of the session. A true asset to the spa. Her was very careful throughout the session and kept checking if I was comfortable. I was a satisfied customer by the end of the session. Highly recommended.

  69. Was recommended Yu Spa by my reservist campmate. Asked for Coco. Turns out she is a very friendly and very experienced masseuse. Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing 1hr massage session. Will look for her again when I am in the vicinity.

  70. Had a super relaxing session with Amy .She’s skillfull and know where’s the right place to knead. Had a stiff shoulder and upper back and after the session i walked out feeling completely refreshed.

    1. Wonderful massage for yo yo. She is very pretty & friendly. The place is clean and with shower room. Will definitely be returning.

  71. Recommendation masseuse : ANNA
    Attitude : Friendly and Focus with her massage.
    Services : Best and Relaxing massage
    till fall asleep.
    After service : Will come visit her again.

  72. I went to yuSPA for a great massage today. It’s very recommended to come here and definitely find Anna

  73. I like Yu Spa quiet location and have quite a few young and friendly masseurs. I enjoyed a good massage by Yoyo. Strong and genuine massage. She has good attitude and pretty too.

  74. This place is a massage enthusiast’s paradise. Many gems to uncover. I was recommended Yoyo and boy did it make my day. Yoyo’s massage is strong and refreshing. She is gentle and attentive too. Will be back for more.

  75. Booked Amy for my massage session again. She’s a lovely and chatty gal who radiants with a gorgeous smile. I was quiet shy initially but she manages to break the ice easily with her teasing remarks. Her massage was great as well with medium to heavy strength applied on my sore spots. I left feeling happy and revitalised. Waiting to rtf soon.

  76. Enjoyed a good rub down by Nicole. Young and gentle masseuse who is patient and friendly. I am very satisfied with her level of service. Thank you.

  77. Had a fantastic session with Coco. Enjoyed a good relaxing massage and the massage lady has a good sense of humour. Coco, if she wasn’t such a good therapist, her other calling would be a top-notch comedienne.

  78. Was assigned a new ML Ivy at this Yu Spa yesterday evening, as the other girls were busy with other customers.

    Ivy was gentle and friendly, but she packed a good, strong massage. She is quiet but always smiling, and checking on her massage pressure whether sufficient, and that is really assuring for me. Great job Ivy!

  79. 来这里按摩非常推荐IVY 手法很专业,会交流和沟通身体情况,然后根据顾客自身情况适当调整和补充方案,很不错的体验!推荐

  80. Looked for Nicole after a friend’s recommendation last night. A young and friendly masseuse. She packed a good solid massage and I left a satisfied customer. Will rtm when I am in the area. Thanks Nicole!

    1. I made an appointment with Yoyo. The massage techniques are good, the service is good, the face is sweet, the body is sexy and hot, it was a good experience and I will come back again

  81. Came here for a massage. Anna’s massage was very good. The hot oil massage relieved my sore muscles and made me feel very relaxed. The person is also very nice and very talkative. I will see Anna next time. I highly recommend Anna.

  82. Today I came here with my friends for a massage and got Kelly. The massage at Coco was very good. I highly recommend it. The photo is the same as mine. Very friendly too. I will come again next time

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