Zheng Ya Tang TCM 163 Bukit Merah Central

Zheng Ya Tang TCM located in Bukit Merah Central Solutions for Wellness

Meet Our Highly Experienced Therapist
60min TCM Tui Na Full Body $68
90min TCM Tui Na Full Body $98
Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central #02-3605
Singapore 150163
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm

21 Replies to “Zheng Ya Tang TCM 163 Bukit Merah Central”

  1. Happy. Please support her, The massage technique is very good. I will make an appointment again after a week.

  2. I made an appointment early in the morning. Happy,Her smile can cure everything, and a very good masseur supports her.

  3. Chanced upon CiCi from Facebook advertisement. Took the plunge to try her the massage service. To my surprise, her attitude and massage skill was really good. Her photos are original her as well. She has a nice and character which makes customer feel welcome. She applies the right strength to make your body feel comfortable and losen any tension. Highly recommended to look for her.

    1. Lucky massage strength just nice not too hard not too soft
      Straight to the point
      Nice and gentle
      Soft spoken
      More prettier in person

  4. Book an appointment for lucky. Cute and pretty and cheerful girl. Massage was good for her petite size. Will rtm again.

  5. Had a session with Kelly. She is by far the best therapist that i have encountered. Do not under estimate her small build, she is able to undo all the knots like a hot knife through butter. We were able to talk about anything under the sun which made the entire experience even more pleasurable. 1.5hrs just flew by in a blink of an eye. I will definitely return regularly because you won’t find a better masseurs anywhere.

  6. Kelly has been my regular chinese massage since ive known her from other spa.

    I only need a massage that has good and enough strength for me to relax and calm.

    Yet, she’s has a cute figure with a cheerful face expression that allows me to relax and feel my whole body better.

    She’s was the massage that all i need from her to satisfy my needs

    Thank you Kelly

  7. Make an appointment with Kiko today.This is one of the best masseurs I have ever met. She is petite, but she massages hard, which will make me relax and look beautiful.Will come to visit her again

  8. After a weekCome to visit lucky again. The massage technique is very good, and she is very cute. She is very talkative. She must be supported again.

  9. Tried out Cici, she has damn good skills and help to relief my knots well. Definitely a skilled masseur, all bros please give her a chance!

    Will be trying out Kiko soon, will update once done

  10. I made an appointment with lucky today.,The service attitude is very enthusiastic.The massage was very strong, which relaxed my neck and waist a lot. She also used a hot pack to help me compress my back. I will come to see her again next time.

  11. Not my first visit to Miss Happy . A regular customer since she was at kangya . Very sweet girl and high GFE ☺️. Will RTM for sure🥳

    1. My 2nd visit to ZYT – Kelly in less than a week. Good massage strength. Will constantly check strength with you and had a good chit chat session with her.

      Highly recommend!

  12. Went for an appointment with Cici. I gotta say she has damn good skills! Never regret coming for her. Would be trying out Lucky or Kelly next.

  13. Visited Happy after she changed shop from Kangya to this shop ZYT. Still marvellous as usual and leave the shop with a relax and happy man ☺️. No regrets being her regular customer. Must try her if you haven’t . Will RTM.

  14. Made an appointment with one of their masseuse, Kelly. Her massage strength is super good although she seems small in size. Tried her back stepping and all my stiff knots got loosen up by a lot.

    Highly recommend!

  15. Had time to try Kiko during lunch. Kiko has a great personality lifting my mood up. Her massage skills is excellent. Will definitely drop by

  16. Highly recommend Happy.

    I was served by beautiful and experienced therapist Happy and it was one of the best massages, all was on point. Definitely will look for her again

    *Her smile is therapeutic *

  17. I made an appointment with lucky in Hongshan on vacation today. I heard from her that she had just arrived in Singapore. The massage was very powerful and the service was satisfactory.

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