Yue Yuan Spa 805 North Bridge Road

Relax and Rejuvenate with our Expert Massage Services Yue Yuan Spa located in North Bridge Road.

Each of our therapists have years of experience.
60mins Body Massage $60
90mins Body Massage $90
120mins Body Massage $120
805 North Bridge Road Singapore 198773
Opening Hours 7.00am to 10.30pm
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Yue Yuan Spa

158 Replies to “Yue Yuan Spa 805 North Bridge Road”

  1. Nina won my heart with her superb skills. Her unique and gentle approach amazed me⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work recently and wanted to go to a SPA to relax. I happened to pass by and saw that the counter welcomed me very warmly. The masseur who gave me the massage was named Vivi. She prepared fruits, snacks, pastries, and great food for me. Imported essential oils. After roughly asking about my massage needs and common pain areas, I started a 60-minute massage. The techniques were professional and meticulous. They communicated with me during the process. I felt very comfortable after the SPA. I was very happy chatting with Vivi. .按摩界的天花板,人美心善手法好,很棒

  3. Visted Yue Yuan upteem times, and each time, I have different messuers massaged for me, and it was just like another normal massage. This time, I have Baby to massage me. Well, she is pretty, sweet, and flexible in movement. I thought it would be another normal massage, but I am surprised that Baby’s massage was amazingly good ,comfy and the pace was very very well coordinated too. Job well done. I am so happy for having Baby.

  4. Busy for so many month.
    Whole body aching.
    Today very lucky to meet Ling Ling.
    Good skill at massaging.
    During chatting get to know she is professional train in massage.
    Massage is good & hit the aching point.
    She is pretty & always smiling.

    Really a good gem not to be miss

    1. Busy for so many month.
      Whole body aching.
      Today very lucky to meet Ling Ling.
      Good skill at massaging.
      During chatting get to know she is professional train in massage.
      Massage is good & hit the aching point.
      She is pretty & always smiling.

      Really a good gem not to be miss

  5. Baby has never disappointed me in her massaging skills since the first day I met her at Yue Yuan. I have dated her for massage countless times, and It is always the same good standard in massaging, if not better. I just like her massage and warm in welcoming customers and making me feel at ease each time and every time. After each massage, I always feel 3Rs. That is Relaxed , Refreshed, and Recharged. Good job, lovy Baby.

  6. I give beauty Nina ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ good reviews. The technique is very good and the strength is appropriate. I have been very sore from exercising these past few days. After the massage, it is easy and comfortable. The technique is very good and the whole process is very good.

  7. Vivi’s technique is super great. This is my third time here. Every time I come here to relax after drinking nearby, I brought two friends here today. We chose the 90-minute essential oil spa. It was so good that we felt sober after drinking. Quite a lot. Thanks to Vivi for helping me prepare tea, fruits and snacks. During the massage, I asked about the intensity from time to time. The gentle yet firm intensity is very suitable for me.

  8. 哟!Baby美女给了我一个舒服和难忘的按摩拯救了我那全身疲惫的肌肉。感恩Baby, 。太棒了,给你5个星。下次再约你啦。

  9. I recently has the pleasure of experiencing a massage session with Vivi. Her massage is truly exceptional.

    Vivi massage skills are really good, she understood my body needs and tailored the massage to address areas of tension with care.

    My overall experience is very good and I would gladly return.

  10. Good massage from a very skill full Nina!Great strength and right on the spot to relive all sores. A good massage gem not to missed! Must give it a try!

  11. 今天碰到lingling按摩师太幸运了,很久没有体验过多么舒服的按摩手法,下个礼拜还会来支持lingling 美女,lingling甜美的笑容让人心情很愉悦,长得漂亮身材好

  12. Just finished a wonderful massage session with Baby and have two words to describe my overall experience in terms of Baby’s massage skills, Baby’s looks, Baby’s attitude and the atmosphere with her. It was just fantastic and very awesome. I am a 100% satisfied customer.

  13. I finally made an appointment with LingLing beauty, and I was not disappointed. She is very beautiful, very elegant, the massage has powerful penetration, the acupuncture points are accurate, and the service is excellent. It is worth recommending.

  14. I am a very difficult customer to deal with, and yet I am extremely delighted with Baby’s immense knowledge, and applying her skills in massaging was managed according to my needs and wants. Her great effort in managing customer expectations was astounding. I am so exhilarated to have met Baby, the most gorgeous masseuse in Yue Yuan. Even before I ended my massage with her , I was already pre-arranging with Baby, another massage session for the next time, very soon.
    GOOD MASSAGE WITH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SKILLS = RETURN CUSTOMER JUST FOR BABY. 100% worth returning for her. Keep up the good job.

  15. Massaged by: Mia

    Looks: 9/10 (met expectations)
    Figure: 11/10 (super exceed expectations)
    Personality: 12/10 (super good to chat with, set up a great atmosphere)
    Massage 11/10 (strong but soft hands, super skills, 100% feel super good)

    First time here, super lucky meet Mia.
    Super nice to chat, put me at ease.
    Massage was super relaxing, cannot ask for more.
    She say good massage like strike lottery.
    I say, got her as my first massage is I strike lottery.

    10/10 satisfied.

  16. Nina’s techniques are extremely professional. I have tried many people’s techniques. Nina can accurately grasp every subtle need of the human body and help me achieve relaxation and satisfaction in the most comfortable way.

  17. Baby is a dainty and delicated massage sweetie that I am impressed with her massage skills. She is able to control and release her strength according to my needs. I am extremely happy with Baby’s customer service that I think those who want a relaxed and peaceful massage should not miss out and quickly date her.

  18. Nina’s unique fingering technique, perfect strength, and accuracy in every step made tired muscles smile while being soothed. This is the most superb skill I have ever experienced, allowing me to enjoy considerate and comfortable services. Although the store has tried many people’s techniques, Nina’s strength, figure, and looks are the best, the most real, and the gentlest in the store. Highly recommended, brothers.

  19. I was recommended by friends to look for Baby for massage. Happily, I would like to praise for her great passion and putting her plentiful attention and effort in massaging my fatigue body. It is a genuine massage and not the piano kind of massage. I have no regret in having a session with her. The entire session was wonderful with peace of mind and soothing massage that Baby will last a long good impression with me. May I wish this impressive Baby 农历新年快乐,身体健康和恭喜发财哦。

  20. Nina’s technique is picturesque and the weight is appropriate, making me feel unparalleled comfort. With every gentle rub and massage, the fatigue seems to be taken away little by little, leaving only the joy of peace and relaxation. Highly recommend nina

  21. It was a very great experience with Baby, which was hard to come by. This cute, pretty, and beautiful masseur has many good years of experience and did her massage excellently well that no other better words can describe her good skills, good attitude and professionalism in massaging. I am a healthy person and do not have any bodyaching issues, and going massaging is just to maintain my health. I am thankful to have Baby that is able to meet my needs. The one and only one in Yue Yuan that has such high calibre. She will be my personal masseur from now on. THANK YOU Yue Yuan for having Baby to serve me. KUDOS!!!

  22. Nina’s professionalism and skills are really admirable. Her massage skills are superb, and her gentle voice makes me feel numb. My friend said that Nina is very good. I don’t know if I don’t try it. I was surprised when I tried it. Highly recommended Nina

  23. 想找个适合自己按摩手法的按摩师太难了,自从被Duoduo按摩过一次,就一直找她,她的按摩手法柔中带着渗透力,按压穴位准确,完全缓解了我的酸痛,找duoduo 她不会让你失望

  24. I made an appointment with Ling Ling many times and finally got my chance. Definately not disappointed at all, much better than expected. She is very beautiful and have good skills,the service is attentive and considerate. I will definitely come back to support again her next time!

  25. Among all the masseur girls in Yue Yuan, I have no regret having Baby massaging me. She is excellent in personality and a fantastic well done in her massage . Most importantly she cares for her customer. 100% Thump up for her.

  26. Nina手法非常好,让我感觉非常舒适和放松。
    – Nina的按摩技巧非常熟练,按摩过程认真仔细,非常有耐心。
    – nina的话语温和,手法轻柔有力,按摩完全身体轻松。
    – 感谢Nina提供的按摩服务,技术非常棒,按摩完后感觉身体舒展开来,减缓了压力。

  27. Needs good massage, can find Joleen. Back has been aching last few days and after her massage, it was better. Really good!

  28. 哟!这是我第一次写 Customer Service Satisfaction feedback. 上一次给Baby可爱的按摩师按摩大概有2个多月了。之后我就出差澳洲也时常很怀念她的按摩。昨天我回国的第一件事就是去找Baby按摩,幸好她是24小时在线让我能随时预约解开我对她按摩的思念。见到Baby太开心了因为在澳洲我啊就遇不到像Baby那么出色又好的按摩手法。按摩后我那操劳的肌肉都得救了。下次在见哦✌

  29. Nina’s technique is skillful and professional. She is careful and patient during the massage. The whole process is very relaxing and satisfying! The massage technique is great. After the massage, my body feels relaxed and relaxed, and the stress is relieved. I will definitely visit Nina again next time I have a chance! “

  30. 我在一个不经意路过月源进店咨询了一下,也可能是缘分吧,排到了她,没想到给我意外之喜,精准度百分之百,让我的身体得到了缓解压力,缓解了疲惫,放松了心情,让我体会到了,下次还来找她做按摩的想法!那就是优秀的Nina 美女善良心细,温柔漂亮!

  31. 好地方介绍,我刚去了月源spa遇到了joleen 按摩技师,她的手法让我紧崩的身体 感受到放松 最值得的一次按摩一个半小时 每个穴位按的精准 我酸痛部位按到专业又到位,服务态度好100分 值得推介试试

  32. 每次颈椎和肩膀不舒服我都会找 Baby,颈椎病导致我天天头痛,我的健康状况得到了明显改善。她的专业技巧令我很满意,能够以温和而有力的手法解决我日常处于紧张状态下的肌肉问题。我感到非常放松和舒适,每次结束后都能享受到一夜好眠。

  33. Mia 按摩手法很棒很舒服哦鼓掌👏让我放松解压,还采了耳朵我在新加坡采耳还没有这么舒服过第一次踩得这么舒服,Mia采耳太很舒服了采得很轻不会有疼痛感,他采得耳朵是痒痒麻麻的很舒服,让我太放松了,我下次还会来找Mia,美丽温柔的小姑娘😘

    1. Great massage from Mia. Never regret having her to help you release your stress on your body.

  34. First time come book vivi, she is good in massage. Nearly fall asleep till she press on my shoulder which fill so good l The room is clean and have attached shower. Parking is also easy

  35. 我是经常按摩的人,但想找一个适合自己按摩手法的按摩师太难了,自从遇见了duoduo ,我就一直找她,她的按摩手法柔中带着渗透力,准确的穴位按压,每次都能解除我的疲劳,让我感觉很舒服,会一直找她

  36. 按摩店的氛围十分舒适宜人,音乐轻柔,灯光柔和,让人感到宁静与温暖,Nina手法一流,深度放松,让我心身合一,让我很享受那一时刻温暖贴心,店里我试过很多人手法,还是Nina 最厉害,人美嘴甜,身材前凸后翘…兄弟们,强烈推荐nina

  37. Ling Ling的手法功底很深,能够针对我的问题区域进行针对性的按摩,效果出乎我的预料值得推荐

  38. I have great trust in Nina, she has incredible expertise and experience. During the service, she was able to pinpoint my problem and provide an effective solution, which made me very pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

  39. 回头客回头客回头客,我是Baby的回头客。她的按摩水准在这就不用多说了因为‘”回头客’以说明了全部。我好评的重点是她对顾客的细心和好服务让人感动。最近一直在下大雨也挺冷的。到了按摩房她见到我被雨淋湿在冷气下发抖就立马给了我毛巾也调整冷气的温度然后还给了我一杯温水。这样细心的按摩师在那里才能找到呢,我也从没遇到。只有在月愿我碰到了她. Baby 给你无数次的赞👍👍👍

  40. 非常感谢,五星好评!Ling Ling 按摩技巧非常熟练,能够准确找到和解决我的不适问题,让我感到非常舒服和放松。

  41. Duoduo 是一个非常棒的按摩师,专业的按摩手法和认真工作的态度,会在回来的,有须要按摩的朋友可以找她,强烈推荐找duoduo

  42. Nina’s unique technique, perfect strength, and accuracy in every step made my tired muscles smile with relief. Nina’s superb skills and absolute excellence allowed me to enjoy considerate and comfortable service. Highly recommended, will come again next time

  43. 最近走太多路导致两只脚一直在抽筋,痛死了。很需要一个手力很好的按摩师。就约了甜美的按摩师Baby给我按摩。她的按摩挺好的缓和了我抽筋的疼痛。谢谢这位工作认真t甜美的按摩师哦。Rencently, I have been walking too much and have had legs cramp. It was painful and needed a good and strong massage. Therefore, I made an appointment with the sweet beauty therapist Baby to do the massage for me. She did an excellent and perfect job easing the cramp on both my legs. Thank you very much to this sweet and hard-working therapist.

  44. Nina is the most caring person I have ever met. Every move she made showed professionalism and enthusiasm, which made me deeply feel the pleasure of relaxation. The facilities in the store are complete and the privacy is excellent, allowing me to enjoy the best service in a comfortable environment. Highly recommended to anyone in need of stress relief!

  45. Duoduo have good massage skill, very professional, the strength is there if you need it. Bubbly personality, easy going.

  46. I have been here many times, and Nina’s technique is smooth, precise and coherent, making people immersed in this wonderful art and never want to leave. She has a great figure, curved front and back, gentle and delicate skin, which makes people fall in love with her. Brothers, I highly recommend Nina

  47. Vivi is a pretty Shanghai babe who is very dedicated in her work.
    Her service is top notch offering me tea she brought from Shanghai.
    Pretty than photo, very jovial, bright and happy person.
    Takes away both physical and mental stress..

  48. Meet Vivi for the first time. Very friendly. Massage skill very good. Strong.
    One of the best in Singapore..
    Anyone want a good massage,. must find Vivi

  49. I can’t help but praise this beauty Nina. Her skills and service attitude are indeed outstanding. You can only know how wonderful it is by experiencing it yourself.

  50. I have been suffering from insomnia for a while due to work stress and have been deprived of a good sleep. I went to Yue Yuan and Baby, the sweet and beautiful therapist was assigned to me. She gave me an unforgetable massage with some light chatting, and therafter I was in dreamland, it was just like magic and never before. Many thanks to Baby for her special technique and soothing massage that relaxed my mind and soul that allowed me to sleep naturally throughout the session. You know the one good sleep is better than gold. Her massage was top-notch and helped me to have good quality sleep while massaging, which was excellent. In my heart, Baby is just my sleep healer, I am thankful for her, and therafter, I left the place happily, recharged and refreshed,. I will certainly return for Baby .

  51. Thank you Vivi for the wonderful service. Did the hot oil massage first time and very relaxing. Great ambience and clean place

  52. 找了LingLing N次了,熟练的手法 , 精准的辨穴认位超有效的消除我常久以来的背痛

  53. massage service from duoduo She is cheerful, easy to chat with, and was serious in her massage. Felt very relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. The room is clean and spacious. Value for money place.

  54. I have been to this spa many times and it feels so good. Nina has attentive service, skilled and powerful skills, gentle and pleasant, slim figure, pleasant environment, making people feel relaxed, and very cost-effective. I highly recommend Nina

  55. Nina’s service attitude is also very pleasant. They always have a smile and make you feel welcome. I remember one time, my back was very stiff due to sitting for a long time at work. Nina patiently listened to me and then gave me some relief suggestions, which made me feel very considerate.

  56. I was deeply impressed by Nina’s character charm, friendliness, enthusiasm, humor, and first-class skills, which made me feel relaxed and enjoyed the entire service process in a pleasant atmosphere. Brothers, I highly recommend Nina

  57. This massage parlor is the best I’ve ever been to! Nina’s massage techniques are precise and delicate, instantly relieving physical and mental fatigue. The environment is also very comfortable, making people feel like home. highly recommended!

  58. vivi 按的很好!时隔两个月再度回来找Vivi。按摩手法一流,把全身的疲劳都解决掉。会在回头。用的精油很舒畅,按得非常舒服。

  59. Numerous time I visit this spa already, I always look for Nina, her massage is really very professional as every time I went leaving very relieved for my ache and soreness, she will always check with me on her strength and ask me where to focus this time, will definitely find her whenever I need a massage.

  60. Vivi Well done. Very authentic and very specific. Very gentle and so far the best therapist . Will visit again .

  61. 用心服务的vivi,不会少时间,不会瞎整,也不会推销,流程专业规范,按的很好,颈椎按的很舒服,腰部这边也放松的恰当vivi很用心,下次再来找她. Very skilled overall 10/10

  62. I was having porridge next to shop and while waiting for the food , i wrote this review..
    This was my first visit to Yue Yuan, and I had just finished the massage session with Baby. Her name is Baby, and she really treated me like a baby during the massage. She was gentle and caring, and she listened to my needs ,the strenght is just nice and she gave me the most wonderful massage that I ever had. Money is worth spending and will come back for Baby again. Good job. Keep it up.

  63. Nina is wonderful. I came in with neck muscle spasms and shoulder issues and her technique and deep tissue massage made all the difference. I have been there twice and plan to continue going back. Very clean establishment and great service, i left the shop happily every time.

  64. 我每次去按摩都喜欢找不一样的按摩师,自从被Baby 按摩了一次我就流连忘返了也念念不忘她的按摩手法.她不但按摩好人人美和挺温柔的。之后我就一直找她按摩。今天我又回去找她按摩了。又是一个开心的顾客。谢谢你哦

  65. Look for duoduo. for good and skilful massage service. Visit her weekly and her skilful massage never disappoint me. She always service you with a wonderful smile and definitely take my stressful muscles ache away.

  66. Return customer for Ling Ling .Feel very rejuvenated everytime I went to her. Good massage, always hit the right points. Highly recommended

  67. Good in massage. Feel relaxed and good after massage. Next time will look for her again. Booked for Vivi ! Too nice!

  68. Nina的热油按摩非常棒。 这项服务让我想再回来。 记得提前预订。 她经常被预订。 最简单的就是提前给他们发 WhatsApp。 他们迅速回应。 将回来与Nina预约。

  69. Duoduo 是一个很专业的按摩师,有着多年的按摩经验,手法好,非常温柔善良,善解人意,好的按摩师值得推荐,会在回来的

  70. Nina is a highly skilled, warm and lovely massage therapist. I left my 90 minute hot oil session in the middle of the week feeling refreshed and calm. I highly recommend her if you would like a professional experience.

  71. vivi服务专业贴心,环境优雅,10年老店很不一样,非常注重服务,私密性好,加上vivi独特的按摩手法,不虚此行,很满意很赞.. very good service

  72. Enjoyed a relaxing massage by LingLing at Yue Yuan Spa, Ling Ling is a nice and gentle therapist, and her massage really relieves my sore muscles and joints. Friendly and has a great service attitude. Will be back soon.

  73. Duo Duo is one of the best Masseur . Her massage technique is superb and release all your body aches.

  74. Nina 是我的长期按摩师。她给我做了一次很好的放松按摩,我通常几乎在整个按摩过程中都在睡觉。我是她的常客,醒来时总是神清气爽。她总是面带微笑,而且非常乐于助人。推荐给各位老板手法要按的很好找Nina👍🏻

  75. Just finish a 90mins hot oil session with Baby very polite young lady. Massage was good. Not a time watcher and doesn’t eat your time. Most importantly her attitude is very good. Soft spoken, serve you warm water before and after the session. Will book for Baby again!

  76. 因疲劳来到Yue Yuan Spa 来做个全身按摩,进去后發现此店是多么优雅和舒适的感觉,之后来了一位按摩师叫 Nina 替我按摩,沒話说女师傅的手芝真是太棒👍🏻每次按到酸痛之处我都有种解脱的感觉。第二天醒来的我变成精神饱满做起事来都顺心。我在此介绍找按摩师 Nina 按按,她真的很专业又笑笑容可爱。经过她的手艺松弛身心你会想在去。

  77. ChenChen is a highly skilled, warm and lovely massage therapist. I left my 60 minute hot oil massage feeling refreshed and calm. I highly recommend her if you would like a professional experience.

  78. Fantastic experience with baby,her massage skill will make whole body very relax , she is gracefully and make me enjoy on the great massage experience ~

  79. Great session by Baby ,She have good massage skill,can make me feel very relax and comfortable

  80. As a regular customer, I highly recommend Ling Ling for her excellent massage therapy skills. Her techniques are always effective, targeting problem areas with the perfect balance of pressure. However, what keeps me coming back is her warm and welcoming personality. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and healing. If you are looking for consistent quality and a truly caring therapist, look no further than Ling Ling.

  81. Massage is an ingenious art. Nina relaxed my body and soul and made me want to stop. Her technique is superb. Brothers, I highly recommend Nina.

  82. Highly recommend Duoduo. With her professional massage tecnhique and good communication skills, i always enjoyed my time there.

    Beside massaging my sore body area, she will also recommend gua sha to improve my body condition.

  83. Nina is a very skillful and pretty therapist. She puts her heart and soul into making her customer happy. She is a happy, gentle and easy going person. 10/10 l, shall return in the near future.

    Good massage skills! Recommend all to visit her

    1. Yesterday, I have a good session with Baby from Yue Yuan Spa.

      She is bubbly, and fun to speak to as she goes about massaging me.

      A very skilled and experienced in massage as she has been in industry for a few years.

    2. I prefer Miss Duoduo. She has good massage skills and is talkative. If you have the opportunity, you can go find miss duoduo. I believe she won’t let you disappointment👍👍

  84. 今天去了Yue Yuan Spa的 Baby,很好的按摩技术来缓解我的疼痛和肩膀僵硬,治好了我的肩周炎和肩胛骨疼痛,非常专业和勤奋的女孩。一流的按摩和优质的服务。值得推荐

  85. Today I visited and Baby was assigned to me. She is very pretty and kind. Her personality immediately put me at ease. Nice body and very good massage skills. She massaged my sore muscles. I felt very relaxed and my stressed shoulder and neck felt immediate relief. I will highly recommend her if you are looking for a pretty and skillful therapist. I will visit her again

  86. 我被指派了一位名叫 ViVi 的女按摩师,她出色的技术让我感到惊喜!热油按摩舒缓了我疲惫的肌肉,放松了我的整个身体。会回来寻找 ViVi

  87. Nina’s technique is very good, the intensity is appropriate, the photos are as beautiful as the person, the service is attentive, and the figure is convex and curvy. I like it very much. I will come to support Nina next time.

  88. Hardly meet masseurs who look cute and strong at the same time. Ling Ling provided one of the best messages that I ever had. She is knowledgeable and has multiple massage skills, especially her back-stepping and kneading messages, confirm master level!Recommend LingLing !!

  89. Nina is the absolute choice, she is patient, skilled, she knows what is the issue with your body , after the massage, body feel light and relax, ask for her and you will never go wrong.

  90. Nina has help me to relieve my body aching problems. Very good massage skill and focus on solving my aching issues.
    Great personality!
    I will come back and look for her again.

  91. Nina is the one, with her skills, you will feel total relaxation of the body
    Strongly recommended

  92. Visited here yesterday, recommend LingLing, she is friendly and her massage is good. I will definitely visit again

  93. 出差来新加坡,无意间路过抱着试试看的心态,出乎意料的好,帮我服务的按摩师是 ViVi 本人跟照片一样漂亮,手法很棒,细心专业超用心,整个过程时不时询问力度,很会聊天愉快的90分钟很快就过去,走的时候还送到门口,感觉像是认识你很久的朋友,要按摩找ViVi

  94. Baby is a great masseuse with good skill who will leave you refreshed after every session! Thankful for her patience and attention to detail for every spot where I’m aching.

  95. Nina massage service is super solid。
    No regret finding her . She’s a gem not to be missed. So bros out there please take good care of her.

  96. 按摩师到处都有,每个按摩师都有各自的按摩手法唯一不一样的就是用心。这个用心不是每个人都有。幸好我遇到了美女Baby, 她在用心这方面是独一无二,我非常喜欢。在按摩她用了适当的力度按摩我的背也很奇怪的按摩后那背的酸疼竟然好很多了,感谢。因为有了这个用心,我会再会去找她的哦。

  97. Found Nina by chance, decided to arrange for a session and received an amazing massage! Her intuitive touch and technique made it an incredibly soothing experience. highly recommend for people to arrange a session with Nina and experience it too. 👍👍

  98. Came for the first time and met Nina by chance. It was magical. Nina’s massaging skills were top notch & cares about my pains and needs and provides the best remedy to solve my needs. Many say never test all don’t know which is better, but to me i say test Nina and you get better.

    1. Nina is the absolute best. Friendly, and massage with good technique. Not to mention she has a soft touch and hardworking. Will definitely go back whenever I can for a relaxing time

    2. Nina is the absolute best. Friendly, and massage with good technique. Not to mention she has a soft touch and hardworking. Will definitely go back whenever I can for a relaxing time

  99. I have been booking Nina whenever I need massage, she has very good experience in massaging and is able to relieve my tension and knots, after very session my body is very fully relax will return to massage and find her whenever I need it.

  100. Vivi’s massage expertise is unparalleled. Her ability to alleviate tension and promote relaxation is truly impressive. With a keen understanding of various techniques, she tailors each session to meet specific needs. Vivi’s warm and welcoming approach enhances the overall experience, making her a standout massage therapist. I wholeheartedly endorse her for those seeking a skilled and attentive practitioner.

  101. Vivi is an exceptional massage therapist. Her skilled hands and intuitive touch create a truly relaxing experience. She pays careful attention to individual needs, ensuring a personalized session. Vivi’s calming demeanor and professionalism contribute to an atmosphere of tranquility. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a rejuvenating and therapeutic massage.

  102. I always visit Baby,she is good in skill and professionalism. She has the right piont and strength, after one session will relaxing your muscle and pain .She is friendly and chatty make you feel comfortable. Should go for 90mins hot oil session is the best!!

  103. 我的治疗师 BoBo 拥有出色的按摩技术,可以真正舒缓您疲惫的身体。她总是注意所施加的力量,并不断检查力道是否合适。下次回来会找BoBo小姐姐👍🏻

  104. Visited Vivi today 1.5hrs. I must say that from the time I entered till I left, she was warm and friendly. Her massage skills were great! On point and more importantly I felt very relaxed after the whole session! Will definitely come back to visit her again. Definitely recommend anyone to come give her a shot. Thanks Vivi

  105. Just visited Vivi 1.5hr session. She greeted me with such a warm friendly smile and has such a good friendly attitude. Was introduced by a friend here and she surely didn’t disappoint! She has good massage skills, hands are soft and she applies pressure at the right places. Will definitely come back and massage with her once again

  106. Great massage! The service is great, you can shower before the massage which is really nice. The massage was absolutely spot on! Recommend Vivi , I will come every month

  107. Recommend therapist Baby!
    As a software engineer who spends hours hunched over a laptop, a soothing neck and back massage is just what I need. Baby overachieved on this one. Not only was my neck and back soothed, but I was left with a completely relaxing experience that put me on cloud nine. She is also a very talkative person. I will definitely come again.

  108. 经历了漫长的新冠疫情之后,我第一次去水疗中心,我必须说我并不失望。 LingLing很友善,态度很好,能很好地交谈,所以会议非常愉快。她技术非常好,付出了100%的精力,能够找出身体的痛点在哪里。会再次回来寻找LingLing

  109. Baby 的按摩很棒,她的技术和力量都很好,可以放松紧绷和疲劳的肌肉,按摩后感觉非常放松。除此之外,她还很可爱、友善、开朗。这个地方很新,房间很宽敞,氛围温馨舒适。总的来说,这是一次很棒的客户体验!

  110. 今天我于朋友来到约yue yuan SPA 做了90分钟按摩,按摩师vi vi 亲切细心的服务,手艺精湛,对身体不同部位的按摩力度,刚柔并济,按摩完后感觉全身感觉非常轻松。人美温柔,极力推荐vi vi作为你的按摩师

  111. I recommend LingLing. She addressed the pain in my body and her massage techniques were very professional.

  112. 非常专业的按摩师!Vivi 给予出色的按摩技巧,她深谙人体结构,能够精准地找到问题区域,并以独特的手法进行治疗。她的专业知识和细致入微的服务让我感到非常满意,强烈推荐她作为按摩师!

  113. Had a 90 minute full body massage with my masseuse Vivi ! She is very skilled and friendly. And keep checking my pain score. I will definitely come back to her again.

  114. 作为常客,我极力推荐Ling Ling,因为她出色的按摩治疗技巧。她的技术始终有效,以完美的压力平衡针对问题区域。然而,让我回来的是她热情好客的性格。她让您从走进来的那一刻起就感到舒适,营造出有利于放松和康复的氛围。如果您正在寻找始终如一的品质和真正贴心的治疗师,Ling Ling就是您的最佳选择。

  115. Stepping into Vivi’s massage sanctuary is like entering a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation. Her hands dance with an artful touch, weaving a tapestry of relaxation and relief. Vivi’s expertise transforms the mundane into a symphony of serenity. Each session feels like a personalized journey to bliss, leaving me eagerly anticipating the encore. If you seek a massage maestro, Vivi is your virtuoso!

  116. 我最近在Yue Yuan Spa做了身体按摩送拔罐。我的女按摩师是baby ,我真的感谢上帝赐予她一双有天赋的双手,因为她非常专业和熟练。她知道按摩过程中我身体上需要重点关注的部位,按摩后我的头部感觉轻松多了!一切都很完美,她现在是我的“首选”按摩治疗师,我计划定期拜访。谢谢Baby,让我感觉焕然一新。已经期待着我的下一次访问了! 🙂

  117. Nina was very professional and powerful, and it solved the problem of my shoulder pain. Highly recommend Nina👍👍👍

  118. Nina gave a great massage and my muscles were very relaxed after the massage. She was also very kind and friendly and made for a great conversation. Highly recommended~

  119. Baby本人比照片漂亮!👍🏻她非常擅长按摩,我真的很喜欢,谢谢baby,我去过很多水疗中心,但是这个 baby真的可以按摩我疼痛的关节,缓解血液循环,会经常支持她😜😁我选择的是热油养生

  120. My therapist LingLing was excellent and very personable. She applied just the right amount of pressure on my sore shoulders. I felt very relaxed during and after the entire massage. Definitely recommend coming here for a massage. The place is clean and has a great atmosphere

  121. The environment of the spa is elegant and comfortable. My therapist LingLing was amazing. Although petite, she applied just the right amount of pressure after confirming the pressure level with me. She is friendly, always smiling and of course provides great service. Will come back to her again.

  122. Vivi 是一位出色的按摩师,她的按摩技术非常专业和有力,能准确地找到问题区域并加以缓解。除了她的专业技能,她也非常亲切和耐心,让人感觉非常舒服和放松。强烈推荐Vivi ,如果你想体验一次高质量的按摩。

  123. Yoyo is the best masseur I have ever massaged. She massages the acupuncture points very well, and she is very accurate. She is also very sweet, and her service is very professional. I will go to her again.

  124. Yoyo 按摩真是一流,力度刚刚好也把我的整个身体按的舒舒服服的!重点是人很亲切,按摩的时候也一直和我聊天,工作认真,把我酸痛的地方都给解决了。人也长的漂亮,有一种女朋友的感觉当她在替我按摩。

  125. At Yue Yuan, I made an appointment with herapist Baby for a massage. The environment was neat and clean. I am happy with her massage because it was the best I ever had. She paid good attention on my sore back and ease the pain and relaxed the tense muscle. I felt great and was happy to have a session with Baby. If i need a massage, for sure i will look for her again. 一级棒!!!

  126. 我落枕了,疼。动作就像是一个机器人。朋友说去做一个好按摩就能好起来了,半信半疑。
    我在广告群里看到月源的Baby. 就约了她。Baby挺美的。和她 说了我的情况,她小心翼翼的给我按摩脖子和肩膀也关心的一直问我按摩的力度可以吗。按摩过后我觉的脖子和肩膀有好转,轻松也舒服多了。Baby 的按摩手法好,力度到位,有耐心也专注。这样专业的按摩师难遇到啊。下次要是脖子和肩膀疼痛在复发或是想要按摩我就回去找Baby啦。又是一个开心的顾客哦。

  127. Was shifting house yesterday and carried many heavy and bulky objects that result to muscle ache on the hands, back and thigh. I need a good massage immediately and found Yue Yuan (月源) on the face book. I saw Baby’s picture and selected her. Her look in person was not far from her posted picture, she is pretty and friendly . I told her my needs and she did a good massage with the right pressure on those areas which I have mentioned. After the massage, I felt good ,refreshed and happy, very happy. I must say her massage skill is authentic and it suits me well. I will definitely visit her again. Good job Baby…

  128. Was shifting house yesterday and carried many heavy and bulky objects that result to muscle ache on the hands, back and thigh. I need a good massage immediately and found Yue Yuan (月源) on the face book. I saw Baby’s picture and selected her. Her look in person was not far from her posted picture, she is pretty and friendly . I told her my needs and she did a good massage with the right pressure on those areas which I have mentioned. After the massage, I felt good ,refreshed and happy, very happy. I must say her massage skill is authentic and it suits me well. I will definitely visit her again. Good job Baby…

  129. 每次喜欢找晨晨按摩 , 90分钟免费送拔罐 , 每次做工背后酸痛。按完全身轻松很多,手法环境都很好,值得!

  130. A very good massage experience, the masseuse is very professional, the technique is very good, the person is beautiful, generous, patient and humorous

  131. Chen Chen had excellent skills and techniques that left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I was especially impressed by her ability to locate and relieve the tension points in my body. She also had a calming presence and created a peaceful atmosphere that enhanced the massage experience.

  132. Chen Chen按摩的技术很棒,手法熟练很专业,按摩过程中认真仔细非常的耐心,按摩完后感觉身体开来,很轻松,减缓了压力,让我很满意!

  133. Kiki is very friendly and good personality, she has a great skilful hands that will make you feel relaxing within the 60mins. Looking forward to visit her again.

    1. Amanda is very gentle and humorous. My friend recommended her to give me a massage. She is very enthusiastic, the massage is gentle and powerful, the acupoints are pressed accurately, and she is very good at chatting. After the massage, I feel very comfortable all over my body. I usually work next to the computer, and my neck and shoulders are very tight. Sour, after pressing, it relieves the soreness and is very heart-warming.

  134. Great day at there message for 90min. A very relaxing place to anjoy. After message I feel whole my body is free of load.

  135. Chen Chen has a vibrant smile and good personality. With a set of skillful hands which bring magic to the body. After the session my body is fully relax looking forward to revisit her again.

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