Li Xin Beauty Wellness 30 Sago Street

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60min Full Body Oriental Massage $58
90min Full Body Oriental Massage $85
30 Sago Street, Singapore 059024
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

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  1. Looked for the new kid on the block, Wendy, who had just started here for a couple of months. An attentive masseuse who helped me with my shoulder blade and back pain. She is the person who can break the ice easily without any problems. Had a great long chat with her while she fixes my pain problem. Highly recommended and a gem to look out for if you happen to dropby.

  2. Look for Lily if you want a good ear picking experience. She is professional and gentle. Well done.

  3. Joyce is by far the best therapist here. Great attention and strength varies according to body parts to your needs. Amazing exp. Thank you!!!

  4. May is good and kind, strong at message, and willing to talk in Chinese. She is an experienced, professional and amazing masseuses that i have ever met.

  5. Looking for good ear picking, come to Li Xin n look for Lily. She is great. Will come again.

  6. Looking for good ear picking? Come to Li Xin and look for Lily. She is very professional. Well Done, will come again.

  7. went to massage a full long day, assigned by a pretty and kind girls with wonderful massage and ear picking skills. Learnt her name is May. May YYDS. Leave happily

  8. If you looking for a good ear picking, come to Li Xin. Remember to look or book for Lily. She is professional and gentle nice lady. Cheers, Happy New Year.

  9. I had been going around to do ear picking and always end disappointment. Finally, I was recommended by my friend to try Lily from Li Xin, and indeed she is very professional and clear my blockage as I has dried ear. Now was so comfortable and I enjoyed Lily’s professional skill in ear picking.

  10. I highly recommend Lucky from Li Xin Beauty Wellness. She’s highly experienced and really knows how to knead away your body’s blocked points using a good amount of strength and pressure. One of the best therapists I’ve come across. In addition, she has a pleasant personality and a good sense of humour.

  11. Lily is the best after being service by her. Bear in mind to make an appointment with Lily to avoid disappointment and being refer to other unprofessional ear picker by the counter. I only managed to serve by her after visited third time. Lily’s ear picking skill is number one in Singapore and is worth recommending to everyone.

  12. I’m a first tome customer of “Li Xin Beauty Wellness” . I wanted to compliment a message by the name of Lucky, she was very professional and skillful, after messaged I find that I’m able to relax and de-stress for a few days and all my muscles pain was gone. I will definitely be her returning customer. I also highly recommend anyone who are nearby to drop by to look for her and try it for yourself and you definitely won’t regret. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I will give her 5 stars rating.

  13. 因疲劳来到Li xin beauty 耒做个全身按摩,进去后發现此店是多么优雅和舒适的感觉,之后来了一位按摩师叫Lucky替我按摩,沒話说女师傅的手芝真是太榛每次按到酸痛之处我都有种解脱的感觉。第二天醒来的我变成精神饱满做起事来都顺心。我在此介绍老板们 LiXin,找按摩师Lucky按按,她真的很专业又笑笑容可爱。经过她的手艺松弛身心你会想在去。

  14. I first time went to li xin a lady’s name Lucky to having a massage for me, she has a smlie
    face n professional skills.after the 💆‍♂️ I feel that my body was so relax.I HERE STRONGLY TO SAID MISS LUCKY WAS SO KINDLE. N ALSO I THINK I WERE COME TO LI XIN OFTEN.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Lucky is one of the best therapist. She knows how to ease the tension and make you feel energetic after a massage. She is attentive and willing to strike a good conversation with you

  16. Just finished my body massage with therapist May! My muscles are so relaxed now. The best part was the head and neck massage! Loved it!
    She also offer ear waxing services.
    I left the shop happily and so satisfied.

  17. My 90 mins therapy with May is definitely worth the money. She focused on my tight muscles. Good sleep after it. Much better than the relaxation massage. It works into your deep tissues and muscles. I will make my appointment and have another session with May. Make sure to ask for the stepping back. And dont eat before the massage.
    The street is famous for its food. Dun miss the good food nearby either. All varieties. Wonderful session.

  18. My third visits since Lily with Li Xin Beauty Wellness, 30, Sago Street. Highly recommending Lily after being serviced by her for ear picking and massage. She is gentle and professional, her skills will not let you down. Bear in mind to make an appointment with to avoid disappointment.

  19. Just finished my body massage with therapist May! My muscles are so relaxed now. The best part was the head and neck massage!
    Loved it! Highly recommend this massage Therapist. I’ve tried nearly all their therapists, and May is the best.

  20. Joyce is the best masseuse at Li Xin she is professional in her work and money well spend due to her good technique in massage. I really felt a great relief at the end of the massage. Lastly, she is also very beautiful.

  21. May is wonderful. I came in with neck muscle spasms and shoulder issues and her technique and deep tissue massage made all the difference. I have been there twice and plan to continue going back. Very clean establishment and great service, i left the shop happily every time.

  22. I was passing by Sago street and saw his Li Xin Beauty so decided to give it a try. I was assigned Joyce, a Vietnamese girl. A pretty and funny girl……her massage was out of this world! Always on the right spot, felt so relief during the whole session and relaxed after the massage. I never comment on any of the Spa but this girl worth my praised! Trust me…..never regret!

  23. Beautiful and knowledgable Therapist. As well as a great massage I always learn so much every time I go and see her. I would recommend May to everyone.

    The Stepping back is just amazing.

  24. I went for Joyce and what a treat. She speaks English, Chinese and Viet.

    Her neck cracks were amazing and all round great masseur.

    Clean room and toilet. Towels felt oily tho.
    Highly recommend!

  25. Just had to email and say thanks to May for fixing my pain! I was in yesterday and was like a 90 yrs old man. Woke up this morning like a new person – couple of twinges at hips (doing stretches) but generally back to normal!
    Thanks sooooooo much!
    Will do the stepping back and body massage again for sure, and maybe earwax too.

  26. I went to book Ivy after reading good reviews about her. Turns out I made the right choice. A gentle lady who pays attention to detail and not a clock watcher.

    I think she spend an extra 15 minutes yesterday massaging me. Maybe it was a rainy day or she just wanted to build rapport. Anyway I highly recommend her and will give her my support next time too.

  27. May is a nice and amazing massage therapist who’s ability to fix me, her talents has so far been unsurpassed in terms of massage – its a bit painful (for me) but totally worth it! Going to revisit her this week.

  28. The best massage treatment I have experienced. From my first treatment some years ago to the present day, I have always found May to be the most Professional, and Caring. Yet she is beautiful and kind to everyone. I have lost count of the amount people I have recommended to May. Li Xin is lucky to have her.

  29. I cannot thank May enough for today. I thought I will never find a therapist that will help me with my back, like what I used to have from my local therapist from the Philippines.
    From the very start to finish you were spot on. You have covered each and every area on my back that I wanted focus on.
    It was amazing, I felt better and will definitely come back. Thank you again.
    Your stepping back is world class.

  30. Had my first ever massage last night with May. I was very impressed. She found all the ares which had knotted muscles and today i woke up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Will 100% be back again on another day.

  31. was at Chinatown few days back, came upon Li Xin Beauty Wellness 30 Sago Street. was address by Joyce. was a pleasant experience. although she’s from Vietnam but she’s well verse in English and Chinese. no worries for any language barrier. Her technique was good! every massage point was right spot on! will return again soon!

  32. I was in the area last week in Chinatown when I saw this shop. The environment is clean, and quiet.

    I was attended by Jenny from 河南, a Chinese girl. She is nice, with adequate strength and technique. Always asking if everything is ok.

    Will visit Jenny again next week.

    1. Ella is one of the best therapist,She have the technique,skill and knowledgeable to find all the areas which had knotted muscles.i felt relief during the whole session with Ella,I would recommend Ella to everyone

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