Sgyogamassage 333 Beach Road

Sgyogamassage located in 333 Beach Road experience the traditional Chinese Full body Therapy.

Tuina is a hands-on body massage treatment that uses Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles
60mins TCM Therapy / Tuina $58
90minsTCM Therapy / Tuina  $88
333 Beach Road Singapore 199563
Opening Hours 10.30am to 10.30pm

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59 Replies to “Sgyogamassage 333 Beach Road”

  1. Book a session with Coco yesterday, she is good at loosening knots. Should try her if you want to be pampered by a sweet young thing.

  2. Visited Jia Kang TCM. Took 1 hour body massage. Was attended by Coco and her skills was indeed superb. Manage to loosen the knots and felt relax after the session. Worth coming back.

  3. Yiyi legendary yoga massage is more than meet the eyes. Pressured point and leg works unlocked all the tightened muscles.
    Professional and yet interesting characters too. That’s all we need on Friday to end the working week.

  4. Yiyi is very friendly and always knows the right spots to hit. Massage is always great and yiyi knows what she is doing. Recommend

    1. Yiyi massage technique is really good, and she really knows how to take care of the knots in the muscles. Her attitude is also great to take proper care of the client. Highly recommended.

  5. looking for a good relaxing day, can go find yiyi, friendly and with her massage you will feel brighten up th whole day.

  6. will highly recommend yiyi as she is professional coupled with good attitude. Do engage her if you need a good massage.

  7. Strongly recommend if you need a day of relaxation and good massage. YiYi is professional and very good. Wonderful place and cleanliness top notch.

  8. been going around looking for malay therapists, tried to ask for Siti but she wasn’t available, so i thought I’d give Issa a go since she can also converse in malay

    she’s quite a petite person but she was able to provide a really good massage to help me with my shoulders and back, her friendly nature also allowed me to have some small talks during my session, left the place feeling satisfied and good overall

    definitely one therapist I’ve saved in my book to return back to in the future

  9. yiyi is kinda of combination between 女神 and 神医. With someone so pretty giving you a massage, most likely you will forget all your pain and tiredness.

    But back to topic of skill, oh yea she’s the bomb. Just let her know which area needs more attention, she can fine tune the massage to treat the injured part.

  10. Kawaii is a hard-working therapist who has a talent for finding and addressing all of my problematic areas during massage sessions. It’s important to book an appointment before going to see her. I highly recommend Kawaii from China to anyone in the area who is looking for a top-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine experience.

  11. Tried Yiyi for massage, to my surprise she has superb technique and strength even though she is quite small built. A friendly lady and will definitely find her again. This shop have a lot of good masseurs.

  12. Thanks to the service provided by YiYi , always take care of my back side. Even though I went so late but she also willing to serve me , definitely will come again

  13. Booked a massage session with candy and Helen. Have a great session of 4 hands massage with both Helen and candy

  14. I’ve had lots of massages before, but yesterday’s was the best ever. Mina did an amazing job and went above and beyond. She’s incredibly skilled and Massage Heights is lucky to have her. Usually, I don’t ask for a particular therapist, but I’ll definitely be choosing Mina from now on. The staff are friendly and welcoming too, so you can’t go wrong by coming here. Enjoy! Support Her Mina

  15. I had the pleasure of experiencing an exceptional prenatal massage with Helen, who is undeniably amazing! Helen has a gentle touch and creates a comfortable atmosphere during the session. Throughout the entire massage, she used the perfect amount of pressure. I plan on returning to see her again and cannot recommend her enough!

  16. Candy is definitely a must-visit. She is able to relief all the troubled aching spots on my body consistently. she knows the right technique and I guarantee you will leave the place a happier, and lighter person. no more aches and pains. She also doesn’t watch the time and very honest and friendly. she sincerely cares for customers concerns and needs.

    My shoulder always hurts a lot. After her massage, my shoulders stopped hurting and feels super light and good. I always have a lot of immense stress from work and after her massage, my stress feels more manageable.

    I only find candy because she is the best masseur out of the others in Singapore. I have went to many masseur around Singapore and so far candy is the best! guarantee no disappointment.

  17. Alice is a hard-working therapist with a wonderful touch and is able to find and work on all of my problem areas. Even on a rainy day. Just be sure to always make an appointment before going down. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone in the area looking for a top-notch TCM experience.

  18. new girl Yuki Of course the massage is great, really friendly girl.
    You got to try yourself to understand. With RTF!

  19. Revisited Ivy once again for my usual massage treat.

    Love her massage. Always relaxed after the 60mins. ThumbsUp!!!

  20. No regrets with Ivy.
    I enjoyed her massage.
    All tensions gone after the 60mins session.

    Plus point, she is a beauty.

  21. I booked a one hour massage with Rose last Saturday and it was incredible! My shoulders and back are full of knots and Rose worked her magic to undo them. I would and will 100% go back for another massage.

  22. This place is amazing! You can’t beat the prices, and the full body massages are top notch. The place is very clean as well. I had a great massage with ivy Highly recommended Support her.

  23. Ivy was friendly, superb massage skill.
    Strongly recommend for those want a good, relax massage.

  24. 来这里按摩好几个月了,菲菲的服务还是特别好.每次都脸带微笑,让我感觉一切都令我心旷神怡,真的是让我感觉到特别舒适呀.而且按摩的时候手指的力度很大,穴位按的特别准,对她的服务非常满意.希望她在新加坡长期工作,要不然走了太可惜.

  25. Had an appt with Ivy for the 3rd time in a month.

    Highly recommended.
    Need to make advance booking.
    Super satisfying.

    Next week going to make appt with Ivy again.

  26. Having shoulder and neck sores due to my my long hours of office work.

    Environment is clean and relaxing.
    Was assigned Ivy as my therapist. Very good in strength control and techniques in removing those knots on my shoulder and neck. She knows which pressure points to work on. Initially might feel alittle aching and after awhile the muscles lossen. Amazing. Feeling fresh after the session. Will recommend friends and family. 2Thumbs up.


  27. This place was great! Alice was fantastic. She hit pressure points in my neck and back that I definitely needed worked through.
    I highly recommend this place.

  28. Had great experiences here I believe the lady’s name was Yiyi.
    I am glad I trusted my fellow for their recommendation.
    Had an hour massage, full body and was surprised with moxibustion on my back. Vet very nice! Definitely recommend!

  29. Rose is super strong and knows exactly which areas to go after to loosen up. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. RTM Yes.

  30. Yesterday, I made an appointment with Candy.
    Her massage is very superb.
    And if I was stationed near Beach Road area, I am looking forward to look for Candy again.
    My rate for her massage is 10 out of 10.

  31. Helen was amazing! Best massage I’ve had, I did the 90 minute combination and it was incredible. She really worked on all the spots I had knots and more.

  32. Kawaii gave 1 of the most amazing massage that I ever had, she knows where to press and even knew what caused the tension on that muscles. My shoulders and back feels better than it has ever after my appointment with her. It doesn’t hurt that she is pretty and really friendly. Will definitely go again and often to fix the ache of my back and shoulders.

  33. Great price, great service but above all great massage. One of the best massages I have had in Bugis. Definitely recommend this place you will not be disappointed. ask for fei fei.

  34. Fei Fei pushed on pressure points all over my body and released pain and tension I had no idea I had. This was an amazing massage 10/10

  35. Candy does very fantastic massage! relief all my back pains and shoulder pains after 1 session. definitely, a gem to revisit again whenever have back and shoulder pains.

  36. Been here and the massages wasn’t bad. Only troublesome part is the showering where you need to wait.

  37. Lisa massage is very strong and she knows how to make all my aching go away. She will make you feel relax.

  38. kawaii 的按摩可是我在新加坡碰到最专业的。很少会有那么年轻又漂亮的小姐姐,还按摩技术一流。她学过医疗美容,所以按摩起来,对穴位的认知一点都不马虎。按的实在太舒服了。

  39. kawaii does an amazing massage, if you are looking for a good solid massage done by a cute syt, this is one of those rare cases. She even knows the names of the acupuncture points that she presses and tells you exactly what it does. Very professional, will definitely return !

  40. Kawaii is cute n she really knows where to press to relieve your muscles. A very hardworking gal ! Highly recommended 👍

  41. Kawaii is very friendly and gives power massage. Explains the steps to you professionally. Place clean. will go again.

  42. Exceptional massage! Kawaii knows exactly what he is doing and you can tell he has a lot of experience. I recommend him to everyone I can!

  43. This place gives quality massages. We’ve been here twice already and they’ve been really good. A little more expensive than the massage places in town but it’s totally worth it. It’s cleaner, better massage, and the owner/employees are nicer and more polite.

  44. Professional massage skills , i would like to recommend Lisa she massage skill is very nice and good , i will come again

  45. Love this place so much for cleanliness, strongly recommend Siti she is professional and good attitude masseuse. Strongly recommend this place.

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