Bliss Paradise 14 Kim Keat lane

Get the Ultimate Massage Experience at Bliss Paradise 14 Kim Keat Lane

60mins Full Body Massage $60
90mins Full Body Massage $90
14 Kim Keat Lane Singapore 328872
Opening Hours 10.00am to 1.00am

Bliss Paradise

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  1. I am a regular customer of Happy. I don’t usually write reviews, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share the good service of such a pretty, humble, and caring person like Happy. She has great massage skills and makes an effort to ensure my comfort. She massaged my sore back a few times and I felt relieved after the massage. If you are looking for a sweet, beautiful, and caring girl to take care of you, I recommend Happy.

  2. ML name: Lucy
    Location: Bliss Paradise 14, Kim Keat

    Look: B
    GFE: B+
    Massage: A
    Attitude: B+
    Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Kudos to Money @jiajiaelaine for making the availability of hot stone, ear cleaning/candling and Lucy @Vannhi200213 (Telegram id) using her skills to give soothing hot oil, hot stone massage and ear cleaning, didn’t get time for body scrub will be back soon for it.
    The rooms are big and clean with fresh bedsheets and towels.
    At the counter area there are king size chairs to relax and wait and on someday can get food cooked by Money.
    Money GFE A⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. Aini是一个很好技师 她声音很甜 每次都找她 酸痛的地方都能帮我解决掉 要求注重要按背部 她也会去完成 而且不会很用力 力度刚刚好 找她拔罐她也会很耐心跟我讲解 拔罐的用处和功效 人也很漂亮

  4. I am a regular customer of Lisa of Bliss Paradise
    Spa. The environment is cosy and she has good massage skills. I always enjoyed my time there and feeling refreshed after a massage session with her. Highly recommended. Will definitely visit her again soon.

  5. Lily is a nice lady who can deliver a strong massage. Feeling refreshed after a 1-hour session. Will definitely visit her again for another session.

  6. Had multiple sessions with Linda. She is a very hardworking girl, as I am quite a introvert guy with girls. she will try to start topic with me so that the massage session can go very smoothly and will not be awkward. If you are looking for good massage, can look for her. The experience will definately be unforgettable.

  7. Had a good massage by Jennie earlier this afternoon, strength is good and lady is friendly, took off all my fatigue away. Will definitely visit again!

  8. The massage was amazing. Yoyo really knows what she does and she helped me deal with my back pain. She made sure I was comfortable, Will certainly come back!

  9. Visit Coco again. Feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed and happy! All my soreness and pain gone in a wind. Thank you Coco . Excellent. massage. Will be back again soon. Recommend Coco if you want a good relaxing massage.

  10. Fantastic experience with Emily, her massage skill will make whole body very relax , she is gracefully and make me enjoy on the great massage experience ~

  11. First time tried the HOT OIL Massage recommended by YoYo, feel so refreshing and shiok. Your massages are not just therapeutic and hit right tensions on my back especially shoulder and neck. Credit goes to YoYo. Highly recommened YoYo in Bliss Paradise.

  12. Today, Lily was arranged by Bliss Paradise for me. She looks small but very strong. I’m very relaxed. Her massage is very good. She’s a real figure. I’ll be back for her soon.

  13. Lisa has a vibrant smile and good personality. With a set of skillful hands which bring magic to the body. After the session my body is fully relax looking forward to revisit her again.

  14. Linda is probably the best masseur I have ever encountered. Her techniques are top class and I cannot ask for more. I have engaged her services at least twice a month since then.

  15. Jennie is probably the best masseur I have ever encountered. Her techniques are top class and I cannot ask for more. I have engaged her services at least twice a month since then.

  16. Linda真人比照片还好看 声音很甜 长相也是甜美 尤其是服务态度很好 真的很棒 尤其是前台也很可爱 也很漂亮

  17. Just ended a massage session with Jennie. Is my first time there, place smells nice like hotel. She look just like photo and massage skills are so good. I also see a few other pretty masseuses around. Will definitely be back soon!

  18. I just found Shanshan. The massage is very good and powerful. I will find him again next time.

  19. I was browsing the facebook and came across Bliss Paradise . I selected Baby @Kim Keat. I heard she was friendly and good at massaging and I gave it a try. I was having shoulder stiffness and pain due to some incorrect sitting posture at work. With no regret, her massage technique was good (with correct pressure) because during the session, I could feel the most wanted relaxation and comfortability. After the massage, I felt amazing because my pain was relieved. Thank her very much for her pair of magic massage hands that made me feel good. I give her 5 stars and I will return

  20. Went for shanshan… really good … whole body felt relax after massage… chatty girl…bros can support if free

  21. Book an appointment last minute and there is only Linda available. When I got there she looked different from the picture, but upon closer look she is actually really cute.

    During massage she went in and out of the room a few times, maybe because the receptionist was not present, but that just shows how hardworking she is.

    My back was really sore from the gym and thankfully Linda’s massage makes it better and I feel rejuvenated when I left.

    Definitely going to come back. Great place for massage.

  22. Aini looks is totally diff with image. Maybe 15% looks light? And come in will straight away off the light haha… Although looks is diff, but she really gentle and sweet. So if you looking the pretty look like the image please avoid , 100% u will disappoint. If you looking service yeah just go ahead.

    1. New therapist Shan shan, has good strength and skillful on her massage. Friendly and good service.. Worth to try and will definitely come back to visit again.

  23. I have tried all the massage spas, and the one I like the most is Aini. Every time I go, I make an appointment for at least 2 hours.Her massage skills is comfortable. and relaxing and pin point where are your sores area and how to take care of your body.. Aini is truly a gems not to be missed, young pretty and professional and good great gfe . Highly recommended and rtm when I am free

  24. 看了好多人的评论我昨晚上也约了Aini. 真人比照片更好看,声音好听很温柔很女友感。按摩手法很到位,很专业的理疗师。谢谢你爱你Aini,一有时间会再过来调理身体。

    1. Today had a session with Lulu. Her massage skills are good, i would say, having gone to many massage places in Singapore. Felt very relaxing throughout the whole session. Her bubbly character is a plus too. Will go back and find her again.

  25. Aini is a sweet and pretty skilled therapist. Good attitude and very service oriented . She is supper friendly and caring from the moments you step in till you walk out.
    Massage service is exceptionally good and she know where to massage and what strength to apply exactly . Confirm she is professionally trained therapist who knows where your pain & sore points is. Highly recommended ,will return for further body maintenance

  26. Sorry bros the therapist I refer to is Aini,massage shiok until forget her name .Aini 我愛你.你好棒👌

  27. After seeing reviews from bros, l managed to book a session with her, Real person was prettier even without makeup up. Her personality and friendliness and sweet voice plus her massage and body maintenance skills is great. This is a gems not to be missed.Highly recommended to bros .Definitely rtm.

  28. During my recent visit to Bliss Paradise located at 14 Kim Keat Lane, I had the pleasure of experiencing their specialized foot massage and full body authentic massage services offered exclusively by Ling Ling. The service provided by the skilled and knowledgeable ladies at Ling Ling was truly exceptional and worth every penny.

    After the massage, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed, which made my trip even more enjoyable. The clean and positive environment at Bliss Paradise added to the overall experience, making it a great place to unwind and de-stress.

    I highly recommend Bliss Paradise and Ling Ling’s specialized massage services to anyone looking for a top-notch massage experience. I will definitely be returning here on my next visit to town. Overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely worth the investment.

  29. 今天約了Aini,人美身材好,很温柔技术非常好,去了一定要先收付入门钱啊,她会用很好的精华,非常舒服有女友感,价格比市中心便宜。肯定会再回来找她[Smile]

  30. Today finally managed to book Aini for a session. Her skills and strength and friendly was excellent and perfect . Highly recommended. Nice ambience,nice environment and many parking nearby. Will return few days later

  31. Just have a session with Aini,she is young pretty and professional therapist, the massage give you relax and worth the time. .time fly very fast,with her,I add one hour more due to not enough time,go back a happy and with RTM for body maintenance.thank you Aini

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