Xuan Spa 438 Race Course Road

Indulge in Tranquility at Xuan Spa Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Relaxation and Healing

Promo price is only applicable between 9:30am-2pm daily
60mins Hot Oil full body Massage $58
90mins Hot Oil full body Massage $86
90mins Hot Oil full body Massage $108
438 Race Course Road
Singapore 218684
Opening Hours 9.30am to 10.30pm

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  1. Give a brief description Little cute Emliy Let’s have a great service experience,Firstly, the massage techniques are really professional. I am a frequent massager. So I understand whether she has any intention or not, and secondly, her smiling service is the kind of little girl with dimples. Very cute

  2. My first impression of the spa is great. When the therapist I booked walked in, she gave me a sweet warm smile.

    Xixi is a super friendly and warm girl that would make a customer feel at home.

    After the initial intoduction, the session started. She proceeded to massage my shoulders and slowly to my body and legs. She would always check the strength she exerted is too strong and if I feel uncomfortable.

    Amidst the massage, she initiated good conversation with a mixture of joke and light verbal tease.

    When the session ended, I feel relaxed and wished that it lasts longer.

    Would difinitely book Xixi again in the near future.

    Kudos to Xixi for her warm and professional attitude.

  3. Visited this Spa on a Saturday afternoon. It is a little far from Farrer Park MRT station exit B.
    When arrived, the recep was friendly while I selected a massage package.

    Xixi is nice and bubbly. She can strike up a conversation and at the same time able to give good massage. Her bubbly and friendly attitude makes the massage session a pleasant one.
    At the end of the session, she offered water and gave a bright smile sending me off.

  4. I have visited Xuan Spa twice recently and was impressed with the services rendered by Linda. Not only can she massage with great professionalism, she is gentle and chatty to make you feel comfortable and relax. I’ll definitely return again!

  5. Linda is a very professional , very polite and cheerful girl. Never experienced this type of good massage before. Recommend Linda. 👍

  6. Visited Xuan Spa on 2 occasions and was attended by Linda on both booking.

    The environment: new shops, the setting and the ambiance is easily top in the class.

    The massage: Linda come into the room promptly after i arrived. She was very attentive and paid attention to the stiffness of my back and continuosly adjuct her strength according to my body muscle feedback. I was amased by her skill. Linda have a very plesant personnality too. She is easy to talk to like an old time friend.
    My massage sessions ended slightly over 60mins. No cut short time.

  7. I have visited Linda 3 times within a month. I have never revisited any masseuse so frequently and Linda is the only exception. She is attentive, provides good massage and is super friendly. Time flies by when you are with her as she is just so easy to talk to and her personality is very pleasant. Her attitude in serving customers is excellent.

  8. Visited Linda on 12 and 13 Sept 2023. The reason for so many visit is because Linda can not only massage, she can chat and make me laugh so much till I forgot how stressful my day job is. It is always a joy visiting her at Xuan. She takes her time to make sure you get a good massage on all your aching parts of your body and never rush for time. One of the true GEM from Xuan Spa. Looking forward for the next visit.

  9. Try Xixi on 03 Sep. Her cheerful personality brings a Sunny Sunday. Her soothing voice plus her finger point pressure technique working throughout your body from head to toe brings a wonderful combo for a enjoyable massage session. Her service attitude deserve some support.

  10. Emliy She is a small and delicate girl, she is new here. So it’s a bit silly. It will bring you a very good experience. It’s also my first time to go, and it’s worth recommending. If you like being conquered and want to feel like a true girlfriend, you must give it a try.

  11. my recent visit to Xuan Spa. Emily is a good masseur and friendly. Very professional and focus on her job. I would go for her again.
    highly recommended

  12. Have a excellent session with XI XI today.
    She very cheerful ( TLC ) and use the pressure deep techniques to ease pain .
    Will visit her again . Recommended

  13. Have a good session with XI XI . Her service attitude is excellent and cheerful (T L C ) . And her pressure point techniques is strongly recommended .
    Will visit her again.

  14. Went to Xuan Spa for a massage today and went to BeiBei for a massage! Her service attitude is very good and she is very cheerful! The massage is powerful and very serious! I will go to her next time! Recommended

    1. Have a excellent session with XI XI today
      use pressure point techniques to ease pain and cheerful ( T L C ) . Will go to her the next visit.

  15. I have been to many spas before, but this one stands out as the best one I have ever visited. Your attention to detail, such as asking about any specific pains I may have, and your expert pressure point techniques were greatly appreciated.

    I highly recommend Jojo to anyone in need of a massage.

  16. Today I went to Xuan spa to get a massage from BeiBei, her eyes are beautiful, and the photo is similar Massage is very powerful, find the acupuncture points! The store is clean and tidy! It is worth coming again next time!

  17. Visited Xuan Spa for the second time. First-class massage service from BeiBei. She is cheerful, easy to chat with, and was serious in her massage. Felt very relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. The room is clean and spacious. Value for money place.

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