YuQuan Spa 288 Jalan Besar

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40mins Swedish Full Body Care $50
60mins Chinese Therapy / Tuina $60
90mins Chinese Therapy Full Body $88
288 Jalan Besar #01-01 Feng Ming Building
Singapore 208951
Opening Hours 10.00am to 6.00am

69 Replies to “YuQuan Spa 288 Jalan Besar”

  1. today i tried Lucky ,she is a new girl from China .
    she cute and friendly, she look same the pictures. good massage and all . but her English is only so simple.

  2. The first time I met Mary, the service was very good. The massage was super comfortable. If you like it, you must find Mary to relax your whole body. she’s content 91792960

  3. I went to find Marry today, the service is very good, the massage is really relieved of fatigue, you can try it, remember to make an appointment by phone 93440536

  4. Tried 4 hand massage from Mary and Mimi. Both ML possessed good and relaxing massage. Their combination was good and will definitely go back for their unique 4 hand massage.

  5. I went to the same spa and met xiaoli. It was a good feel and no awkwardness or cingey over service. Just nice for me. Her massage skills was good and I had a pleasant conversation with her. Its nice to get such service to your level and not over. I like honesty and no treatment of me like carrot. Tip her a bit not much see her reaction . No black face. I like sincerness. Thumbs up

  6. 试过这里的越南妹,还是觉得 Ella 的服务比较好。按摩的力度刚刚好,人又健谈,值得推荐。

  7. Ella is the better one amongst the V ladies. Her massage skills are better and is not a clock watcher. You won’t go wrong with Ella.

  8. Ella is the Viet lady I always look for. She will massage according to your needs, always patient, no rush, unlike the other one I tried before. Ella is also younger and prettier. Always happy to see her.

  9. You won’t go wrong with Niko, Yi Yi, Ella and Dou Dou. I have tried them and I am very satisfied with their massage service.

  10. Ella is my preferred Vietnamese massage lady. She is naturally pretty and is very attentive during my massage session.

  11. Yi Yi is one of the nicest and friendliest masseuse I have met. Her massage skills are good and relaxing.

  12. After I saw so many good reviews for Mimi, I decided to come for her massage yesterday. Her service attitude is really the best I’ve experienced so far, and she managed to accurately massage my aching points. After the massage, my back feels so much better. I will definitely come back to find Mimi again.

  13. I am very happy with my massage session with Niko. She was attentive in checking with me if I was ok with her strength used during massage. Nice lady with good massage skills.

  14. Booked a one hour massage with Mimi but massage session ended in 30 minutes. Won’t be going back.

  15. Mary’s sister service is so good, and the person is also gentle, the point is that t, so I can’t concentrate on herMary’s sister service is so good, professional massage, you can try it

  16. Had my first massage with Mimi yesterday. I was more than impressed with her massage skills. I woke up today feeling fresh and ready for the day. Will be back again to look for Mimi.

  17. Yesterday I had a 1 hour full body massage session with Mimi and it was a wonderful experience! It’s a lovely place, I felt comfortable immediately and the massage relaxed me a lot. I’ll be back to look for Mimi.

  18. I would highly recommend Mimi. Her hands were lovely and warm and the massage left me feeling so relaxed I just wanted to sleep and I felt completely de-stressed. Thanks Mimi!

  19. Just finished my body massage with therapist Mimi. My muscles are so relaxed now. Highly recommend Mimi and this massage place.

  20. Mimi has good service attitude and massage skills. Nice and patient lady, can communicate in simple Chinese. Cosy environment. Will recommend Mimi to those looking for a good massage session.

  21. I went to this massage parlor last night and found the service done by Sister Mary, the massage was very powerful, the attitude was friendly, very talkative and gentle, and the figure was also great, and I will find Mary in the past next time

  22. I like Niko the moment I saw her. Sweet and demure , not the overtly fake kind. During the massage we shared some life experiences bitter and sweet. Her massage skills are good and she really put in effort. Never pressured me for anything. If I ever feel stressed from work I go go and visit her. Thumbs up for real massage.

  23. really nice service. highly recommend niko, will worth it. Will definitely come again. highly recommend

    1. I was aching and went to this spa. Mary introduce her service at first I was skeptical but later I realized she delivers a solid massage. As I exit I saw xiaoli. Was determine to find her. She look pleasant and I want to try.

  24. really nice service. highly recommend niko, will worth it. Will definitely come again. highly recommend

  25. Serve by ella , she us veit but speaks chinese so there is the convenience
    Not bad, definitely wil go again

  26. Solid oil Massage Service from this ML. Massage not piano type. Image huge original asset pressed on your head when she is massaging ur back.

    1. I like Niko the moment I saw her. Sweet and demure , not the overtly fake kind. During the massage we shared some life experiences bitter and sweet. Her massage skills are good and she really put in effort. Never pressured me for anything. If I ever feel stressed from work I go go and visit her. Thumbs up for real massage.

  27. Fei Fei no longer working there any more.
    So end you trying Xiao Li which is also very skillful and chatty. I enjoyed the services.

    Five Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  28. Apple 的服务非常到位。我很欣赏她的服务态度和他的亲切友善。非常好的员工。我还会再光顾她。谢谢

  29. FeiFei’s massage has left me speechless. She was attentive, caring and I left very relaxed. 5 stars for sure

  30. I recently booked a massage with Mei Hao and without doubt it was the best massage I have ever had. She is gentle and attentive and really knows how to take away all the stresses and strains of the day with her magic touch. I will be back to visit her again very soon.

  31. Good massage by Mimi, a friendly and lovely girl. Place was clean and location is convenient. Will go back for another massage session soon.

  32. First time visiting Mimi for a massage. It was a great experience. I really relaxed and totally enjoyed the massage session with her. Mimi is warm and friendly and her massage skills are good. I would definitely book another massage session with her again!

  33. MiMi is one of the best masseuse I have met. Very accommodating and friendly. I am happy with her good service and massage skills.

  34. Good massage from a very nice lady Mimi. Great strength and right on the spot to relieve all my sore muscles. A good massage gem not to be missed!

  35. I have a bad backache and happened to pass by Yu Qiang Spa. I was served by Fei Fei. She is professional in massage and able to use her technique to relieve my back pain. She is also. attentive and able to understand my problem.

    I will go Yu Qiang Spa again and seek Fei Fei to relieve my backache.

  36. Came across Yu Quan Spa while having lunch nearby. Conveniently located with plenty of car park lots and nice food in the vicinity. Had a nice massage session with MiMi, a friendly and good looking lady. Will return for another massage session with her soon.

  37. 昨天路过惹兰勿刹的御泉SPA, 正好是由菲菲技师接待。选了一个小时的精油开背按摩。 价格也不贵,她手法力度非常到位好, 解除了我最近的颈背的酸疼疲劳。 按摩后全身就是舒服。

    店里干净,环境也挺好, 附近有小食和公交站,交通太方便。


  38. I was walking along Jalan Besar and saw Yu Quan Spa. Decided to go for a massage and was served by Mimi. She was attentive during the massage and checked with me regularly if the massage strength was ok. Service was good and I would gladly recommend Mimi to those looking for a massage.

  39. I read the review of Fei Fei from this website and decide to came and try her service.

    Must say I am very satisfied with her service attitude and massage skills service.

    Totally felt relax after One hour of her massage.
    Surely will return and look forward to book her again.

  40. I booked Xiao Li today. A very pleasant Lady from Fujian.
    Friendly and her massage skills is very good to get rid of my tiredness. Room and environment is good, nearby parking is no problem. Price is pretty fairs.
    Will come back and look for her again.

  41. MiMi provides good massage and the spa’s environment is cosy. The entrance fee for a one hour massage is reasonable. Felt refreshed after the session. Will return to massage again.

  42. Was passing by this YuQuan Spa and was greeted by Fei Fei and decided to try her since my Neck and Shoulder was stiff and needed a solid massage.

    Fei Fei is friendly and with good massage skills that is able loosen my muscles, feeling great after One hour of massage.

    I will surely come back to use her service.

  43. I would recommend MiMi.
    She is able to strike a conversation with you in Chinese, and she’s a very hardworking girl and make sure I fully use all my time booked

  44. MiMi is a nice lady who can deliver a strong massage. Feeling refreshed after a 1-hour session. Will definitely visit her again for another session.

  45. I visited Mimi of Yu Quan Spa today. The environment is clean and cosy. She is a very pleasant lady and her massage skill is good. I will visit her again for another massage session.

  46. Served by Mei Hao during one of my session at this place.
    She has the skills of a true massager, the tenderness which you would expect from a vietnamese, accompanied with the strength of a Dongbei lady, all in one with the stunning looks that will leave one as the name suggested likewise ” a Mei Hao美好 experience”!
    An hour session with her, left me absolutely refreshed and filled with energy to get me through my night shift job after my morning shift of work.
    She is definitely the one which one should reserved for a session of good massage after a hard long day of work.
    I will be back!!(quotes from “The Terminator”

  47. FR for Mimi..

    Young.. bubbly.. model like.. long slender legs.. welcome you at the door with a lovely smile. usher to my massage room. clean and spacious. put in effort with her massage and she aims to please.

    service is one of the best. reminds me of my poly days crush.

    she will be my go to if i am around that area. please treat her well and ve pampered by her service.


  48. I am a regular customer of MiMi of Yu Quan Spa. The environment is cosy and she has good massage skills. I always enjoyed my time there and feeling refreshed after a massage session with her. Highly recommended. Will definitely visit her again soon.

  49. MeiHao has a good service attitude and pleasant. Able to communicate fluently in Mandarin though she is from Vietnam. Will return and relax body muscle ache

  50. Have a very good and relaxing experience in Yu Qiang spa. I was served by Mei Hao, she has good massage technique, she is attentive and is able to zoom into problematic areas to help loosen the muscles.

    I have bee there twice already, definitely recommends.

  51. Had a great experience at Yu Quan Spa. Clean environment and provide a comfortable room. I was served by Fei Fei, She is lovely and chatty to her clients, and also a great listener. Throughout the whole session, She has really helped to lessen the pain of my stiff back. She really knows how to provide great service, and for me, I will definitely visit and look for her again regarding my massage need in future.

  52. I tried Fei Fei and her look is exactly as the photo in this site. Her massage skills is and very relaxing.

    Place is clean and quiet. Definitely will come back and use her service.


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