Liu Xin Yu wellness & Spa 78 Guan Chuan Street

Liu Xin Yu located in Guan Chuan Street Start your day feeling relaxed with our Happy hour promotion! By The Massage Directory

9.00 am to 1.00pm
60min Full Body Oriental Massage $58
90min Full Body Oriental Massage $87
BLK 78 Guan Chuan Street 01-45
Singapore 160078
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

33 Replies to “Liu Xin Yu wellness & Spa 78 Guan Chuan Street”

  1. Coco give very good & professional massage . She is able to target your problem area Attitude very good & gentle making you fully relax and destress. Must try!!!

  2. Lucky is one of the best Masseur in town. Her massage technique is superb and release all your body aches.

  3. I like to come to this place. This the place was let me after my work.can let me relax my body. AND THE LADY WAS LUCKY WAS S/V ME .SHE WAS VERY FRIENDLY AND KIND. And her was very strong 💪 and powerful of the massage. I were come often to LIU XIN YU TO ASK MISS LUCKY TO 💆‍♂️ 💆‍♀️.

  4. Recently, I have visited Liu Xin Yu wellness &Spa and was attended by Lucky. She is very skillful in managing the aching part of the body. And she is able to manovear the different parts of the body at ease and releases the aching parts well. She is also able to converse well with customers. Will sure to come back for more treatments. Kudos.

  5. I went to this spa Liu Xin Yu, the environment was very quite and comfortable, yoyo was very good in massage. I feel comfortable and relax for her massage. Very 👍 skillful and friendly to customers.

  6. Last week my wife went to a Spa name Liu Xin Yu, her masseur name Rose. She told me her massage is very good and comfortable . Rose was very friendly and very well communicate person, she recommend me to try her massage skill , i will go for a try if I’m free one of this day

  7. My friend recommend me to this spa Liu Xin Yu. The therapist name Una was excellent 👍 her massage was relaxing I like it. She is very nice and friendly.

  8. I went to this spa Liu Xin Yu the therapist name Vivi was very good in massage, she can pressure my point and and very well to communicate with her. Will come again.

  9. Recently I went to Liu Xin Yu Spa for massage . The therapist name Coco was very good in massage, she is friendly and polite. Highly recommended

  10. Had Kristal for my second time here. Very very good massage and very attentive to my problems. Had pain and tightness in right shoulder. Kristal took amazing care and massaged the tightness away. She provided great advice on how to better manage shoulder pain too.

    Very easy to communicate with her as she can speak a little English and Malay too. She made the massage session relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Definitely will be going back to her again!

  11. The therapist, Yoyo, was very attentive to my requests, and placed more focus on areas I needed attention, muscle aches from over exerting myself. Her masseur skills were amazing. With her gentle but firm hands and a soft spoken voice, I could fully relax and enjoy the whole experience, coming out fresh and revitalized !

  12. Today just go to look for lucky for massage her massage powerful &good skills thk her ❤🥰😍

  13. Today i go to spa Lucky is good service and powerful very skillful and able to relieve all the and stress she is attentive and polite.❤🥰👩

  14. Today i go to spa Lucky is good service and powerful very skillful and able to relieve all the and stress she is attentive and polite.❤🥰👩

    1. Today I go for massage at Liu Xin Yu Spa ,the therapist name Amy was very good and attentive, she able to focus my back pain and relieved my aching very good skill, will recommend my to come

  15. What a good place for massage.A beautiful masseur Lucky was the one massage for me💆‍♀️. She a very friendly lady n doing a 👍job .i well uite often going .Her craft was so good until my body was so relax. I recommend this LIUXINYU WELINESS & SPA.🥰

  16. Excellent Spa! The therapist YoYo has experience and she was able to help release a few of my knots.
    This is one of the best massages I have ever had.

  17. Recently, I went to liu xin yu wellness and spa. The environment is quite pleasant, but the skills provided was marvellous. Joyce was the one who attended to me. With her experiences, she was able to pin point the area of my body which was sore and fatigue. And helps to release the tired muscles, and I feel relaxed after the session. Keep up the good work, Joyce. Kudos to you.

  18. I have visited multiple times and i always ask for Yoyo as my therapist. My body feels much better after the session. She is highly skilled and knows my pressure points. Also, she is very friendly and makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommend.

    1. Lucky is a very good masseur, her skill is very 👍, she help to relieved my muscles pain and back aching, after the massage I can had a good night sleep throughout whole night, highly recommend

    1. My friend recommend me to this spa Liu Xin Yu , the masseur kristaal massage for me, she is very skillful and able to massage my tightness and my aching point, she seriously listen to what I requested! Very polite of her and helpful. Will come again.

  19. Hi i am go this Liu xin yu spa massage very long time.
    Lucky this girl massage is very good service.

  20. Lucky is very skillful and able to relieve all the pain and stress. She is attentive and polite.

  21. Had a good massage by Rose earlier this afternoon, strength is good and lady is friendly, took off all my fatigue away. Will definitely visit again!

  22. Hi, just went to the spa , good service, and powerful massage , massage skills is very good , will recommend my friends, thanks

  23. Rose 的服务态度很好,笑容甜美,按摩技术一流,人也健谈,又有礼貌,人也好看,找她按摩可以放松身心。我会经常过来找她按摩,不会去别家了。赞👍🏻

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