Bliss Paradise 623 Balestier Road

Experience Lasting Relief with Bliss Paradise 623 Balestier Road Your Go-To for Massage Therapy Near You

60mins Full Body Massage $60
90mins Full Body Massage $90
623 Balestier Road Singapore 329914
Opening Hours 10.30am to 1.00am

Bliss Paradise 623 Balestier Road

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  1. I enjoyed it. The hard and soft intensity is suitable for me, pushing and pressing my sore and stiff back. Thank you BABY. Your massage is great.

  2. Great massage for the price. The massage therapist did perfect pressure and really worked on the areas that were stiff. Left feeling completely better. Lili was amazing. RTM Yes!

  3. Great experience. Clean facilities. Good prices. Ying Ying addressed all of my concerns and I feel like some real bodywork was done on my lower back and hips!

  4. Visit once a month – twice if time allows. Have tried a few different therapists but Kitty never fails to help me out. She is amazing!!!

  5. I have had the pleasure of receiving several messages from Toto and I must admit she has always been professional and courteous. Her massage is very relaxing and calming. Additionally, Toto has extraordinary expertise in addressing muscle knots and relieving the affected area. you must try her!

  6. I have had the pleasure of receiving several massages from Toto and I must admit she has always been professional and courteous. Her massage is very relaxing and calming. Additionally, Eva has extraordinary expertise in addressing muscle knots and relieving the affected area. you must try her

  7. Miumiu is an amazing and skilled therapist. She understood my needs and I left happy and relaxed. She is quite new to the spa, but her skills equal any more experienced masseuse. Highly recommended.

  8. Ying Ying is friendly and caring attitude inspired my liking for her amongst the therapists that I have tried so far. She is skill full and massage with strength. I strongly recommend her services. Will be back soon.

  9. Having massage by Baby . The massage techniques are good, the face is sweet, it was a good experience and I will come back again

  10. 我真的很喜欢kitty 真的好可爱 也很幽默 按摩方面也很棒 要求的标准她也会去满足 我喜欢的力度是刚刚好 她用力不会很重 人看起来较小可爱 没想到按摩方面很合格 很喜欢

  11. 店里的越南人中文很好 环境也很不错 跟她们沟通无障碍 虽然发音搞笑 可是她们也很开朗 还会认真跟我学习 整体还算是不错的 前台人也很好 很幽默有趣 真的很喜欢去那边按摩 店的环境好 卫生也很好

  12. meimei 服务态度各方面都很好 人也很漂亮 也很体贴 没想到店里来的每个人都很棒 笑容很甜美 她们的前台很幽默搞笑 店里环境也不错 厕所也很干净

  13. The spa is clean, the front desk is so daring and the staff is friendly, and the prices are unbeatable. Do yourself a favor and ask for Kitty, she’s the best!

  14. Honestly, one of the best massages I ever had! Ying Ying was my massage therapist and she is phenomenal. Incredibly skilled and so very nice and thoughtful. It did hurt at certain points but that’s when I know it’s working for me. This place is very busy on the weekends so calling ahead would not be a bad idea! This will definitely become my regular place! Come Support Ying Ying! I feel so much better!!!

  15. Tried the japanese bubble massage. Good experience. Xiao Xiao is gentle, polite and skillful. Had a great chit chat session and the massage had revitalise me. I am full of praise and smile for her.

  16. Amazing massage in the Balestier road! Alice checked in on my preferences before she started, and she spent time taking care of my problematic shoulders/lower back. I am definitely coming back!

  17. Xiaoxiao is very friendly and good personality, she has a great skilful hands that will make you feel relaxing within the 60mins. Looking forward to visit her again.

  18. yingying 按摩真是一流,力度刚刚好也把我的整个身体按的舒舒服服的!重点是人很亲切,按摩的时候也一直和我聊天,工作认真,把我酸痛的地方都给解决了。人也长的漂亮,有一种女朋友的感觉当她在替我按摩。

  19. Return customer for Yingying. Feel very rejuvenated everytime I went to her. Good massage, always hit the right points. Highly recommended!

  20. I can’t recommend Qiqi enough! Her massage techniques are truly goodl. Not only did I leave feeling completely relaxed and tension-free, but I also felt a sense of overall well-being. If you’re looking for a skilled and compassionate masseuse, Bliss Paradise, Qiqi is the way to go!

  21. Today, Xiao xiao was arranged by Bliss Paradise for me. She looks small but very strong. I’m very relaxed. Her massage is very good. She’s a real figure. I’ll be back for her soon.

  22. Kitty and Baby is probably the best masseur I have ever encountered. Her techniques are top class and I cannot ask for more. I have engaged her services at least twice a month since then.

  23. A very good massage experience, the masseuse is very professional, the technique is very good, the person is beautiful, generous, patient and humorous

  24. Just had a session with yingying! Can you believe she’s 19 years old? One of the younger masseuses I’ve came across! She is just some syt and don’t doubt her strength! Really let loose so much after my 90mins with her. Will definitely come back again.

  25. Just had a session with Lucky. Did not expect such a beautiful and friendly girl would be able to give such a grear massage. Her friendly smile and warm caring nature makes her really special .

  26. Having a terrible back pain and was driving past this spa so made a u turn and went in. Lucky was the one who massaged for me. Told her my lower back was painful. She was spot on and managed to relieve me of my pain. Marvelous. Will go back to find her again. Recommended Lucky. She is good at massaging.

  27. The ambience is nice, the ladies pics are about 10% – 15% discount, the massage is good, got discount some more. Had Amy, and no regrets.
    Will be back again

  28. Tried xiao xiao on Ear Picking with massage, it is awesome, all my stress and dirt is removed.

  29. Amy was too good to be true, though small in size but strength was just right, relaxing session.

  30. Just finish my session with Xiao Xiao, needless to say, all my sores are gone. Just tried the cupping which she recommend, was really good

  31. Just visited Lina, great session and was attentive to my pain spots, will be here again for her.

  32. Xiao Xiao was good and chatty during the entire session, she was spot on all my sore areas, leaving all my tiredness away.

  33. Lina is very good, though her command of English and Mandarin is not good, her skills on providing a comfy massage is certainly there.

  34. Yuna is good masseuse, a petite girl but has great strength, the acupuncture points were accurately pressured to relief stress, very friendly and spontaneously talk to you.

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