Spa D Raviver 11 Jalan Bukit Merah

Spa D Raviver located in Jalan Bukit Merah – Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul with Care

60min Full Body Massage $55
90min Full Body Massage $85
11 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150011
Opening Hours 10.30am to 10.30pm

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  1. Have been a regular with Apple for more than a year. As I prefer strong massages, she’s really good and strong despite being petite. Highly recommended

  2. Had a good combination from both LeLe and Wendy, LeLe was cracking my back while Wendy was working on my aching leg muscles. Perfect teamwork from them both, will try next month.

  3. YiYi is amazing. No regret. Will go back soon and finding her again.

    1. Apple’s work and working attitude is very good. She is also very hardworking and her massage skills are perfect. also have good customer service skills and I will definitely be back because I am very impressed by her service. Thanks

      1. Had a wonderful time with apple. Fantastic message skills and she’s so beautiful . Will come again next time.

  4. Had a good massage session with Apple.
    Accomodating to requests and with good strengths to release the tensions for the body ache. Friendly and attentive. Definitely will return.

  5. I have always enjoyed massages by Apple who is strong and attentive to the sore points in my body. Feeling energetic after a massage by her. Very thorough massage which makes my sessions very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

  6. It was hard to find a masseur who could understand and at the same time relive your painful muscle aches, so when Apple started the routine, it was such a great and on point massage. Very effective and excellent masseur.

  7. Went for a 90 mins massage today and opted for Yiyi. Her massage was good, and she would asked which parts would need more pressures. Skillful and friendly masseuse.

  8. Yiyi is very beautiful and friendly.Good massage skill and powerfull.After massage can feel body very relax.I well be come back soon.

  9. Yiyi i very beautiful and friendly.Good skill and power full.After massage can feel body relax.I well be came for next massage

  10. Massage done by Yiyi was pleasant. She is very beautiful and has a positive attitude.

    1. Wendy is very good at deep tissue massage, her skills are superb. She is very attentive to all the sore areas and tries her best to solve all affected areas. Highly recommended if you are looking for deep tissue massage.

  11. Manage to get LeLe to massage for me today as the rest of the masseurs are working. Good and strong back massage with the right pressure, highly recommended. And Wendy is back, will ask for her next round.

  12. Recommended. Massage by Yiyi was good, and she was friendly and skillful … will return for another massage

  13. Went to look for Wendy, unfortunately she is not around, tried Apple, who give a solid and strong back massage, with a friendly attitude. Good place to relieve back ache. Recommended!

  14. Powerful strokes by masseuse Nina, not rushing and provided a very relaxing time for me. Very value for money and will sure return for her

  15. As promised, helping the shop to promote since this is a good place for massage.



  16. Revisit this place for a good massage for the start of the year, as expected, awesome experience. Worth your while.

  17. Revisit this place, find out that they are having promo, just to help to share: Applicable to 1st timer only, too bad wasn’t eligible.



  18. Went for lunch and chance upon this shop, went in and was assign to Apple, good massage with friendly attitude. Will visit next time when in the area.

  19. Went back to find apple again, good massage, nice atmosphere. Heard Wendy knows TCM, may try her next time.

  20. Visited YiYi several times for her massage service. She is caring, friendly and polite even though I am a bit senior in age. She will ensure customer satisfaction and feel relax and fresh after her service.

  21. Revisit this place and ask for Apple again. Good service and strong massage as before, signed up for a package since I think it’s worth going. Recommended!

  22. Massage done by Yiyi was pleasant. She is very beautiful and has a positive attitude. I will definitely return for her skills.

    1. Tried Lele yesterday. Skillful with great attitude. Will definitely book her again and again and again

  23. Tried Jane (Singaporean) for first time. Amazing skills. Strong smooth strokes. Strongly recommended.

  24. First time visit this spa while around the area, nice environment, friendly and skilful masseur, ease my back soreness. Will definitely revisit next time!

  25. Tried Apple yesterday, she is friendly, patient with a good attitude. Massage was good as well. Worth a try!

  26. Repeat my visit to look for Apple, a very skillful and friendly masseur. Highly recommended!!

  27. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is an idiom. But you only need to visit this Masseur Ms Apple once to know that she will relieve you of all your body aches and keep you healthy. Ms Apple has excellent strength and techniques. I did not even have to tell her my problem areas, she already knew while massaging me.

  28. Lele的 按摩手法很好 ,属于治疗型的按摩方式,人美脾气好,强烈推荐给大家!

  29. Masseur Wendy knows her medical stuff, have difficulty walking due to sports injury, and she manage to lesser the pain after each treatment. Highly recommended!

  30. Tried Apple’s massage, strength is just good, she is pretty, young and serious about her work, worth revisiting 👍

  31. Apple is attentive and has a pair of strong hands with the right skills to give a good massage. Her massage helps me to have a good sleep at night.

  32. My regular is Jane, she knows exactly how releive my tired muscles, excelent session.

  33. Jane is top rated for deep tissue and strong massage. Never fails to address the areas most needed. Been seeing her for many years, always come back when need for some solid technique and to focus on the areas needed.

  34. Jane has been massaging for my mum and I for at least 2 years. She managed all my issues including my mum’s. We sleep better and has less no aches and pains. We are also much healthier with better blood circulation . I would recommend to anyone who has issues with their hands, legs or even breathing problems

  35. Jane is truly in a class of her own. Having attained mastery in acupressure / deep tissue massage, she can heal many of the symptoms previously thought only possible by invasive procedures.

    My chronic uneven shoulders was rectified by her and I don’t feel as much pains and aches as before.

    Look no further and book an appointment with her right away. You can’t go wrong with her.

  36. Massuer Yiyi is very skillful and friendly. One of the best in this area so far. Highly recommended. Will visit soonest

  37. angela 按摩手法很好 可以缓解我的背痛 和小腿的疼痛 人又美 强烈推荐!n

  38. yiyi is good at massage,also have a good attitude,feel very very relax ,She can relieve your fatigue。try her,You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Jane healed my trigger finger after just few sessions. Truly amazed by her knowledge which you cannot find in most of the massage shops out there.
      Tried cupping with releasing of blood to help with the pressure built up inside. She is patient and willing to ensure her efforts in massaging heals her clients.

  39. Tried Yiyi yesterday. She is a sweet and nice girl. Massage lover will appreciate she effort in reliving your tired body.

    1. Masseur Yiyi is sweet and gentle, I felt very relieve after my 1.5hr session with her. Highly recommended and will definitely return

  40. Great message, relaxing atmosphere with skilled masseuse Angela. Very thorough massage and friendly vibes.

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