Wan Jia Wellness 279 Outram Road

Wan Jia Wellness: located in 279 Outram Road Experts in Stress Reduction and Pain Management By G1298.com – The Massage Directory

Each of our therapists have years of experience in therapy.
60mins TCM Full Body Tui Na $60
90mins TCM Full Body Tui Na $88
279 Outram Road, #01-01 Outram Loft,
Singapore 169066
Opening Hours 10.30am to 10.30pm
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77 Replies to “Wan Jia Wellness 279 Outram Road”

  1. Had visited this shop previously and have a good impression with the clean environment. noticed they have a new girl Nicole.

    Made an appointment for her.
    She has those innocent looks and gentle personality.
    Massage wise was not too bad

  2. Recommended to this new girl Nicole.

    Sweet young thing from Vietnam.

    Very soft spoken and sweet.

    Massage : 8.5/10
    Location : 9.5/10 (very clean)
    Service : 9/10

    Confirm come back

  3. Went for another visit at this spa and also my fourth session with Mimi. She is a such a pleasant, sweet and every happy person. She always welcome with a warm smile
    Paid entrance and went for shower. Had a good relaxing session with Mimi as by now she is aware of my pain points and paid attention to my needs and gave a good massage as always.
    Her hands a tender as well as packed with punch where required. She is always willing to please in all aspect. Will see her again soon for another memorable session.

  4. Booked Eva after reading the reviews. Got lucky with my appointment time slot.

    Location is very clean and nice. Staff there are very friendly.

    Was asked to wash up. After awhile Eva came in. She got a very sweet voice. Her massage was good. She will ask if the strength she used was enough.

    Eva is not a time watcher. Massage is solid. Service is topnotch.

    Will RTM

  5. Very nice session with Bella. She is softly spoken but very kind and attentive. Quite strong for a slender woman and no rush, fantastic focus on detail. Recommend 100%

  6. Saw some reviews on Emma and decided to give it a shot

    The place looked clean and cosy.
    A few other ladies helped ushered me into the room. One of them gave me a pair of slippers to change on. Hospitality here is definitely worth mentioning.

    Emma’s massage skills were one of the best I had. She even have the option of cupping which could match some of the tcm I visited.
    She was able to hold a conversation well and I wasn’t bored for my entire session

    Overall, I highly recommend and I will revisit this place again

  7. Got recommended to try Eva. Slots fill up fast for this girl. Managed to get an appointment at night.

    Arrived 10min early, front desk girl told me she will be with me in 10min and asked me wash up first.

    Location is clean and nice. Got nice fragance that lingers througout the outlet. Room are clean and fresh.

    Eva came into the room and i was a bit shocked. Such a pretty syt. Can see her awesome figure.

    Massge was not bad. She asked if there were places that I needed more pressure or not.

    Not a time watcher. Service was fantastic.

    Worth it for the price.


    1. Just my feel of the massage
      I have booked a session with a young lady Emma, she is new but skilled, ease all my painful muscles, enjoy it and almost doze off

    2. Nice massage with this new girl Emma, she look the same as the posted picture, great time, enjoy it

  8. Finally managed to book Eva.
    She is a lovely therapist with nice features and sweat face.
    Looks slightly older than photo, but still young and attractive.
    Massage was OK. Understandably not as good as a proper TCM.
    We both share the passion on massive mountains and peaks. Cannot stop discussing and admiring them. Heavenly.
    RTM: Oh yeah!

  9. Finally Eva is back. I’ve been waiting all cny for her to come back.

    Booked an appointment early. Then headed over. Location got the festive mood.

    Massage standard never drop. Very very good. Then turn over. Waaaa, i think she got prettier la.

    Lost the battle to her chio-ness super fast. Super shiok.

    Left a happy boy~ 😍

  10. Booked Amanda upon seeing her photo. When I arrived, was greeted by Lucy at the front desk.

    Bella lead me to the room, change and went the shower (outside the room). Amanda was a milf. Her massage was great and relaxing. Worth it. No regret!

    Cleanliness : 8.5/10 very clean (shower toilet need to touch up abit)
    Looks : 8.5/10
    Figure : 9/10
    Massage : 10/10 (great massage and relaxing. No regrets!)
    GFE: 10/10

    RTM for sure!

  11. Booked a session with Lucy last weekend after dinner in Tiong Bahru.

    She is very chatty and friendly. Always smiling. Makes you feel relaxed.

    Massage: 7/10 (only lose to TCM)
    Looks: 7/10 (photo could be 10 years ago, but still pretty for her age)
    GFE: 10/10 (super high!)
    Figure: 7/10 (voluptuous but was passed its peak, abit more toward MILF-ample type)

    RTM: tempting

  12. Visited the spa last week and had my first session with Bella as my previous preferred therapist left the company last month. She is a very sweet Viet therapist. Her massage is strong but pays attention if can adjust to customer comfort if required. She was very consistent in getting rid of my tiredness. She is tall and has very pleasant personality. I enjoyed my session thoroughly. Will surely return for another session soon.

  13. Today a bit busy, so didnt make an appointment, just walk in and see my lucky.

    Just nice assigned to this viet girl called Bella.
    Slim and tall, her looks will grow on you.

    Went in wash up, then she came in. Massage was good. Will check in on me if she pressing too hard. Chatty lady.

    Service not bad.

    Will come back again~ 👍🏻

  14. heard about the 2 new viet girls in the shop lately and went to try one of them whose name was bella. she looks quite pretty always putting on a smile. she is quite is tall . massage was good as it ease my sores on the shoulders and she was chatty so time pass by quickly. those who like massage can give her a try

  15. New girl in the house – Bella (viet)

    Tall girl, soft spoken.

    Massage was good. Will ask if strength ok or not. Service is not bad. Not a time watcher.

    Location is clean and nice. Got nice smell.

  16. Bella is really great with her technique and pleasant disposure. Massage is great and her service is excellent. A great place to unwind and rejuvinate. Truly recommend!

  17. Booked Eva.

    Looks : 9/10
    Figure : 888/10
    Massage : 8.5/10
    Service : 10/10

    Die die must try.

  18. Went to visit the shop here yesterday.
    Was told there are 2 new Viet ladies Bella and Mimi
    So picked Bella and she was quite tall and young. Looks better than the pics. Her massage was good and hit the correct spots on me.

    Will probably try the other lady the next time. But have to watch vitamin M as the current economy is not doing so well

  19. A returning customer for Wanjia. Been some time since I last visited and was recommended to try out new girl Baby. Was initially skeptical as Baby looks so youthful, wondering if she is up to the task. Fortunately, she was able to provide a good hard massage that did unlock some of the stubborn knots which i have had for weeks. Great recommendation by the boss and the ladies here so far are of pretty good quality, offering skilful massages. Thank you and will be visiting again soon!

  20. Finally managed to get an appointment with Eva. My timing always cannot match up to hers. Heard she got some stuff to settle so not in town for some time.

    Took a 90min promotional package. Not disappointed at all. Super relaxing, super shiok. The essential oil smelled pretty nice. Told her to focus more on shoulder and back.

    After the session, whole body felt lighter. Can book Eva. Good. But needa call or message early. Her slots fill up super super fast.

  21. New girl in town!

    Called quite last minute, managed to get a slot with this new girl Baby. Heard she from Dongguang so I took the slot.

    Looks pretty decent, massage was not bad, service was good.

    Overall good! 👍🏻

  22. Called in to make an appointment yesterday. Front desk recommended Baby.

    Baby is new to this location. Syt, quiet pretty. Very soft spoken, good skills.

    This shop got quite a few chio and young chai already. Not bad not bad. Heng i call in to make appointment, they say walk in cannot pick. So rmb to make appointment before going down.

    Rtm : yes!

  23. Saw the reviews and decided to make a booking with Eva. Real gem, limited time slots coz always kena booked.

    Managed to get a slot, and headed over.

    Shop is clean and nice. Massage is really really good. Asked me a few times if the strength was ok. Her figure is WOOOOW~

    Definitely will come back for next session. 😍

    1. Hana’s little body massages her very powerfully, and her smile makes all my worries disappear for the day. I went to see her more than 4times a month.

  24. Hannah is cute, pretty and sweet lady with exceptional services. I’m very picky but yet have RTM twice this month. Following are her stats / ratings:

    Looks: 9/10
    Body: 8/10
    Service 9.5/10

  25. Feeling tired yesterday, so called in to make an appointment. Alice was available, managed to book an appointment with Eva. Been awhile since i made an appointment with either of the sisters, think they went back recently.

    Eva was almost fully booked, so had to settle for a slot closest to my preferred timing.

    I have been a regular at their location, service is fantastic. Any bros that appreciate great figures and good massage, the sisters are a must-try. Try it to believe it. No regrets.

    1. 萬家现在有几个年轻漂亮的女生 我约了 Amy 18 岁 哇 第一次遇到18 岁的女生。很好聊 一点也不拘束! 我拿一个小时 最后还➕了半小时 因为真的按摩好 推荐 下次还会去试试另外二个年轻的越南妹妹 Mimi 嘿嘿 男生总是喜欢尝试新的事物[Smirk]

      Recently met Amy. First time met a ML who is only 18. Chatty and talk about anything under the sun. I even extended my session because her massage was good. Might try the young Viet chick Mimi on the next trip. I think that’s the problem with men. Difficult to be satisfied with just one lady

  26. Had a session with Hana last week and I owe her this feedback. Awesome therapist. She is petite but packed with power in her massage style. Warm and welcoming and serves with a beautiful smile. She is my go to masseuse if I am around the area or feeling tired. She will make you feel refreshed after the session. Visited her twice already and never disappoints.

  27. Wa Eva come back liao. Chop chop make appointment.

    Took a facial package. After the session still got some time she still ask me wanna massage shoulder or not. Good service. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  28. Booked Hana for 1 and half hour, service was excellent and amazing. Massage was on point and the room was exceptionally clean and fragrant. Bros coming over do try her out, worth every single dollar. Real life better then picture.

  29. Appointment with Lucy yesterday. Been to this outlet a few times but first time requested for Lucy.

    Her massage is good. Chatty lady. Time flies during the session, then she asked if i wanna extend the session by 30min. I was like sure why not, since her massage is not bad.

    They have some promos now, opted for the body scrub. Very refreshed after the session.

    Overall, good experience. Will RTM

  30. Finally managed to get a slot with Alice. Standard still maintained. Very good.

    She learned the back kneeing recently, super good. After cracking the bones on my back, damn shiok.

    Location : 9/10 (near mrt, if raining need umbrella)
    Massage : 10/10 (better and better everytime)
    Looks : 9/10 (chio)
    Figure : 10/10 (similar to photo, fantastic)

  31. EVA IS BACK. My favourite masseuse is back.

    Noted that she was back, quickly booked a slot with her. Couldnt get the timing i wanted, ended up settled for her last slot available for the day (2h later than wad i wanted) really must book early.

    Still same same, chatty girl. She mentioned got people fly airplane also, waste their time. So bro, please cancel your appointment if u cannot make it, dont pangseh ah.

    Location is easy to find. New mrt station nearby.

    Think they renovated the place a bit. Super clean, very cozy.

    Bought the new package they have inhouse. Slightly cheaper per session. Might as well right, since go quite regularly.

  32. Made an appointment yesterday for Lucy after work.

    Looks : 8/10
    Figure : 8.5/10
    Massage : 8.5/10
    Location : clean and new

    Chatty lady. Small talk and chatted throughout the session. Massage was good. Asked to focus in my shoulder and back. After the massage, felt great.

    Confirm will RTM.

    One man’a meat is another man’s poison. Try for yourself~

  33. 60mins feels so short when I’m having a massage with Kelly. Her massage was so good that I always falls asleep. Environment is very clean and good that you can really come here and feel very relax. Will come back for Kelly again!

  34. Booked a 1 hour appointment with Kelly service attitude is very good. No rush and doesn’t eat into my time. Place is clean and comfortable. Massage is good with her soft and smooth hands. Pressure was applied at correct area. Will book for Kelly again

  35. Been some time since i last came. So went to see who was available after work. Kelly was recommended. Since I was not disappointed by this joint, so why not give it a try, booked a 90min session.

    Poped by, was slightly early. Business here is packed during peak hours. Was showed to the room and asked to wash up before the session.

    Kelly massage is pretty good. Very soft spoken lady. She was quiet at first, then slowly started to chat a little. Entire session was pleasant, came out feeling lighter.

    Highly recommend to bros that wants at decent massage. 👍🏻

  36. Had a good 1 hour with Lucy very good massage skills which manage to relief the pain on my neck and shoulders, ear candling was so comfy as well. Will return for Lucy!

  37. Made an appointment with Hannah today.
    Very young lady, with very good pressure massage. Look exactly same as picture very slim and cute.

    Looks: 10/10
    Massage: 9/10
    Service attitude: 10/10

    1. Saw the advert and saw Mimi. Straight away make an appointment. Heng got available slot.

      Location : 9/10 (looks news and clean)
      Massage : 8.5/10
      Looks : 8.5/10
      Service : 9/10

      Good experience. Spa is very clean n nice. Will be back to try therapists as well.

  38. Had a great session with Cola, she is sweet and soft spoken. Massage is very on point and her sweet look doesn’t disappoint me. Will definitely return for Cola again!

  39. Visited Kelly @ Wan Jia recently.
    She is tall and slim, with nice fair skin and physique. Chatty and gentle, and oozes quality – a little like ladies from Taiwan.
    Good massage and post care.

  40. Was recommended to try Cola during my recent visit.
    To my pleasant surprise, this petite looking lady with fair skin is really good with her craft. She is a good conversationalist and had a great time enjoying her massage, releasing the tight knots I have and occasional small talks here and there. Will definitely recommend to bros!

  41. Was around the corner for dinner yesterday. I saw a pretty girl standing outside the shop, so I went to try. Cola was a masseur of choice. Massage skills not bad. Very good conversationalist too. Left the place a happy man, and very much more relaxed.

    Recommended for people who want a relaxing massage session!

  42. Made an appointment for Kelly today.

    When i arrived, i saw this slim and tall lady in ponytail. (I have a thing for ladies in a high ponytail). She help me change into the slippers before i proceeded to the counter.

    Her voice is very soft n sweet, a bit like the gentle taiwanese kind.

    Massage is not bad, decent.

    Overall pleasant experience. Will RTM

  43. I took the chance to try Hannah, the vietnamese syt

    Pretty, soft spoken, knows how to please; truly a gem!

    Great environment too, clean & cozy. Will return for more 🙂

  44. Tried the new girl Hannah today. Syt, very cute.

    Massage was decent. Very chatty little girl. Can speak basic chinese and english. Gfe gao gao~

    Been here a few times, still clean and nice. This is the best vietnamese girl they have by far~

    1. Hearsay angpai Eva quite hard to book. Decided to give her a try, really quite hard to book. Heng i can accommodate her available slot.

      She was at the front counter when i arrived. Quite chio~ syt.

      Brought to room to wash up and change and the session started.

      Massage not bad. Will ask hard enough not. Told her my shoulder n back stiff, quite nice to focus on those parts.

      Service was fantastic.

      Will be back for more sessions!

  45. Favorite place in Outram to get a massage. Always relaxing and refreshing. Very easy to find street parking close to the store. You won’t be disappointed ask for Hannah from Vietnam

    1. Made a 2 hours appointment for facial and massage with one of the ladies, BaoBao, last night.
      Massage is done masterfully, able to release the knots that I have and she proficient at kneeling back and back stepping too.
      A soothing facial done after the massage is recommended. Must try, make an appointment with her now!

  46. Arranged a session via whatsapp with Wendy a few days back. This place has a soothing and relaxing vibe and most importantly, clean environment. The ladies at the counter attended to me warmly, asked me to change my shoes before being led to the room. Overall, a pleasant experience and Wendy is rather skilful in her craft. Would recommend Wendy to friends so please try her if you haven’t done so!

    1. Been a regular customer for a while. Tried all the girls and for me, the best one is Alice. Her massages have pressure and I will always come out of the massage room feeling lighter! I will go twice a month to see her. One for massage and one for facial. Plus, she is such an eyecandy! Prettiest one of the lot. Recommend to all the bros to try her!

      1. True Bro Gib! Alice is the best! The pictures of the girls all got slight discount but I think Alice is the most accurate. Very Chio! Her massages are tiptop everytime. Would talk like old friends during the massage too.
        10/10 in terms of looks, service, attitude. Will rtm every month.

    2. Been here a few times already. Arrived and was introduced to this new masseuse Hannah. Pretty and young Vietnamese girl. Her voice is very sweet~

      Massage not bad. Will ask if the strength she use is hard enough or not. Chat with me for almost the entire session.

      Shop location quite easy to find coz got new mrt station open nearby. Convenient yet quiet enough. All the girls here are friendly. Overall very nice experience.

      Will rtm~

  47. Just visit this shop
    The place is clean and there is a faint scent of aroma.
    The ladies look quite young and I chose the Vietnamese Wendy. We could not really communicate well due to language barrier but her attitude was excellent.
    Will come again to try other ladies

  48. First impression, cozy place with nice music playing in the background.
    Good hygiene standards and the rooms are always cleaned up properly after each session.
    Have been visiting this place for quite some time now and all the ladies I’ve tried so far are young and skillful which you may not be able to find easily elsewhere. Strongly recommended to visit this place at least once to try out their services!

  49. I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Nana today, and it was truly an amazing experience. Nana made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I arrived, and her impeccable attention to detail and technique was outstanding. I left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and I am eagerly looking forward to booking another appointment with her. The location was spotless and in excellent condition. I highly recommend Nana to anyone seeking a skilled and talented massage therapist. Thank you, Nana, for an incredible massage!

  50. I have been with seeing Lisa for a number of years already. I like it that she is very friendly, is in person very pretty and has a nice body. It’s a complete package for me She is always accomodating and will be willing to help you in whatever areas you feel require addition massage and attention. I also like it that she can do a hard rub if you need one, or adjust it to be softer on touch if you can’t. If you need someone who can give a good experience, I highly recommend Lisa. Will not be disappointed

  51. Eva is back!!! Booked her for a massage when I came to know bout it.

    She knows exactly where the sore spots on my back are. Had a 60min massage and all my aches disappeared after that.

    Will be back for facial with her soon. This shop has facial and beauty services also.

    Massage : 10/10
    Looks : 9/10
    Location : 10/10 (clean and new)

  52. This my second visit
    Place is cosy and clean
    Not your typical pushy tactics
    Recommended for relaxing session

  53. I have been to many spas before, but this one stands out as the best one I have ever visited. Your attention to detail, such as asking about any specific pains I may have, and your expert pressure point techniques were greatly appreciated.

    I highly recommend Rose to anyone in need of a massage.

    1. True Bro Gib! cola is the best! The pictures of the girls all got slight discount but I think Alice is the most accurate. Very Chio! Her massages are tiptop everytime. Would talk like old friends during the massage too.
      10/10 in terms of looks, service, attitude. Will rtm every month

  54. Needed a massage today, was recommended to try Coco. She is new here.

    Massage was good, has enough strength. Coco is not a time watcher. Please tell here where u want her to focus the massage on. Told her my shoulder was tense, she spent much more time on my shoulder n neck.

    Coco in person looks similar to the photo.

    Location is clean and new. Has a nice 4-5star hotel lobby fragrance when I enter.

    Definitely will come back again.

  55. Went to visit Coco today.
    The place was cozy unlike some sleazy MP feel
    Coco was gentle and soft spoken
    Her first time here in SG she said
    She has nice attitude and accommodates to my request
    Will visit again

  56. I managed to book an evening slot with one of the ladies

    Pleasantly surprised with the clean & cosy environment

    Tried baobao, very pretty and a great conversationalist.

    Good place to unwind and relax. Highly recommend!

  57. This place has a very relaxing ambience and the staff are receptive and welcoming. They do not rush. I like to come here after a busy day at work.

    1. Arranged a session today with Annie. Felt that her massage skills were top notch. Those looking to seriously relief aching should find her. Will rtm her again

      1. Recommended by a friend to try Baobao at this place coz I like back-stepping massage.

        When I arrived, a pretty lady greeted me at the front desk. She intro herself as Baobao. Her figure is damn good!!!

        Requested for the back-stepping massage. The massage was superb. Cracked and popped all the joints.

        Location : 10/10 very clean
        Looks : 9/10
        Figure : 10/10
        Massage : 10/10 (ask for back stepping massage. No regrets)

        RTM for sure!

    2. Yesterday Hannah bring my sky High up the massage technique is truly extraordinary! Her skills are superb ( superwoman), inducing utmost relaxation and comfort throughout the entire body ( from top to bottom Her expertise and approach create an immersive experience that is truly unparalleled. I highly recommend her services!

      Look : 101%
      Body : slim small
      Skill : unlimited ( try book 1.5hrs)

  58. Place has a nice decor and a relaxing ambience. Eva is very patient and friendly…does a solid massage ironing out the kinks in my tight lower back

    1. My go-to spot for a good massage and facial.

      Location is clean and good. All the staff are nice and friendly.

      子娟 is new to this joint. Was recommeded to try. Although she is slightly older, massage was legit good. She knew where to press to remove the knots on my shoulder n back. After the massage, whole body felt relaxed.

      Facial done here is very professional as well. Been to a few places before, this is one of best spot for facial. No rush, very detailed.

  59. My friend recommended this spot and it was better than I was expecting! Great 1 hour full massage, Super relaxing definitely coming back. Bao Bao massage is Awesome Must Try

  60. Wan Jia Wellness is the best! I have been here about 2 times and it is consistently great. The prices are affordable and they are very accommodating. I have recommended all of my friends to come here and they love it too.

    1. Booked appointment with Alice and Ding Ding for 90mins.

      Ding Ding was able to regulate her strength as requested . Her pressure was solid without being uncomfortable.

      Alice was able to release knots in my legs that have been bothering me for the longest time.

      Will definitely return for this 2 excellent ladies!

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