Seasons Wellness Spa 43 Beach Road

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Thai Massage Benefits For Stress Relief
60min Full Body Massage $68
90min Full Body Massage $98
120min Full Body Massage $116
43 Beach Road Singapore 189681
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

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  1. 最近刚刚约了Rita,来了个90分钟舒服之旅。力度舒服,人又漂亮。很多同事都说Rita长得像F. 冰冰,个人觉得,Rita比F. 冰冰更像F. 冰冰,更漂亮,更温柔。

  2. Just tried the new therapist Rita. Rita is truly amazing with her magical hands and good techniques to loose the knots and relief the aching from gym. Bright character and very sociable, never let the conversation turns cold. Will return to visit this rare gem when I nearby

  3. wow wow wow.. new therapist Rita is cute and soft spoken, great massage and not a time keeper. you will never regret trying Rita.

    1. Kimmy gave a really great service overall! Bery friendly, and good to chat with. Her hands was really good plus her natural beauty face gives your overall experience wonderful

  4. Winnie

    Looks : Slim and nice, not dark skin.
    Massage : Gentle and on point not a time keeper.
    Overall : 8/10
    Good will come back for more.

  5. Ivy a pure good Thai massage therapist. So far I had went to many massage parlour for Thai massage but what I had the best is with Ivy. She can do cracking of body with Thai massage style. She’s a true gem for guys like me that like Thai massage.

  6. Just ended a session with Winnie, very young lady with surprisingly good massage. Looks better then photo. Will be back again.

  7. Anna 按摩非常好,全身得到了很好的放松。和她聊天也很开心。❤️

  8. Anna had a very wonderful hand that ease my back pain after the massage for solid 2 hours. She is friendly sweet and courteous. Thanks you 🙏.
    安娜 有一双灵活的手艺。可以减轻了我的背痛。 她是一个很棒很友善的按摩师。加油。

  9. Just finish a 90mins session with Anna very polite young lady. Massage was good. Not a time watcher and doesn’t eat your time. Most importantly her attitude is very good. Soft spoken, serve you warm water before and after the session. Will book for Anna again!

  10. Excellent massage from Anna! Feel so refresh after a 1 hour session with her. Should have gotten the 90mins one instead!

  11. Great massage we got from Bobo and Candy.

    Soft spoken and sweet looks.
    Massage was perfect, place is clean and tidy.
    Price was reasonable as well.

    We will come back for more!

  12. Great session with ivy from Thailand which can provide Thai massage! Very skilful and can do hard massage as well! Thank you ivy! Will return soon!

  13. Anna does an excellent massage for me 2 days ago. She can be very chatty and can be very quiet if you wanna have a rest. Can perform strong massage to relieve my aching shoulders. Will definitely be back for another 90mins!

    Thank you Anna

  14. hard to believe until I went down personally to get a massage from candy. My friends recommended that candy is sweet and young, confirm not the 40 year old therapist.

    Massage was good.
    Place is clean and simple.


  15. Had a 120mins session with Anna.

    Her massage is professional and effective which sores my aching body.

    Will return for more.

  16. Had a 60mins with candy

    Looks 9/10 : sweet and young.
    Massage 9/10 : soft hands but can do hard massage.

    Overall it’s a very good session with a young lady.

  17. Kimmy is a very gentle and can be very chatty. It’s a wonderful 90mins session with her. Altho she is from Thailand but she English is good which make you feels very comfortable as we are able to communicate well.

    Massage is good not piano type.

    Will be back for more

  18. Would like to do a review for Anna.

    Anna is a young and polite lady, which is really patient on her massage, can handle both hard and soft massage according to my needs. Will definitely book Anna again

  19. Visit candy on 14 Sep

    One of the friendliest masseur , very chatty and positive vibe . Chatty and able to hold conversation well , attentive to detail , like how to put ur things , direct you to shower room .

    Massage strength is strong and professional . Those who have a sore back should look for her , she won’t rush to complete the job

    Location : central , near to mrt , easily found parking lot .

    Will recommend to visit her

    9月14日 candy





  20. A very professionally run spa with great standards of hygiene.
    The therapists are skilled and they don’t pressure you into buying packages.
    Kimi from Thailand is very skillful, with a good mix of strength.
    Thank you

  21. Had a great session with Anna which is very skilful. Anna is a cute young lady with a good skill set. Will return for Anna if I need a massage.

  22. Had a 1 hour message with Anna, massage is good. Very well trained and very patience as I’m quite particular on the places that I feel tired. So I will tell her on which part I would like to be massaged more. Her attitude is very good. If I need another massage I definitely will find Anna.

  23. Had a super relaxing session with BoBo. She’s skillfull and know where’s the right place to knead. Had a stiff shoulder and upper back and after the session i walked out feeling completely refreshed.

    Not to mention she’s super friendly and bubbly and can easily strike up a conversation. Highly recommended!

  24. huge surprise! Kim is really pretty and young, never expect that she look exactly same as her picture. No gimmicks! Massage was good as well. The best is she understand English and can speak English quite well. Do try her bros!

  25. Tried Ivy last night. Very very good Thai massage. Strong hands and solid service.

    Do support this one.

  26. Fantastic massage with ivy.
    Looks : 9/10
    Massage : 10/10
    Not a time keeper and won’t eat your time.

    Will come back for more

  27. Ivy is a very sweet and young Thai therapist which can give you Thai massage. She can give you strong or soft massage to your liking. Will recommend ivy for sure.

  28. Candy is a hidden gem! Sweet and young.
    Pictures and her real look is 9/10!
    Massage is good will sure come back for Candy again

  29. Had a great session with Bobo today.

    She is so sweet and soft spoken.
    Pressure for massage is so good that it actually help me to relief my shoulder ache.

    Will definitely return for Bobo again

  30. The environment, staff and their skills are the best for the price we are paying for. It’s also clean and hygienic. Anna massage very good, highly recommended. Love this place!!

  31. Ivy is great with her Thai massage, massage is very on point that manage to ease the pain on my shoulders.

    Place is clean and neat.

    Will come back for ivy again, keep up the good work ivy!

  32. Have a massage with Bobo she is awesome. She can apply the correct pressure that you need for your best comfort. Will return to look for bobo again! Thanks bobo

  33. I just had a very enjoyable massage from Candy. She only had 60min available as she had another appointment later but she managed to relax me completely and I left feeling very happy. I would definitely go again — and next time I’ll make an appointment we’ll in advance!

  34. Visited Apple yesterday .her location is easily accessible with convenience public transport and parking space under We Work. Room was well decorated . Great attitude and very service oriented . She is supper friendly and caring from the minute you step in till you walk out.
    Massage service is exceptionally good and she know where to massage and what strength to apply exactly . Confirm she is professionally trained masseuse and all these make me feel like coming back again.

  35. This place is a gem. Candy saved me today with her strong and insightful massages. I recently completed a marathon and have been in deep pain since. I relayed this to Linda and she masterfully targeted parts of my hips and thighs. She also intuited that my neck and upper back were tense & focused. She also had great sense of humor & was great at putting me at ease.

    If you want quality massage this is the place to go. Calling ahead for reservations highly recommended.

  36. May is a hidden gems. She single handedly made Friday more TGIF for me. The weeks has been hectic and the skills he applied on those joints and legs muscle due to long seating positions is one of the best in Central Area’s. She speak great mandarin and ask specific questions like which area to focus and how much pressure needed from time to time. Very attentive and professional

    Will be my regular go to moving forward.

  37. Looking for a top-notch massage experience in Bugis? Look no further than this establishment! I have been a regular customer for several months now and have consistently enjoyed their excellent service. The skilled therapists, particularly Nicole, really know how to work their magic and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

  38. This place is amazing May really worked wonders on my Neck and shoulder. I walked out feeling like a brand new person I will definitely be back.

  39. I had an incredible experience at this place! It was my first time there and I opted for the oil massage. As someone who does a lot of driving for a living, my back was terribly tense and sore. Lisa, my therapist, did an amazing job!

    After leaving the spa, I woke up the next day feeling loose and with no tension at all. I was finally able to sit up straight comfortably, which was a huge relief. I visited in the afternoon and I am definitely planning on returning. Thank you, Lisa and the rest of the team, for such an amazing massage experience!

  40. All I need to say is ask for Nicole! She is the best at what she does. Great hands, gentle but firm. She has great customer service too. Wherever she goes I go. I request her to walk on me every time. …. I can’t say it enough …. Request Nicole you will not be disappointed.

  41. Lucy is a skilled masseuse who has a true passion for her work.
    She is able to provide a massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated.

  42. I had a great experience at this establishment. The facility was very clean and welcoming, and the front desk receptionist was friendly and helpful. My masseuse, Nicole, recommended the Thai massage, which I loved. Nicole was professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the massage. This was my first massage ever and it was truly a 5-star experience. I will definitely be back and highly recommend this establishment. Thank you, Nicole and the rest of the team!

  43. I had a massage with Nicole at her Beach Road location and it was exactly what I needed. She was very professional and knowledgeable about different massage techniques, and was able to customize the session to my specific needs. The atmosphere was calming and the location was convenient. I left the session feeling completely rejuvenated and would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for an excellent massage experience.”

  44. Just finished massage by CoCo and felt fully recover from all the stress I had today in office. She had managed to take care of my frozen shoulder and also maintain my lymphatic drainage, the benefits of her Chinese-style prostate health care for men happened when she rub both hands to increase body heat and touch the point where stimulate the glans to prolong the inscription sensitivity… I loves it, since it’s felt wonderful and help to improve my dreams life.

  45. Probably the best massage I’ve ever had! Bobo is super strong and used techniques that really worked on my problem areas. She doesn’t waste time and always made sure I was comfortable.
    Place was also so clean and smelled amazing! Staff is super friendly. All around would highly recommend.

  46. Visited Candy recently, she has great massage skills and is very friendly, will definitely return in the future.

  47. Every morning I felt tired due to back ache and uncomfortable feeling all over my body (age catches up).

    Recently I met CoCo here and realised that she can do very good 拉筋 Stretching Massage (like Thailand Massage that bend/stretches your body to loosen up your tendons)

    Her 拉筋 – a lots of patterns (will make you hit the massage bed to ask for surrender like what you see in Wrestling)
    正骨调理 – Like the chiropractor uses her hands to correct spinal misalignments to restore the normal function of your muscular and nervous system.

    All that for $60.00/hour, really a great deal.

    CoCo is Highly recommend to any bro that need a great massage and sure I will return for her treatment.

  48. Visited Linda recently, she is very friendly and very skilful, professional. She have great strength

  49. Regular patron of Coco. She provides very good strong, value for money massage service. Worth a visit!

    1. Went to look for Xixi at Season Wellness Spa yesterday, unfortunately heard she has already moved to Super 8 Spa. Will look for her there next time!

  50. Great massages for an affordable price $60 for an hour massage
    Linda is an excellent therapist. I would highly recommend her.

  51. really great place & wonderful people! seriously the best deal in the city and i couldn’t be happier, Highly recommend Tian Tian..

  52. Visited again. Engage with masseuse YoYo again. She continues to be cheerful and understanding.
    Some of the Massage Spas masseuses may used too much strength, leaving tiring body with more aching after massage… but this will not happened with YoYo. She is experienced and knowledgeable in giving you the best massage.
    Will visit again.

  53. Wonderful experience – I walked in with a lot of muscle soreness and tension, and without an Appt and felt so much better after.
    All very clean and sanitized. Bei Bei My therapist was very skilled, kind, and checked in to make sure I was okay with the level of pressure. Great price too. Will definitely go back when I’m in Bugis.

  54. Great experience! An awesome massage at a clean, spa with excellent service. Tian Tian was wonderful and gave a great massage.

  55. Got a terrific 90 minute massage from Coco, Thai style massage is all so very good must try, who I highly recommend
    Place is clean and looks good.
    Great prices.

  56. 贝贝, 长发及腰,声音温柔,最重要的是:手法一流,很久没有碰到这么好的手法了,强烈推荐,值得一试!

  57. Yoyo is one of the massuer that stood out for me, and looks better in person. Worked in TCM clinic before so knows her massage, however her wrist sprain so asked her to use elbow for hard massage which she obliged. Chatty and definitely engaging throughout the session. RTM a few times already.

  58. Nana, is Amazing! She did such a good job getting all my knots out and making it so relaxing! Perfect pressure! I will definitely be back.

  59. Just visited this place, recommended by a friend. Surprisingly good. Nice, clean and quiet environment. Engaged with YoYo, she is much pretty than photo in person, and importantly she has a beautiful character. Cheerful and patient. Understand she was a trained traditional Chinese massage therapist before, and she may give you some advises on some of your body ache problem. Respect her and you will enjoy talking to her.

  60. Yo Yo is much more pretty in person than the photo. I’m glad that I visited her.
    She is soft spoken and cheerful.

  61. Hello, My name is Bowie from Thailand
    Amazing service from Bowie & the rest of the staff. Session was well done & well priced. I will be returning & would recommend others to go there.

  62. If u r looking for therapeutic massage then look for Coco. She is very skillful and knows exact acupoints to massage with just right strength. I had very bad stiff back and got relieved after her massage.

  63. Just came here to try Bei Bei massage.
    Reception staff is very friendly Room clean environment
    Bei Bei Photo Look exactly the same.
    Her massage is good enough for me 8/10
    RTM: Maybe is a No, want to try other place.

  64. Xixi’s massage is the best I have experienced so far in SG. She has a fun and bubbly personality that makes me feel warmth. Her massage skills is really worth paying for by itself! And not to mention, the massage was perfect and I feel destressed and ready to go back to work again! 100% RECOMMENDED to the bros out there.

  65. Excellent service. All the masseuses I’ve met have been great: professional, responsive, friendly and skilled. BeiBei has become my favourite when she is available.

  66. Fantastic full body massage with coco.
    Not to mention the awesome personality, friendliness and professionalism. Highly recommend.

  67. 那天我的头好疼。刚好遇到了 XiXi 给我按摩。
    She relieve my headache after a lot of effort.
    If you like husky voice then she is your type of friendly Massuer!

  68. Nice vibe, almost feels like you’re on holiday. Have been here a few times and like most massage places the quality is a variable depending on who you get. More hit than miss here though, and xixi is very good.

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