Fu Zu Wellness Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central 

Experience the Benefits of Massage at
Fu Zu Wellness

60min Full Body Massage $55
90min Full Body Massage $80
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-144
Singapore 310177
Opening Hours 10.30am to 10.30pm

44 Replies to “Fu Zu Wellness Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central ”

  1. Went for my regular session last Sat (13 May). This time requested for Qi Qi as I’m having stiff shoulders and sore back and i know Qi Qi has the strength (knee on back) to soothe the pain away.
    Yes, she got the work done… as always!

  2. Qiqi- I went to her on 7th May last Sunday. I had my stiff neck shoulder pains . She is very good at Press IT. She press on my both neck shoulder. Now I feel no pain. Will definitely go to her again.

  3. Had a session with Vina last Saturday. She got the strength and the positive attitude. Do give her the chance to massage you but be patience with the communication. (She speaks Mandarin).

  4. Last Saturday evening (8 Apr) went to my regular session. This time decided to go back with Coco. Missed her skills and friendliness. Always able to chat a lot with her. Did ear cleaning too. She mentioned my ears are cleaner now with regular sessions.
    Had a good night sleep after the massage session. No soreness the next day. Refreshed and recharged!

  5. Another trip, another satisfactory session! Massage by Qi Qi always soothe the pains away.
    Try ear cleansing by Qi Qi. Good job for first timer – dedicate and patience.

  6. Went for my regular session on Monday (13 Mar). Qi Qi is back! Her massage is strong and always soothe away the shoulder and neck pain.
    She told me she will learn ear cleaning. Will support her and try the service for my next visit.

  7. raining season went to Fuzu again, tried one seesion of ginger oil massage, relieved many day’s body fatigue and muscle discomfort. Coco’s kind suggestion, therapist Bella’s professional and delicate treatment is very satisfying, worthy of coming again and recommending.

  8. I tried Toto last week at Fu Zu. She got good massage skill. I’m her regular customer from others shop. Since she change shop I follow her go to new shop. She very nice and friendly. He massaged relax and solid. Highly recommend Toto.

  9. Visited belle last week. Today i drop by here too. Tried Kiki today. Massage was perfect, good strength. Nice and friendly. Highly recommend Belle and Kiki

  10. Took 1.5hour session today. Chosen Therapist Kiki. Her massage is indeed very nice and the strength is good. Highly recommend.

    1. Coco- I am regular of fuzu. Had a session with her on 28 April 2023. She is very good at massage. I am having a neck shoulders pains so she press It for me very good.. keep it up.

  11. I am regular of Fu Zu,all of the therapist is excellent and professional

    Coco-good and relaxing massage session. Friendly and outgoing. Very professional

    Kiki-good and relaxing massage session. Able to cure your body acheness.

    Belle-good and relaxing massage session.

  12. Went to Fu Zu after seeing many good reviews. Therapist Kiki attended to me. Took 1 hour session. It was a good session, my pain at my back have ease alot. Highly recommend,they are very professional. I will visit them again

  13. I am a regular customer of Belle. Fu Zu is a warm and cosy place, belle massage is superb. The staff here is always nice n welcoming. Best recommended place to come for massage.

  14. Visited Fu Zu during lunch time today. Took 1.5hours session,just ended the session. It was a great session, Kiki provided a good massage,her strength was very power,very relaxing. Highly recommend.

  15. Have been coming for massage session twice a month at Fu Zu Wellness. It was a great session. Highly recommend Coco, Belle and Kiki. They are all experience masseurs as i personally tried,their massage is solid. I will come back next week again.

  16. After seeing many reviews on Therapist Kiki. Finally managed to book her for 1 hour massage session this morning. Her massage was nice and good. Totally feel relax after the session. Do come and try

  17. Went for my regular session yesterday evening. Therapist is Coco. Her strength is always just nice for me and yesterday did ear cleansing. Coco is very experienced in this area and she is gentle, patience and delicate. My ears are now unblocked and suddenly hear everything clearly. Will do ear cleansing for every session I go.

  18. tried masseur Kiki. Her massage skills is good, all my pain gone after the session. Highly recommended. The ambience is nice n relax

  19. Today finally managed to book kiki for a 1 hour session. Her skills and strength was excellent and perfect . Highly recommended. Nice ambience,nice environment.

  20. A very relaxing session after work today. I looked for Belle. Her strength is strong. The massage price is reasonable. Worth coming. I will visit them again in few days time

  21. Just went for a session before heading for work. Have tried Belle. Massage was superb. Highly recommend. I will visit them back again soon

  22. Just tried one session ginger oil massage in FuZu, relieved my body tiredness and stiffness effectively after days of raining and raining. Cozy room environment, masseuse kiki is kind talking & skilful, worthy coming again and recommended.

  23. My first visit to the Fu Zu Wellness during lunch time, Coco attended to me with a warm welcome and introduce me with their menu, Kiki given me the massage, it was marvelous. It is definitely worth coming. I will be back soon

  24. Went for a session before CNY eve. The therapist is Qi Qi. Petite in size but very strong with the massage. Relax all the way, doze off a bit when she do the head massage. Recommended!

  25. Third visit to the Fuzu, Coco is always kind & warm, Kiki gave a good treatment with her skilled skills. Worth coming again.

  26. Nice place to relax, Coco is very nice, wonderful GFF, easy talking and communicative , happy hour after hard working

  27. Tried Apple. Nice and pretty and good looking. Friendly and outgoing. It was a fantastic session. Highly recommend. I will be back again

  28. Recommended to new therapist Kiki, one session foot and one session back massage. KiKi has enough strength, attention to my specific pains and give more time to relieve.
    She is skilled and gentle talking, the room is cosy and clean. Definitely will come again, highly recommended!

  29. Went to try this afternoon. Massage was good. Kiki was outgoing and cheerful. They are having promotions now. I will be back next week

    1. Went to find Bella
      Thumbs up for her good service. Not a time watcher. The massage is good with enough 力度。 so good until I fell asleep bit.

  30. cozy interior layout, relaxing melody, skilled and friendly therapist Cindy, it’s an effective treatment journey, worthy coming again and recommended.

  31. Visited this morning before going to work,xiao yu strength was good. It is a good and relaxing massage session. I will come again to try the other therapist

    1. I have been a regular customer. Coco and Xiao Yu is good. Their massage skills is superb. Able to release all my tiredness. I felt so relax after each session. It is a recommended to try

  32. I tried Fuzu’s wooden stick rolling tendon scraping, which can promote and stimulate blood circulation, remove dampness and relieve fatigue, the effect is obvious. Coco is skilled and the therapy is delicate and effective. It is worth coming again and recommending.

  33. A pleasant and relaxing experience at FuZu, Masseuse Coco’s skilled techniques, friendly attitude, and elegant environment relieved days of fatigue and soreness. It is very worthwhile and recommended.

  34. Xiao Yu – is very good at Press It/good massage.
    She is always smile and good arritude. Will definitely go to her again.
    All massur are very friendly and smile. The place is very clean and environment.

  35. Coco- very nice and always smile.
    She is very good at Press It
    She is very good attitude and friendly. Will go again.

  36. Convenient location and elegant environment . The masseurs are all skillful, professional, cute and friendly. A great place to relax from stressful work. Definitely will come again.

  37. The masseurs are all professional and committed, and very friendly.

    The environment is clean, tidy and nicely lit (not too bright). You will definitely have an enjoyable and relaxing massage.

    Location is convenient and easy accessible.

    Price is definitely reasonable and value for money.

    Highly recommended to all.

  38. Xiao Yu-nice,friendly and cheerful good massage, pressure on point
    Cindy- nice and outgoing
    Coco- nice and friendly. Cheerful,maasage pressure on point

    1. A very relaxing session. Have visited them yesterday, tried Kiki. Her strength is solid. Their massage price was reasonable too. Worth coming. I will visit them back next week

  39. I have tried 3 of the masseurs and review the following.

    Xiao Yu – nice accupressure massage and friendly attitude.

    Cindy – good in oil massage and friendly personality.

    Coco – nice soothing massage and friendly service attitude.

    Will definitely recommend all to go and try.

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