Hawaii Spa 14 Jalan Selaseh

Hawaii Spa is a relaxing, pampering and
nourishing environment just for you. 

Best Body Massage work specialist. come
and feel your stress melt away.
60mins Full Body Massage $60
90mins Full Body Massage $90
14 Jalan Selaseh #01-00
Seletar Hills Estate Singapore 808439
Opening Hours 9.00am to 10.30pm

3 Replies to “Hawaii Spa 14 Jalan Selaseh”

  1. My masseur was Moon, she said she just returned from China hometown. Moon has many years of experience in this industry. She is a bubbly girl and likes to make small talk about her life in China. Especially good was how she talked to me to ensure the pressure and techniques used
    were sufficient. You can surmised from her figure that she is health conscious. She told me she runs a couple of kilometres every morning and it shows in her figure. I recommend her and will be back when I can.

  2. The store is tastefully decorated, the counter is the first stop. Here you can ask for a masseur that you are familiar with, or the boss will assign you one.

    Moon is a pretty therapist from China. A down-to-earth type and always with a smile on her face. Age I dare not ask, some things you do not ask a woman. I think she looks like late thirty. She is very health conscious; telling me she has run 3km that very morning. If you like some small talk while being attended to, Moon is your masseur.

    The massage is done properly, Moon mentions she was trained back in China. Overall I give the spa a 9/10 and Moon 10/10 for attentiveness

  3. I was looking for a massage and came across this place. The shop is very clean and look very relaxing. I was attended to by Moon, an experienced masseur. Moon gave me a relaxing massage paying attention to the sour spots on my back. It felt comfortable and I dozed off momentarily. Moon has a cheerful personality and likes to chat with her customers. Excellent.

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