Joneling Chi Spa House 17 Eng Hoon Street

Joneling Chi Spa Relax & rejuvenate with premium massage & health services for all Make your reservations now!

Situated in the city area, Joneling Chi Spa’s sleek and fresh open-plan atmosphere features polished white marble floor, set against natural wood elements and modern, invigorating pops of pastel colours. 
60mins Aroma Oil Massage $65
90mins Aroma Oil Massage $90
17 Eng Hoon Street #01-05 Singapore 169767
Opening Hours 9am to 10.30pm

3 Replies to “Joneling Chi Spa House 17 Eng Hoon Street”

  1. First time visited service extremely good and friendly, I would give 10/10, second time visit service level dropped 8/10, 3rd time want to visit but massagist refused to do my booking and worst deleted my wechat.

  2. Shasha is the one Malay Malaysian Spa Therapist that really has good skill and strength in tackling the common pressure points and makes sure we are relieved of any pain or soreness. She is very genuine in her work and does it very well. Will always come back to her because I will guarantee leave with a lighter and better feeling body!

  3. Sha Sha was amazing! Attentive, a great listener and communicator, working out tough tension and did not miss a spot.
    I didn’t even, know was possible! I took 2hrs due to more tension relaxing massage.
    I wish I could afford to see her every week!

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