4 Replies to “Kang Zhi Yuan 128 Rangoon Road”

  1. I totally agree………all Meitu-ed until cannot make it

    shocked to see middle age aunties working inside

  2. please do not trust the overly MEITU-ed photos…..
    all gals are middle aged!!!!

    Patronize at your risk

  3. Do not patronise. Super fake photos, chop carrot place. $68/hr for dry massage. $78/hr for oil.

  4. 我去找了米亚按 手法好够力。真人还比照片中的更加美。很有善良的人按到我很舒服。两个小时后我精神精力强了。
    Went to look for Miya for 2 hours solid massage was good strong enough. She looks more pretty then in picture and very friendly too. Will sure return.

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