Oasis Spa 916 Upper Thomson road

Oasis Spa works to improve quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation.

A soothing and relaxing arena for short gateway from your busy and hectic schedule.
By G1298.com The Massage Directory
60mins Chinese massage $58
916 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 787115
Operating Hours: 09.00am to 10.30pm

2 Replies to “Oasis Spa 916 Upper Thomson road”

  1. Went down to Oasis Spa at Upper Thompson on 24 Mar 2022.
    Opted for the hot oil massage. Saw their therapist photo album and requested for Hebe.

    Massage was okay but the oil use was not even warm. Felt so cold. Asked therapist if she uses hot oil and she replied yes. Therapist said it became cold due to the Aircon in the room.

    Therapist can only speak minimal English.
    By the way, therapist did not even looked close to the photo album. The company probably use paid model for their photo ops (do adjust your expectations)!

    Only 2 kinds of massage available to choose.

    This will be my first and last visit to the spa.

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