Sunshine Spa Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central

Sunshine Spa

Affordable Massage and Spa Services at Sunshine Spa
Luxury at a Great Price

60mins body Massage $55
90 Minute Massage, Including
Your Choice of Body Scrubbing,
Cupping, and Ear Candling – Absolutely Free
Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #02-3623
Singapore 150164
Opening Hours 09.00am to 10.30pm

18 Replies to “Sunshine Spa Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central”

  1. 阳光SPA的按摩师我差不多都按摩过了!个个的手法棒棒的,好认真的按摩,不错,去到阳光SPA 就好像回家一样,她们非常礼貌热情. 值得表扬!我累了就回来啦😁😁😁

  2. Apple 这个越南妹按摩师 非常好!这边几家按摩院我都去过了,我最喜欢是这里环境 房间大,按摩师傅好专业,下次带我的朋友一起过来!

  3. 开开心心的按摩,这次真的没有走错地方,按摩师专业的手法,细心的照顾,真的好享受、忘记了工作的烦恼,轻松多了,感谢NANA 的按摩 手法很好,过几天再来找你.谢谢!

  4. NEW WELLNESS SPA干净卫生,按摩师不错,我去过3次Helen lily appie 手法很好啊,腰酸背痛 按摩了 好了好多,值得推荐

  5. 我今天又来这里按摩啦,这里的房间干净整洁 冲凉的水也大,按摩师的按摩手法很好,温馨,年轻!值得推荐。

  6. 阳光SPA干净卫生,按摩师不错,我去过3次Kelly nana appie 手法很好啊,腰酸背痛 按摩了 好了好多,值得推荐

  7. 今天在这里按摩 一个NANA的按摩师,我腰酸背痛、她的按摩手法专业 很认真我到处去按摩 今天总算找到按摩细心的有技术的按摩师,好开心😁值得推荐!

  8. 好喜欢NANA的按摩、很认真 热石 热精油,做的非常不错,按摩专业,仔细、本来按摩一个钟的,按摩的很好又加一个小时、我喜欢到处去按摩 这次这个按摩师真的很好 值得表扬推荐!

  9. 今天去阳光SPA按摩、一个叫CoCo的按摩师,是越南美女!技术很好,很有力 好认真, 很好,我会再来!

  10. 环境不错,房间大 冲凉房的水温也是很好,干净整齐,我找了一个NANA按摩师 手法很好啊按摩的穴位准 阳光SPA不错 我还会再来!

  11. 来过两次按摩 CoCo NANA的按摩手法真的很好,好认真耐心 👍👍👍 按摩完了,身体轻松了,颈椎好了好多好多 值得推荐!

  12. Excellent neighbourhood massage. The full body massage is fantastic and relaxing.

    They’re very responsive on and always try to accommodate even on short notice. Will be back – my new favorite massage in Bukit Merah Central. Support Coco!

  13. Best massage I’ve had in a long time. Can’t wait to go back! I like a lot of pressure when getting a massage and that’s exactly what I received from Eva! I highly recommend this place.

  14. Great massage therapist Lisa. Very concerned about your problem areas and very professional! I would highly recommend this place!

  15. Yang Yang, Nice soft hands but can apply pressure , she also checked in with me on the pressure and asked before the massage what part of the body would I like her to focus on . A lot of massage therapist do not check in or ask questions anymore so it was really nice to have her and great price.

  16. I love this place! Selena was incredible! It’s clean, relaxing, friendly, affordable! I can’t wait to try 90mins body massage.

  17. This place is truly the best massage I’ve had in Bukit Merah Area. This place is worth your time, your money.
    look for nana Highly recommend.

  18. Been too many Spa in Bukit Merah Area . By far I receive the best service, quality massage, and friendly. Excellent experience! Support Kelly.

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